First Witch&Wizard FF so let's keep things safe and not encourage Wisty to flame on, on this stinker. And how 'bout we play a little game for the first couple of chapters… It's the "Guess Who the Villain Is" game. Takes place a little after The Fire. Enjoy.

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*The Resistance Hide-out: No-POV*

Night had fallen and all was sound asleep; All of the children who had lost their families during the nightmare of the New Order who had found sanctuary here, the Resistance leaders, even the infamous witch and wizard and the witches weasely boyfriend.

But alas, as all was quiet, not all was a peaceful.

An intruder was sneaking about, going through every door, in every hallway, looking through every room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, wherever; But the intruder was looking for something that he just couldn't seem to find.

The intruder was looking for that one thing the resistance deemed the most valuable to them. The one thing that could easily be leverage for his devious plan.

The intruder kept checking each room, opening the door with quiet finesse. Hardly making even a squeak of the doors, always checking to see who was in each bed or in each room before deciding whether his prize was there or not.

When the intruder opened one door the intruder found the weasel, the traitor squared in whatever higher power eyes held him. Or such the thoughts that bombard the intruders own mind. After stifling a quiet growl of anger the door was carefully closed, and another one was opened. And there was the wizard.

The intruder couldn't help the low growl in their throat this time, but kept it so low, so as not to risk waking him up. Then the door closed again, anger fueling and rushing over the intruder with his mission. Anger, and anticipation: The target was near now.

One more door, and the prize revealed itself; the witch. The one with the so called "gift". The one with the power over the element of fire, with the hair to match.

The intruder couldn't help but smile in their victory, and slowly, oh so slowly, entered her room, careful to not make the slightest creek on the floor, or a squeak on the door as the door was just as slowly being shut as quietly as it was opened.

After securing the door was safely in place, so as not to open at the slightest touch, the intruder began the second phase of their mission.

Carefully, even more so than the trips in the hall ways, the intruder made its way to the witch's bed side.

The intruder then knelt down beside her, the grin growing increasingly larger.

Not a sound was made, or a movement off, yet the intruder knew just when exactly the flame headed witch had awoken. The grin quickly disappeared, leaving behind a face of fear of the discovery of the intruder's presence.

The flame headed witch then shot up from her bead, her fiery hair curling around her face messily. The sheets clutched to her torso in what seemed like a panic.

"Who's…" Was the only words the intruder allowed her to speak, before a hand quickly clamped itself onto her mouth almost silencing her, since her screams still rang in the hand, but much more muffled.

"I think it's time you went back to sleep Wisteria. Wouldn't want your bed to catch fire, now would we?" The intruder said in a soft, low, gravely voice, as he replaced the hand that was covering her mouth with another one soaked with a special knock-out gas that had her eyes rolling to the back of her head, knocking her out colder than any winter in the deep south, or high north.

Her head lolled and her body went limp, making it easier for the intruder to hold and carry her.

"I would wish you sweet dreams… but where is the fun in those?" The intruder teased, knowing no answer would dare follow.

"I think we both over stayed our visit here. Let's leave now yes?" the intruder asked, forcing Wisty's seemingly lifeless form to nod in false agreement.

"Couldn't agree more, but first," a quick pause, a silent search, and then soon a piece of paper emerged from one of the intruder's many pockets and was carefully placed on the pillow where just moments ago the little, sleepy, fire-starter in the intruders arm, had her head, in an all too peaceful slumber.

"Now let us take our leave." The intruder said as he made a quick snap of his fingers and disappeared in a puff of black smoke, taking with him Wisty Allgood, the fire witch.

And that my friends, is how a suspence story starts. Tune in IDK how long for the next chapter in Missing Flame. Nothing else to say but R&R and keep guessing who this misterous "intruder" is. Sophie is out for now.