Hey guys. Name's Aubrey. This is my first time posting a Young Justice fic, but not my first fic by a long shot.

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Disclaimer (for the whole story): I hold no rights to Young Justice or any of it's characters, no matter how much I wish I do. The characters and show belong to Greg Weisman, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and anyone else I forgot to name.

1. Artemis

She had been on the team two and a half years when it happened.

It was just a normal open and shut mission. Go in, get the intel, and get out. Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way.

The Team had been separated and she was currently prowling the third floor, keeping an eye out for signs of movement while she attempted to find her friends.

He came out of nowhere; a nightmare clothed in orange and black. He laughed softly and offered up an ultimatum.

"You come with me, and I'll make sure that worthless girl you call a sister continues to live…and the baby she carries."

The terror was all encompassing. How did he even know Jade was pregnant? Roy didn't even know!

"How do I know you have her?"

He simply handed her a cell phone.

"Call her."

She did.

…she went with Slade.