Chapter 6

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"Um, yeah. Anyway, I also pranked the entire Seireitei earlier-"

"So that was you." There was a slight smile on his lips while the glint of amusement sparkled in his eyes.

Infra grinned unrepentantly.

"Of course! Anyway, that's when you found me."

"I see. Everything is going according to plan so far. Infra-san, I would like for you to stay on the track you are on for now. If I need you to do something I will personally find you and tell you."

"Hai, Aizen- san!"

"Dismissed," the shinigami smiled again.

Infra gulped and jumped from the roof, making sure to avoid being seen just in case. He didn't know how Aizen's powers worked (it almost seemed like an illusion) so it was better to be safe than sorry. Now… he had to get back to finding Ichigo before he got into something that was over his head, like running into Kuchiki's bastard brother or even worse… the eleventh division captain.

He zoomed along the tops of the buildings using wind to propel him in the direction he had earlier sensed the hollow. Hopefully there he would get a clue as to where Ichigo was, or even better have Ichigo actually be there!

In front of him was a shinigami looking around but the hollow wasn't too worried. He was going too fast to be stopped or followed at the moment. So instead of taking the long way around, Infra sped right past. While doing so he could have sworn he heard a whispered Harry.

But that wasn't possible so it went ignored. Until it happened again as the shinigami he had passed started chasing him.

"Harry! Dammit Harry stop! HARRY JAMES POTTER!"

Infra tumbled from the sky. Again. But this time, it was pure unadulterated shock that caused his actions. Never did he think he would ever hear that name again. Like ever.

"Damn Harry," the shinigami panted. "You were bloody fast in life but this is just crazy! I swear you were flying, not running."

He pulled his face from the floor and stood slowly. There in front of him was Fred Weasley. Brilliantly red hair sticking up in every direction from the wind. Face bright red from exertion (did not do well for his complexion by the way) and panting with his hands on his knees. And what he thought was a normal shinigami uniform was black plated armor and black leather underneath that to cover the skin. The plates covered his arms, torso, and legs but left everything else to be covered by the formfitting leather. (Well, it looked like leather at any rate…) He actually looked really scrumptious…


"Bloody hell, Harry! I'm so happy to see you. I mean I thought if you died you'd end up in Avalon but-"


"Yea! It's the British Soul Society. Every country has one. Sometimes more than one country goes into one place but that's how it is. Usually if you die in a different country you end up in that society but are eventually sent to your own. Maybe that's what happened. Blimey, mate… how did you die?"

"I… well, I haven't been to Avalon. I came from the Living World to help my friend Ichigo save the bi- uh, his friend Rukia."

Well, it wasn't really a lie even if it was avoidance of the question. Fred didn't seem to notice or care though.

"Oh, man! You're on of the intruders~! Mate that's bloody fantastic! And you were the one to prank the Seireitei weren't you? Ha! The Marauders live on even in Death," he cheered.

Harry twitched uncomfortably but forced a smile on his face. Which he really shouldn't have done. Fred and George knew what his fake smiles looked like. He should have remembered that.

Fred straightened from his hunch and asked, "Harry, what's wrong?"

"Nothing Fred… I uh, I go by Infra now. If… if you could call me that?"

Fred blinked, confused, but complied.

"I… if you're from Avalon, what are you doing here?"

This could ruin everything. No one was supposed to know who he was! Sure he was using his original body (he was quite attached to his body if not his name. It was a reminder of his parents) but what was the chance that one of his friends would come to Japan? Much less the Japanese soul society! There goes his damned luck kicking in again. Really, the fates hate him. They did.

"Well I'm a representative. The council from Avalon and a lot of other societies believe that the Japanese Central 46 are abusing some of their privileges and their power. I'm supposed to be doing an investigation but… I haven't even been able to see the Council since I got here. They keep putting off our meeting. Really it's bloody annoying."

"I see."

That was another thing this could ruin. Central 46 was supposed to be important to Aizen's plans. He remembered something about assassination. That was probably the reason Fred couldn't get in contact with them. Infra needed to steer his old friend off this topic immediately.

"So are you going to arrest me then?"

"Are you kidding me? This is the most fun I've had since I arrived a couple of months ago! Merlin, if I don't get caught I might even help with some of your escapades. And that makes it even more fun, the thrill of not getting caught! If only George were here…"

"Last I heard George had turned Weasley Wizard Wheezes into a chain that spread even into America. I don't think he has one in Japan quite yet, though…"

Fred smiled softly. "That's good. I'm happy to know my brother is doing okay…"


"So it's decided then! You're going to tell me why you're a hollow and what you're plans are~!"

Infra choked.

Aizen frowned as he saw Infra get accosted by the Avalon investigator. Well that would not do. He had tried multiple times to discreetly be rid of the annoying red head but nothing seemed to work. He couldn't just show him his zanpakuto and catch him in an illusion. And all the traps he had set up for the man had been gracefully danced around. It was infuriating.

So, he got closer to the two, ever so slowly because his presence was still visible to the British male. He was able to get close enough to catch the tail end of the conversation. The tail end where the man called Infra a hollow…

But how was it possible. If Aizen hadn't known Infra was a hollow he never would have been able to tell. It's why Szayel was such a prized scientist. Maybe not quite on par with Urahara but still pretty damn good. How had this investigator… wait. So, he was an investigator but why? Maybe he had a special skill. A special skill that would stay Aizen's hand from killing him right now.

"Infra-san," Aizen called as he landed right behind the ginger.

The dog hollow seemed shocked speechless and unmoving. Really… That would have gotten him killed if the investigator were anyone but this man in front of him. The man who had turned stiff and seemed to be suppressing the urge to pull his sword from his hip and strike him.

"A-Aizen-san! I, uh…"

"Who is this?"

"This is Fred Weasley. A friend who died when I was still living."

Well, that was quite an interesting bit of information.

"Weasley-san then. Would you like to tell me how you knew Infra-san was a hollow?"

The ginger turned stiffly and glared, blue eyes sparking. "You're supposed to be dead."

"Hm? Oh yes, well me being alive is part of those plans you seem to be so eager to hear. How about an information trade? My reason for being alive for your way of telling what Infra-san is."

The red head ran appraising eyes over Aizen face before eventually agreeing.

"Shouldn't we do this in a more secure area," Infra asked hesitantly.

"Oh, I'm quite sure we'll be fine here," Aizen purred. "You first Weasley-san."

Fred Weasley was the only one in the immediate area that hadn't seen Kyoka Suigetsu. They were fine. He wasn't going to give this Avalonian a chance to escape.

"It's my zanpakuto. Loki has the innate ability to understand someone's inner workings the closer I am to them. In life I was very close to Ha-Infra."

"I see." While it was useful in some aspects it wasn't anything he needed at this point in time. Though it might definitely come in handy in the future.

"My turn then," Aizen started pleasantly. "I plan to take down the Soul Society."

There that was simple wasn't it?

Infra gaped. He never thought Aizen would just come right out and say what he was planning. It just wasn't like him… unless he had an ulterior motive. Men with god-complexes always had ulterior motives right?

Fred hummed thoughtfully and nodded. "I'll help you guys out. I'm not afraid of causing a little mischief and chaos, as long as you don't seriously harm anyone."

"Well that can be arranged. Though I am sorry to say the Central 46 had already been… eliminated."

Infra was expecting Fred to go nuts over the fact that people were already killed, not over the fact that Aizen was the reason he had been stuck here so long. Fred rambled and pointed and accused while Aizen watched on amused (it didn't look like he'd be drawing his sword to hurt his friend either) and Infra was exasperated. Fred and George were bad in life. It seemed that separated in death, the two became even worse.

It was a little while later that Fred was stalking- um, following Infra as he zeroed in on a massive spurt of reiatsu that Ichigo had just released. Aizen had decided, once Fred had told him of Loki's cloaking capabilities, that Fred would follow and help Infra in every way possible. Really the dog hollow thought the twin wouldn't follow vague orders that might help with doom and destruction but he had forgotten (and really considering he remembered his whole life it was sort of sad how little he remembered of the people in them) how much Fred and Georg loved chaos just for the sake of it. Especially if they were bored. Which Fred definitely was.

Anyway, now he had a friend from his life that he thought he would never have to worry about again following him. And Infra was pretty damn sure Fred would follow him back to Hueco Mundo… He wasn't sure if that made him happy or not.

"So, you never explained… why you're… a hollow in the… soul society," Fred panted as he struggled to keep up with flash step.

And really it was annoying that Infra had to slow down. So going just fast enough to make the ginger struggle was a good revenge. Though he was sure Fred knew what he was doing based on the ever constant grin. It reminded him of Gin without the squinty eyes…

"When I died I immediately became a hollow."

Infra saw Fred frown in his peripheral vision. "How much negative… energy… did you have…?"

"My life wasn't going so well when I died. I'm actually gratefully it ended when it did." A random thought passed through his mind and the hollow couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it earlier. Doing a side spin in midair so he was soaring with his back to the ground, Infra concentrated on Fred, slowing slightly for the twin to answer. "How do you remember me?"

"You don't know?"

Obviously. Infra gave him a look.

Fred smiled sheepishly and explained, "It's something to do with our magic… converted into reiatsu. The more magic you have… the more it destroys the filter that keeps you from you memories of your life. That's the basics anyway… Getting deeper would… take too long to explain."

Infra made a mental note to ask Szayel if he knew anything about this filter. He was about to ask another question when he was almost blown away by Ichigo's reiatsu spiking followed by what felt like a captain's. A very powerful, very scary captain. With Ichigo's luck it was most likely the eleventh division captain. Great…

Infra gave Fred an apologetic look and took off faster than the shinigami could follow. If Ichigo was knocked out, then who knew what kind of shinigami would converge on the place.

"Ichigo, please be okay…"

And then it happened. A spiritual pressure was right next to Ichigo. One he didn't recognize. Infra was so close. Only two minutes away, but it wasn't enough. He wasn't going to let some shinigami kill his pack mate while he was down!

Reaching the spot where Ichigo had been he saw two bloody puddles on the ground, already the spiritual pressure that had appeared was gone and his friend's was fading fast. He followed what he could. It was hard and he was going slower than he'd like but finally (FINALLY!) he'd found them. Upon the hill where they planned to execute Rukia there was a small cave. A small cave that he entered with no hesitation (and maybe a little trouble because of a barrier that he had to show he meant no harm).

He heard Yoruichi telling Ichigo that they were all fine and decided to butt in.

"Sure am! Do you know how hard you are to track?"

The cat turned in surprise and Ichigo's face lit up with relief.

"Infra! Damn, I-"

Yoruichi jumped on his face to keep him laying down. "You need to stay in the barrier and rest. A half-dead man won't be able to save anyone."

Infra snorted as Yoruichi walked over to a pile of items in the corner. "Also, half of your possessions got smashed… If it wasn't for this thing your torso would have been cut in two already. Though I am surprised you would carry something like this around with you…"

With a black paw, the cat held a hollow mask propped up on the ground. But if that was… then that was where the slight hollow presence he had sensed came from. Ichigo was somehow part hollow. Well, you learn new things every day.

"I had that thing on me…?"

And that meant Ichigo didn't know about his semi-hollow status.

"Hm? Don't you carry it with you?"

"No, I kinda got saved by that thing when I fought Renji yesterday. So I wanted to keep it with me as a lucky charm but Hanatarou insisted I throw it away, so… I threw it away in the sewers."

Infra was still stuck on the fact that Ichigo was part hollow and that side saved him. Saved by instincts. Infra wasn't sure if that was a good thing.

"Oh. Hanatarou is from the fourth division. But he's a cool guy."

"Was he the one you tried to hold hostage?" Ichigo laughed nervously and ignored the question. "He was the one that healed my wounds from fighting Renji. Anyways I don't know how it got back to me… I'm sure I threw it away…"

"Wait… I'll take it for safe-keeping," Yoruichi cut in.

"Hm why? I want to keep it…"

Infra frowned. He was already attached to it. Aizen needed to know this… It might affect some plans.

"Give it to me. End of discussion."

Both Infra and Ichigo stared wide-eyed at the small black cat.

"Y-yes! Please take it," the orangette stuttered tossing the mask towards Yoruichi. Infra shivered.

"That scary face was totally uncalled for. All you had to do was ask," Ichigo complained with an almost unnoticeable tremble in his voice.

The hollow watched as Yoruichi seemed to stare at the mask as if it might solve the problems to world hunger. Infra was almost positive the cat knew what it meant.

"Oh yeah. Yoruichi-san sure is strong."

"What do you mean?"

"Running around without getting hurt and then carrying me here with such a small body."

"Oh. There's no problem once I return to my original form."


"Ah… I see. Your original… Original form?"

"Come to think of it, I've never shown you guys before. Alright." Spiritual pressure started to build up making the air heavy. Infra stared wide eyed. "There's no point hiding it anymore. "I'll show you… my… true form."

And suddenly there was a naked girl standing in front of them.


"Hehehe. You both look surprised… I understand why. You probably thought that I am a guy because if the way I talk. Your face is all blue, Ichigo. I really love turning back into my true form. Everyone gets so surprised."

Ichigo went from blue to a bright cherry red as Yoruichi crouched in front of him not bothering to hide anything.

"Now… I'll tell you how I carried you here. First I used this," she said holding a large spike with some cloth wrapped around it.


"Ah. Sorry. Sorry," though she didn't sound sorry at all. In fact she sounded more amused than anything but Infra was still in a state of shock that Yoruichi was a female. He should have known that! He would've known that if he had his canine senses but they were locked away. Oh the things he was missing out on…

"I haven't worn clothes in so long I forgot. Though surprisingly, you're quite innocent. Was that your first time seeing a girl naked," She questioned slyly.

"Shut up," Ichigo grumbled. Infra shook himself out of his shock to snicker at the blush on his friends face.

"Are you sure you don't wanna look? You probably won't see such a delicate body of a woman ever again."

"I said shut up! Don't worry about my future and get dressed!"

"You're so cute Ichigo! Chuu~!"

"Gah! Get off! How come you aren't bothered by this!?"

"I'm with Starrk~!"

Yoruichi giggled, "You have no sense of humor. Do people often tell you that you're a boring man?"

"Not even once," he yelled turning on Yoruichi again. "It's none of your business even if they do. And why aren't you wearing anything on your lower body? Don't normal people start dressing from the bottom!?"

After everyone calmed down and Yoruichi had gotten dressed (though he had no idea where the clothes came from) she continued with her explanation, "I used this artifact to get you here. By the way… Is the wound on your stomache okay? Normally screaming that loud would cause the wound to open up."

"Gah! I'm sorry I didn't notice Ichigo!"

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