Author's Note: This story is a collaboration with my friend Imbeni. I wrote it, but we both plotted equally. I borrowed the style of Jim Henson's Storyteller series. This fic is intended to read out loud in a theatric manner, as such grammar is far from proper. Dialogue outside of quotes is summary dialogue. Dialogue in quotes is word for word. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This story is based on the Harry Potter novels written by J.K. Rowling. All characters created by J.K. Rowling are owned by J.K. Rowling. None of us are making any money off this and no infringement is intended.



What if Lucius Malfoy had adopted Harry Potter?

The first question you might ask is How could Lucius Malfoy ever be allowed to adopt Harry Potter? Certainly not with Dumbledore's blessing. You might also ask Why would Lucius Malfoy want to adopt Harry Potter? That question is easier to answer.

There had to be a moment of worry, a moment of suspicion, with Narcissa's due date so close to that of the prophesied child. A moment of relief when Draco was born too early to be seen as a threat. Perhaps the smallest moment of empathy.

Beyond that Lucius Malfoy had always been attracted to power. A child who had defeated the Dark Lord, a child whose name would be known and revered throughout the wizarding world, that was a prize worth collecting. If Lord Voldemort returned, Lucius could claim to have the kept the child for him. If the Dark Lord was truly dead, what a political boon for himself, for his own son Draco. The keeper and protector of Harry Potter certainly would earn the respect and admiration of the wizarding world.

But how?

Albus Dumbledore had spirited the child away. Lucius himself was under threat of Azkaban. The trials would take time.

But Lucius was young and handsome, with a beautiful young wife and a new crying child. Rich, generous, respectable, no one wanted to believe Lucius had been involved with kidnappings and murders. No witnesses wanted to come forward against him. A conspiracy of silence kept many friends out of Azkaban. Except that one...that one incident.

Not by my own will! Never by my own will! Would I never have done such a thing! I was cursed! Lucius declared on the witness stand. The Imperius Curse! My deepest regret. My shame. My weakness. His fearful tremble was genuine. He was afraid...of Azkaban. He was ashamed...of being caught. His grey eyes sought forgiveness of the crowd. Cursed, like so many of you. Frightened, like so many of you. My wife, my child...

And who could convict him then? The conspiracy of friends vouched for his character, and he vouched for theirs. Narcissa's tears shown like diamond drops on her beautiful cheeks. Draco, just one year old, knew even then when to let his lip tremble, to wrap grown hearts around his tiny finger. Who was so cold hearted to deny this young bride her husband? Who so callous as to deny this trembling babe it's father? When there was no proof? No real proof.

Yes, let him have another chance. Lucius was so young, so striking. Let him have another chance.

And freedom was granted. Relief was genuine. Penance was made. Gifts given to sooth wounded hearts. Parties thrown to celebrate the wars end. Second birthday for Draco, everyone's children invited, everyone welcome. Donations made for orphaned children. that poor Harry Potter.

What had become of him? Savior of the wizarding world denied a place in it. Where is he Dumbledore? What gives you the right to hide him away? Safe. So you say, but how safe can he be with Muggles? The Ministry must know. The ministry must investigate!

Dumbledore reassures, but Lucius pushes. What if something happened to you, Albus? We don't deny your wisdom, but you can't deny your age. What happens to Harry Potter then? He has family. He's with family. Good, good. Well enough, but I hear from Severus, the Snape you trust, that he only has one aunt remaining...and she hates wizards. Harry is safe. But how do you know? Surely the Ministry should check. Surely someone should make sure!

Eventually the Aurors are allowed to check, to be reassured that Harry Potter is well.

But what do they find? The small child, only three, maybe four, locked in a cupboard, under fed, resented, neglected. Horrid. How could you, Albus? This can't be the fate of Harry Potter. He can't be left HERE. The Dursleys agree. Take him, take him. Take him, and his world far away from us. We have our own son to care for.

Lucius had friends. Lucius is told. Lucius must see. This scrawny, scarred child, starved for a warm bed and a kind word. Lucius is outraged. Lucius is moved. Dumbledore has failed, and Lucius can offer the boy much better.

A home! A proper wizarding home is what the boy needs! Let him come to my mansion. Let me keep him as my ward. Let him play with my son and be treated like a brother. Yes, the Ministry can observe. They shall guarantee he's well treated.

And who can deny Harry Potter deserves life in a mansion? But adoption? To let him become a Malfoy?

Not full adoption. Let the child keep his name. It's a special name, a powerful name, the child deserves to keep it. Let him be the ward of the Ministry, but let him live in my house, eat the best food, wear the best clothes.

And there is Draco to show them. Healthy, happy, well spoken as a four year old can be. See how tender his mother is with him? See how Draco adores his father? The Malfoys have certainly proved to be good parents.

It shall be tried. Let Lucius make his penance. But we will be watchful, very watchful, everyone shall watch.

Let them, Lucius thinks. Let them.

Harry is uncertain at first. But the bed is soft, the room is his own. There's a playroom, a library, a garden, a yard. The food is good. The kitchen is open to him. He doesn't need to wait for scraps at dinner. There are toys, clothes, books, games. Toys just for him. Games to be shared. Harry doesn't mind sharing. He's happy to play.

Draco is uncertain at first, but mother's affection is all for him. None of his toys are taken. Others are bought for Harry. Now he has a playmate at his beck and call. This isn't so bad.

Narcissa is not unkind but makes it clear. Draco is the son. Harry is the ward. Draco's scraped knee is bandaged by his mother. Harry's scraped knee is tended by the house-elves. But Harry is allowed to sit on Draco's bed during the evening story and no one is cruel.

Lucius sees his wife's bias and takes extra care that his own treatment must be equal. If Draco gets a new toy, so must Harry. If Draco takes French lessons, Harry must take them too. If Draco is invited to the Parkinsons' to play, Harry must be included. When the boys are with him, he's careful to introduce Harry first. "This is my ward, Harry Potter, and this is my son, Draco."

Let no one doubt Harry Potter is treated well in his house.

But, not spoiled, never spoiled. "Stand up straight, Harry. Never forget that a proper wizard holds his head high. Good boy."

"Share, Draco."

"Sit still and listen, both of you."

If Narcissa ruffles Draco's hair, Lucius ruffles Harry's. There can be no doubts. The wizarding world must not doubt that Harry is treated well, just as well as Lucius's own son. That he's protected.

So Lucius shoos away the reporters. Private tutors. Small parties. Harry is not to be gawked at. The right connections. The right introductions. The Parkinsons. The Patils. Crabbe, Goyle, always welcome. Severus, my dear friend, meet my boys.

Harry and Draco are soon fast friends, close as brothers. Draco understands their ward is special. Harry understands Draco is proud to know him. They do everything together. Lessons, brooms, new pets. Harry names the two white peacocks. Draco likes the names. Draco's friends are Harry's friends.

Sometimes Harry forgets and calls Narcissa "Mother". She corrects him.

Sometimes Harry forgets and calls Lucius "Father". He never corrects him.

And what can Dumbledore say? Harry is happy. Well fed. A little proud perhaps but unspoiled, always polite. He clings to Lucius, laughs with Draco, looks hopefully at Narcissa.

But Dumbledore worries. What does Lucius teach Harry? To ride a broom, to be proud of his name, to think of Malfoy manor as his home, to distinguish proper wizarding families from improper ones, to belittle house elves, to understand he is better than Muggle-borns. Yes, Dumbledore worries, but the Ministry is deaf to his concerns. Would he send him back to the Dursleys? No. To the Weasleys? To squeeze in with their crowded brood? They can't afford another mouth.

So Dumbledore must sit on his worries and hope Harry will prove himself at Hogwarts.