Chapter 1

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Starrk was the Alpha and Infra his mate and Lilinette was the Beta. That was how it was for years. They were all content.

Until a shinigami decided to butt in…

Infra's head shot up. There was an invader in their territory! And he was strong, really strong. Infra whimpered and tried to move as close as possible to Starrk. Sensing the disturbance in his mate, Starrk opened his eyes sleepily and glared at the figure standing at the top of one of the sand dunes. He was bugging his mate, and Coyote Starrk did not like it one bit.

"Are you Coyote Starrk?"

"Who wants to know?"

"My name is Sosuke Aizen-"

Infra's head popped over his mate's chest and asked curiously, "The shinigami who beat the King and is building his own empire?" Starrk looked at him questioningly. Infra smiled sheepishly, "I got around a lot. It's why you found me running away that day… I usually piss people off or endear them to me. It's very rare that there's someone in between."

"Ah… And may I ask your name Vasto Lorde?"

Infra meeped at the shinigami's voice. There was a dangerous undertone to the politeness. Infra knew it was probably because he had cut the man off. He didn't seem to be the type to like that.

"Ahahaha… My name i-is Infra Viento…"

"Wind… but what does Infra mean? I do not recognize the language."

'This situation seems familiar…' "One of the meanings is of the underworld."

Starrk, not liking Aizen's new interest in Infra decided to butt into the conversation, "You were here to recruit me then, yes?" Aizen nodded his head in agreement. Starrk hesitated for a moment before replying, "I will only go if Infra and Lilinette comes with me."

"Of course. I would not have it any other way."

Starrk turned to his shorter companion. "Fetch Lilinette from the piles would you and carry her up as well."

Infra knew the meaning behind that. He wanted both of them up in the air and away from the new and very dangerous shinigami. Starrk was very fast and could probably get away if something went wrong but Lilinette and Infra would only cause problems. In the air they were safe. (Unless Aizen was a wind user who could wind walk… but what was the possibilities of that? With his infamous luck he knew he had probably jinxed but Infra wasn't going to get overly worried. That only seemed to make things worse in the long run.)

"Lilinette! Come on! Starrk says I'm taking you up as we follow that shinigami."

"Hmph! I don't know we should follow that stupid man! Stupid Starrk…" The green haired child was still complaining as she came down from the top of a carcass pile and hopped onto her pack mates back. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's get up there already!"

Infra sighed. Lilinette was such a handful sometimes. But he did as ordered and leaped into the air as high as he could. For a moment they were suspended before the two started falling towards the sand as gravity pulled them down. A smirk formed on the dog Vasto Lorde's face as he activated his powers and the wind gathered under his feet. Stopping mid fall, he watched as Aizen's head snapped in their direction and he could see the smirk on his hollow's face. The shinigami stared for a moment before saying something to Starrk and taking off. The wolf followed behind and with his alpha's signal, so did Infra.

"That is a very… unique power your friend holds," Aizen said while running slightly ahead of his new recruit to show him the way to Los Noches.

He wasn't lying either. He had never seen an elemental hollow before. They were supposedly rarer than Vasto Lorde and that was saying something. There were some hollows that could imitate an elemental's powers but did not have complete control of an element that an elemental did. It was also said that elemental usually didn't last long enough to become Vasto Lorde because many hollows wanted to consume them to get a modicum of their power or they were consumed by the element they were supposed to control.

Starrk gave him a sour look but did not comment. Aizen chuckled in response but let the subject drop.

Infra could only gape at the castle that stood in front of him. If the fake sunlight had surprised him then seeing Los Noches made him almost fall from the sky. Only Lilinette's smack to the back of his head pulled him from his shock and put him back on track. He stayed in the air and waited for Starrk's signal and once he got it he slowly descended to the ground and let Lilinette off.

"Welcome to Los Noches."

Infra tilted his head and asked, "So I know your gathering a hollow army but what exactly are you offering? Not every hollow wants the same thing…"

Aizen sent an amused look towards the dog hollow which sent Infra hiding behind his mate again. With his hair slicked back and narrowed eyes, Infra thought Aizen looked sort of scary. And that was saying something compared to all the hollows he had seen.

"Ah, but they do all want the same thing. They want power. And power I can give them after I've gained something from the Soul Society. After that… more hollows will come than the ones gathering now."

"Oh yeah… I sort of forgot about that power hungry trait… whoops!"

"Forgot! How could you forget the most common trait amongst hollows you idiot!"

"Wha- Lili! Stop! OW! Lili WAIT! Ouch!"

Starrk and Aizen watched on in amusement as Infra was pounded into the sand. Finally Starrk took pity on his mate and grabbed the back of Lilinette's rags to drag her kicking and screaming off of the sulking hollow. As the other half of the wolf continued to struggle, Starrk let a low growl rumble past his lips and the smaller one froze. Infra looked up at the authoritative tone in his wolf's voice and gave him a grateful glance as he pulled himself out of a nice sized hole.

Aizen watched the interactions between the three hollows he had just picked up with cold calculation. If what he was seeing was correct they had emotions. Now from Starrk and Lilinette he could expect that as they were already arrancar and had a shinigami half but from the Vasto Lorde; now that was a surprise. It was extremely rare (possibly more so than finding an elemental) to find a hollow that followed positive emotions. Sure there were ones that formed packs but that was because of instinct. This pack seemed bonded on a more emotional level than was normal in Hueco Mundo.

"So how long until you get that item from Soul Society?"

Aizen glanced over at Starrk with a small smirk. "Time flows the fastest in Hueco Mundo than it does on any of the three planes. If I were to guess a time here then I would say close to… five years."

"That's quite a long time," Starrk yawned.


Infra was a bit dismayed. He knew their pack wouldn't ever have the peace and quiet they used to have back in their old place. Of course Starrk's spiritual pressure was still crushing and that was probably why he hadn't seen any hollows around but he was quite sure the palace was crawling with them.

Aizen had probably noticed the same thing as we had stopped in front of a special room. "This room will belong to you and your pack until further notice. I have a few of them built to contain spiritual pressure for such a time that I ever came across a hollow like you."

Starrk opened the door out of curiosity and noticed the bed immediately. The alpha didn't say anything, just walked over to the bed, fell on it, and slipped into sleep's embrace. Infra felt like doing an anime fall but he held himself upright. Of course Lilinette started a ranting tirade about lazy ass dog's and proceeded to try to drag the man out of bed to get the rest of the tour. Infra just turned back to the shinigami and stated sheepishly that they liked it and appreciated it very much.

Aizen had that creepy amused look on his face before he nodded and left. Infra immediately shut the door and shuddered. That guy gave him the creeps… Deciding to ignore it he walked past the ranting child and slipped into bed next to his alpha. An arm was around his waist in a second and Infra only snuggled deeper into Stark' embrace.

Lilinette watched the pair sleep on the bed and decided that, even though she was not a fan of laziness, it was a good time to rest. They had come a long way to get to the palace (even though Infra had carried her the whole time). She slipped into the king sized bed and curled up into Infra's stomach.

A knock at the door had Infra sleepily sitting up in the bed. Starrk tried to pull him back down but he pushed Lilinette into his embrace and slipped out of the bed. The dog hollow tried to think of who it could be as he padded over to the door. He put his hand on the door knob and hesitated. Sighing, Infra pushed some of the spiky hair out of his mask's eyeholes and cautiously pulled open the door.

He was not expecting to come face to stomach with a green centaur.

"Oh my. That is quite the amount of spiritual pressure."

Infra blinked a moment before noticing that the horse legs were trembling ever so slightly and he pushed past the lady (he was sure it was a lady because of the curves but he wasn't certain he wanted to look up until he was a bit farther away) and closed the door. Getting the hint, she backed up some and Infra was able to make out wild green hair behind her beautiful mask. A mask which was now looking down on him.

"Uh…. Is there a reason why you came to visit?"

"Hey! Don't be rude to Neliel-sama!"

Infra blinked and looked around the centaur hollow to find a giant tiki mask and a human shaped hollow with an ant mask looking back at him.


"Don't mind them. They follow me and are a bit overprotective when they do not have to be." A chiding look was sent their way and they seemed to back down. "This is Dondochakka," the one with the giant tiki mask, "and Pesche," the ant one. "I am Neliel tu Oderschvank. I wanted to introduce myself to the newly arrived hollows. I heard two were already arrancar and I thought it would be a neat experience for my friends to meet them," she said gesturing to the two who were still behind her.

"Uh…well. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Infra Viento. Inside is my alpha, Coyote Starrk, and my beta, Lilinette. I don't know what arrancars are but I'm guessing they are what you're talking about."

"It is nice to make your acquaintance Infra Viento."

"Ahah… yeah. I would bring them out to meet you but Starrk isn't really good at controlling his spiritual pressure. He's never had a need to. That and he's really, really lazy."

He heard the door behind him open and grinned as Starrk's reiatsu washed over him.

"That was mean puppy."

"Did you just call me puppy?" Infra turned in disbelief to his alpha.

"I did. What are you going to do about it…puppy?"

Infra's eye twitched and, completely forgetting about their guests, launched himself at his mate. Starrk sent a lazy smile and a wave to the people outside his door before grasping Infra's head in a headlock and pulling him inside before closing the door with his foot.

Nel stared at the door with amusement. Her friends of course were throwing a fit over how rude that was (even if they were doing it from the floor) but she couldn't help but think it was cute. Infra seemed like a unique type of hollow. Nel could, of course, tell that he was suppressing most of his reiatsu. At first she had thought it was out of habit but when the boy had said that his alpha (he had actually called another hollow his alpha… she would never understand the interactions between canines) didn't control his reiatsu. So that meant he probably didn't either. So the Vasto Lorde had held back his reiatsu in consideration of the two still yelling and pulling themselves off the ground from Starrk's (at least she assumed that was Starrk) spiritual pressure.

Infra sighed. He had finally dropped Lilinette off in their rooms after being dragged around to explore Los Noches for weeks. They had looked at all the different towers which he had found out were supposed to be for some hollows that got turned into the espada, the top ten strongest arrancars. And he had found out that an arrancar was the next step of evolution from Vasto Lorde. You could do it by naturally pulling off your mask (ouch!) or waiting for Aizen –san (he refused to call anyone sama. He did not bow down to overlords, especially after Voldemort…) to bring back whatever he was aiming to get. They had said hi to Neliel and her group of two followers. Then they went to explore the kitchen which was built mostly for Aizen's use because shinigami still ate but it was also going to be open to the arrancar as well.

Now, though, he had time to go explore on his own without the little energy ball. He sighed again and set off down the white hallway which looked like all the other hallways in Los Noches. Really! Aizen seemed to have a thing for white! Even the new outfits they had been given to wear were white (and were also the opposite of the shinigami colors he'd noticed).

Infra wasn't stupid or naïve as some of the hollows around here seemed to think. He was very aware of his surroundings. 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE!' as an old teacher once said. That held especially true in the afterlife. He had noticed Aizen keeping a close eye on him for the few weeks that they had been there. The man had way too much interest in him for Infra to feel safe. The feeling only went away when he was with Starrk but he was exploring now (trying not to get lost) so he pulled himself out of his thoughts.

Just in time too because he almost bumped into a giant snake-like worm with pink dangly things that made his extra appendages look like wings.

"Uh…" Infra looked up into the masked face that only seemed to have a mouth.

"Will you be my experiment?"

Well that wasn't creepy at all…

"Well. Ehehehe it depends on the experiment ya know?" Infra said nervously. He glanced around looking for a way out but there was only the long hallway. Well, it was only an adjuchas, he could fight…

"I only wish to copy the shinigami's work with gigais."

"Uh… Gigai?" Sure he knew a hell of a lot about Hueco Mundo (apparently not everything as he hadn't known about arrancar…) but he knew next to nothing about shinigami, only that they carried blades called Zanpaktou that gave them powers to fight.

"It allows us… to go into the living world in a corporeal body…"

Infra was really creeped out now. This adjuchas was just too weird, even the way he talked was freaky. Infra shivered.

"Will you?"


He hadn't really given an answer but apparently the pink thing took it as a yes anyway.

"A strong Vasto Lorde would be just what I need! If I can get the body to hold much reiatsu then I can definitely tone it down to receive less." A creepy giggle escaped his mouth.

"Wait! I don't even know who you are," Infra squeaked as he tried to pull his arm from the unnaturally tight grip. Infra really didn't like fighting… Where was Starrk when you needed him to ward off creepy hollows out to experiment on you!

"Ah! That's right. Szayel Aporro Granz at your service. Now to get you into the gigai I first need to recreate it in your image…"

Infra tuned the man out as he was dragged down the hallway. If he had to he could just summon the wind to protect him. Physical fighting just didn't appeal to him…

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