"You can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed; but can you just be whelmed?" 10 Things I Hate About You

A/N: This is my very first Sailor Moon fic! I apologize for the mixing of language names, my DVD's are Japanese and the English dub is a little iffy. I ended up using the English names for the ones I could not recall. It may suck, just please R&R! This was a one hour prompt where I had to use the word 'overwhelmed.' Thanks Underground Fanfictioners!

. . .

It was her. Like really her. I couldn't believe the resemblance and chastised myself at my stupidity. My overwhelmed mind hadn't processed the details for me to realize the fact. How could I have not seen it? I teased her constantly about her buns. Hell, I even called her 'bun-head.' And until she took out that locket moments before, I forgot Sailor Moon had the same damn buns. I glanced at Michiru to see she was as dumbfounded as I. The idiot sailor soldier was the same as our immature acquaintan—friend. I thought it was surprising when Kaorinte revealed a seemingly true identity to us, only to have another soldier come out and claim to be the Moon scout. But this was different. Way different. Overwhelming.

As the ridiculously pink transformation continued, I spied the Daimon do a double-take. The stupid this was pretty useless without it's master's command. The new red-headed tramp looked pretty taken aback at the news as well. "So you're the twit, Sailor Moon?" she questioned under her breath.

Usagi—Sailor Moon—ignored the question and continued into her spiel. Her friend was still lying on the concrete ground, her pure heart crystal floating above her petite unconscious body. "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Sailor Moon finished at long last.

The tramp, Eugeal I think her name was, rolled her eyes. "Daimon! Kill her!" she commanded. The door knob creature looked at its master helplessly. It muttered off how she was designed for defense, not combat. I chuckle, in spite of myself, at the creature's simplicity. Eugeal huffed, "I don't care! Think of something!" Shrugging, the door knob charged at Usagi, tackling her to the ground. Eugeal, with no obvious obstacles, turned and headed toward the heart crystal. My heartbeat increased.

"We have to transform," I rushed, turning again to Michiru. She nodded, but motioned toward the red-head almost at the crystal and then the struggling bun-head. I frowned.

She placed a hand on mine and I look into her eyes. She gave me a small smile and brought something out of her pocket. I look down to see the dolls the blonde gave us earlier. "Watch this, she whispered. I watched the doll fly and smiled as it hit Eugeal's hand away from the pure heart. She screeches and ordered the Daimon to kill us first. As it crawled off of Usagi and charged at the two of us, I nonchalantly toss my own doll at its head. It halts. "Neptune Star Power…Make Up!" Michiru yells, holding out her pen.

"Uranus Star Power…Make Up!" I echoed, causing whats-her-face to turn and turn white. Sailor Moon also turned, her face a mask of confusion. It seemed she was joining this overwhelmed party of mine, and the fun was about to begin.