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*Whit- No POV*

Everyone was in Wisty's room trying to find some evidence to where she was or who exactly had kidnapped her.

Her room had turned into a crime scene. The very thing Whit had never wanted to happen to Wisty ever.

"Whit? Can't you think of anyone who want to take Wisty just to spite you?" He heard Emmett ask.

"Several. But most of them have to crossed out from the list." He said after a frustrated breath.

"Who? And why?"

"Because several of them are dead and one of them has joined us." He said looking at Byron who was too busy arguing with Sasha on what kind of potion was used to knock Wisty out to even notice what he said.

"Besides I doubt Byron has that kind of backbone even if he wasn't with us." Whit had to admit out loud.

"Can't you at least use your powers to track down whoever came in? I mean if they even used magic at all?" Whit heard Janine ask him.

"Probably but unfortunately I don't know if I could. We don't even know if the kidnapper even used magic." Whit admitted.

"But what about that smoke smell?" Sasha asked, obviously over hearing the predicament.

"Wisty controls fire she probably tried flaming out but was sedated before she could even leave scorch marks. The smoke could've been her and because of poor ventilation it had nowhere to go." Byron exclaimed.

"Have to agree with the weasel there. I mean I know that after this whole New Order business Wisty has become a light sleeper. I doubt that if the kidnapper transported in here that she wouldn't have heard and awoke. The kidnapper probably was stealthy enough, and clever enough to know how to sneak in without offsetting her too much." Whit explained, making him feel exceptionally weird knowing that he has the kind of info that the kidnapper knew.

"Well we can at least try it out." He heard Janine say.

Whit only sighed and nodded. No hurt in at least trying.

So closing his eyes he tried to focus his magic on identifying any other magic in the room, being sure he didn't accidentally pick up on his own sisters M.

He was sure he felt a tiny spark of something dark, but couldn't be sure. He couldn't even point out if it was even someone else's M or not. It was too faint and too weary that he had little hope to try and do anything else with it.

He opened his eyes after the dawning info came full force at him.

"Well?" This time the one who spoke was Byron.

"I thought I felt something, but it was too drowned out that I couldn't be sure. I don't even think I could even pin-point whose magic it was, or what spell it was." Whit admitted, feeling extremely useless.

"I guess that means we have to find Wisty and her kidnapper with the use of magic huh?" He heard Byron say.

"Yeah. That's right." Whit said feeling incredibly heavy with the info that his sister was far from him to a place he couldn't even think of hoping to find.

*Wisty POV*

My mind felt like it was trying to work through thick and heavy sludge, but it was waking up. My eyes however refused to open, feeling like the glued themselves to the underside of my eyelids. And my body felt hot and heavy.

Finally after my mind felt like it was working at a faster pace I forced my eyelids open, only to close them again in pain. A bright light was all around me and it hurt like hell. So after blinking a couple of time I was able to open my eyes easily, but by that time my mind had finally decided to register that something was way wrong.

I wasn't even in my room I was somewhere else!

I couldn't see anything past the bed minus a nightstand and chair near it with some familiar clothes hanging on it. And while the bed was comfortable, it was too comfortable to be the one I slept on at the rebels house. Where was I?

Then a memory of what happened last night finally fully registered in my head and I was freaking out. I had to get out of here A.S.A.P.

But when I tried to get out of bed something tightened around my wrists and my arms were pulled back into the head board, sending my body back with it.

'What the hell?' I thought inwardly to myself.

I tried wriggling my arms loose and surprised myself seeing that my arms were back in front of me. But around the wrist were straps bound tightly without a single hint that I could break or undo any knot, buckle, whatever, that bound it around it around my wrist. I tested it out by stretching my arm away from the bed, and the same thing happened again. My arm was jerked back to the head board. And once again I was thrown back as well banging my head against it.

Bringing my arm back t me I rubbed the sore spot on my head, tousling my fire colored hair as well.

I tried looking around the room again to see anything. But it was the same things as always. But this time I recognized the clothes on the chair.

They were my clothes! Well the clothes I wore when I went to bed. Last night I was over tired and just went to sleep in my day clothes which consisted of a tank and jeans. I looked down to see just what I was wearing if it wasn't my clothes. I nearly screamed.

I was wearing an extremely short nightgown. It had a sheer color of some sort of dark green. I had to guess that this thing stop barely where my thighs met my knees. Or was that the sheet? I checked, and my guess was right. The color line at least looked about right. It was low cut but not low enough to expose any serious cleavage, just enough to show the line of my collar bone. But it didn't have any sleeves. It was like a tank top. An extremely creepy, long, tank top.

But it still didn't comfort me.

Just the opposite in fact. I was practically trapped on a freaking bed! And whoever put me here had undressed me! Stripped me down and put me in something completely different.

But that thought just kept pushing me further down paranoia as my stupid brain just had to wonder how far my kidnapper went in undressing me.

Obviously I was still wearing my panties. And they felt just about right. So at least whoever this pervert is they didn't cross that line.

'Yet.' I reminded myself. 'But what about your OTHER undergarments?' And with that thought in mind I couldn't help but stretch out the collar of the nightgown enough to take a little peek down my chest. This time I did scream, instinctively covering my way too exposed chest with my arms in a protective little X.

'They took my bra! Whoever brought me here just fucking took off my bra!' I thought to myself feeling nine levels of both violation and embarrassment.

"I take it that you are awake?" I heard a voice say from the darkness surrounding the bed illuminated by light.

'That voice… But, no that can't be! He's supposed to be dead. No way could he have survived.'

"Oh but I did, dear Wisteria. I did survive." My so-called captor said, obviously being in my head.

"Stay out of my head you pervert!" I yelled out at him trying to locate just where he was hiding among the shadows.

His response was just to chuckle to himself at my outburst.

"I don't think you fully understand who's in what position here, Wisteria." He said so disgustingly smoothly, but I was only thinking that because of where I was currently because of him. I didn't give him time to finish whatever monologue he was prepared to give.

"Oh really? 'Cause as far as I'm concerned you're still the pervert in the room!" I yelled at him wishing that these stupid cuffs/restraints didn't have that stupid seatbelt retract operation.

"Am I? How so?" His voice said, intruding my head. In response I shook my head violently, hopelessly, trying to get him out.

"I said stay out!" I yelled back out at him.

"You didn't answer me." He said so teeth grindingly calm.

"Do I need to spell it out for you? You undressed me!" I yelled out at him. His response was the laugh at me once again.

"I did you a favor. You looked uncomfortable wearing that outfit while you sleeping. I simply just put something a little more… Comfortable for you to wear in your slumber." He finished with another soft chuckle. And I knew that was sooo not what he meant to call this little nightgown.

I knew that going to the edge of the bed was useless, but what if I made it to the end of the bed? Would I be able to at least see his outline? Or at least something! Anything was better than a surrounding light darkening the rest of this room. Even then, it would be so stupid to do such a thing. I resisted the urge. For now.

"Besides you came up with those thoughts all on your own. If you want to plant the idea that I took advantage of you sleeping, bare, form that's for you to choose to believe, and for me to know the true answer to." He said with a huge smirk in his voice. That's when I lost it.

Even though I knew it was a fruitless attempt that pushed me way too far off the edge. I just had to beat this a-hole senseless just for that comment.

I rushed to the edge of the bed, but before I even got my arms to my head level, I felt the pressure pulling my wrists, arms, and then finally my body, retract back to the head board with a loud, thunk.

He tsked at me while I rubbed my, now extremely, sore head.

But if one thing helped from that stupid exploit I found out just where this guy was, and finally I could at least see his all too familiar silhouette among the darkness. It was weird, it was like I was looking past different shades of darkness of shadows. It wasn't all that super clear but better than nothing.

From what I could see he was shaking his head, but suddenly stopped. And, I think he angled his head downward for some reason. I was staring too intently at his form that it took me a while to notice just what he was staring at because it was too low to be my head. I looked down and I screamed once again, realizing that I landed above the covers and the impact caused my legs to spread showing off my panties!

With another squeal I rushed my hand to cover the opening while I folded my legs into my body, my other hand trying in vain to pull down the stupid nightgown.

"Pervert!" I yelled at him in the loudest voice I could, not even caring anymore that my voice cracked a little. I didn't even care that, thanks to the rushing heat towards my cheeks, that my face was probably as red, if not more so, as my hair.

I just heard him laugh once more that shook me to the core, if only for the reason that I had never heard anyone like him laugh like that. But before I could even fully think about it, during his laughter I heard him turn on his heels and close the door behind him with a loud bang.

Still trying to cover myself in this pathetic form, I tried to hold back tears of too many emotions bombarding my head all at once; Frustration, embarrassment, anger, fear, and hopelessness.

'Why him? Why him of all people?' My asked myself inwardly. Then at a last resort that was probably a byproduct of the ever growing hopeless feeling in me I couldn't but think,

'Whit, please find and rescue me! Who knows what he might do to me? Please hurry!'

And that was last thought I had before all of the emotions racking my head took over I couldn't help myself anymore. But so I wouldn't be giving him the knowledge that his making me cry I buried myself under the covers and silently wept.

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