6. Wally

Wally didn't think there was anything very special about himself. So when Slade started taking an interest in him, Wally was honestly bewildered. He and Robin had even joked about it one night after a mission, after another one of Slade's failed attempts to persuade Wally to join him.

"KF, the only thing you got going for you is super-speed. Besides, you'd eat Slade out of house and home."

Robin had actually been vaguely insulted Slade hadn't gone after him. His pride had been wounded at the thought (however misplaced that thought may have been) that Slade apparently valued a fast-talking, air-headed speedster over him, the protégé of the Batman with the ability to hack through anything and melt into the shadows.

"Come on, Rob. Admit it. I've got stuff!"

"The only stuff you've got going for you is your mouth, Kid Idiot," Robin chucked, dodging a playful swipe.

"Dude! You're not seriously jealous that the scary mastermind merc went after me instead of you, are you? Cause that's seriously messed up, Rob. You're not going to go seek him out now and beg to be his apprentice are you?"

"No! Come on Wally! I thought you knew me better than that!" Robin said with a mock-betrayed look on his face. "I thought we were best friends! You of all people should know I would never ever ever work for Slade!"


And they didn't talk for a while after that, content to just play video games.

"...besides, he's creepy. Who'd want to work for him?"

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