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Cover Of Darkness

Yusei's POV

I let out a sigh dropping one of the tools on the floor and collapsing onto the ground rubbing my aching legs which I had been kneeling on for a few hours now as I continued to work on my D-Wheel. Jack always said I needed to take better care of myself, my knees felt like jelly weakened from the hours of abuse. I shook off the pained feelings and turned back to the white D-Wheel, I couldn't stop now, all of our hopes and dreams were poured into this machine, I couldn't allow something as little as an ache get in the way of that. The light click of boots alerted me to another presence though I didn't turn around to see who it was, a simple glance at the time told me it was Jack.

"Yusei," the usual whine was heard behind me as Jack walked inside. "I'm hungry what's for dinner?"

"Sorry Jack, I haven't made anything today, I've been working on the D-Wheel all day. You'll have to find something yourself." I stated simply.

"Again? You haven't made anything for the past three days!" Jack complained stamping his foot in a childish manner, this action didn't phase me, I had gotten used to Jack's childish actions over the years.

"Sorry Jack." I repeated concentrating more on the D-Wheel than on my friend's complaining using a wrench to fit another piece into place.

"Speaking of food, when was the last time you ate, or slept for that matter?" Jack questioned stopping just behind me.

"Just yesterday, we all sat down together and I made rice and shrimp remember?" I sighed not seeing the point of Jacks harassment.

"That was three days ago, I just told you that!" Jack snapped angrily. "Are you telling me you haven't eaten or slept for three days?"

Had it really been that long? Three days huh? It only felt like a few hours to me, I guess concentrating on the D-Wheel really messed with my sense of time. I didn't bother giving Jack a response and simply continued working searching through the pile of tools and D-Wheel parts at my feet, sleeping and eating could wait. Unfortunately Jack didn't have the same opinion as I felt myself being lifted from the ground and into Jack's arms carrying me toward the makeshift bed I had.

"Jack! Put me down!" I ordered irritably struggling against the blonde's grip, I was painfully aware of how much stronger Jack was than me but that didn't dampen my efforts to fight back. "I can walk perfectly fine on my own, besides I have to keep working on the D-Wheel."

"The D-Wheel can wait, it's not going anywhere and you need to eat and sleep." Jack stated simply in reply, I felt his grip on me tighten as I fought.

"At least put me down, this is embarrassing." I complained pushing at the strong arms encircled around my waist.

"If I put you down will you sleep and eat?" Jack questioned suspiciously.

"Yes." I sighed relaxing in his arms.

I saw Jack give me a suspicious look before letting up and gently placing me on ground. "Fine." He snapped.

I let out a sigh of relief when I felt both feet return firmly to the floor. "Right after I finish stabling the steering system." I added walking back to the D-Wheel, before I was able to take two steps Jack's arms encircled my waist once again lifting me off the floor. Damn him for knowing me so well. I struggled and complained all the way to my bed where I was rather unceremoniously dropped, I winced as I hit the thin fabric, the bed was only made from a few tattered blankets I found in the junk piles surrounding Satellite and didn't give much of a protection against the cold hard concrete floor beneath me. I instantly tried to rise again but Jack's arm roughly pushing me back down stopped me in my tracks.

"Stay!" Jack demanded. I relaxed knowing better than to struggle against Jack when he was using that tone. I knew when he spoke to me like that there was no room for argument and it was simply better to submit and do as I was told than fight back, there was simply no point I wouldn't win this argument. "Don't move and stay awake!"

I sat silently bringing my knees up to my chest, I may not be able to work on the D-Wheel but that didn't stop me thinking about it. I sat silently going through various plans and scenarios in my head, I had a detailed list in my head of the parts I had and I began mentally putting them together occasionally muttering to myself. I glanced over to the stationary half built white D-Wheel only a few hundred feet from me and stared longingly at the metal contraption. I still wanted to work but there was no possible way with Jack in this attitude.

"Stop pouting." The blonde snapped returning a few minutes later and shoving a steaming cup of instant ramen into my dirty grease covered hands. "You look like a kicked puppy."

"I'm not pouting." I replied glaring at Jack though this only caused him to smirk in reply, that action didn't have the desired effect so I began eating the hot ramen. Wow, Jack must really be worried about me if he gave me a cup of his precious instant ramen, I must have really overworked myself this time. "Thanks." I muttered honestly moved by Jack's generosity enjoying the feeling of the ramen hitting my empty stomach, I didn't realise just how hungry I was until now. I took a mouthful and smiled warmly at Jack my eyes glistened as the tasty treat slid down my throat, my favourite flavour.

"What happened to your mattress?" Jack questioned looking at the mess of dirty blankets beneath me.

"Oh, I gave it to Rally." I stated simply, I noticed he had been admiring it for a few weeks and had more than happily given it to him, though he had refused at first. Luxuries such as a decent mattresses were scarce in the Satellite, I was lucky to have found it and gladly handed it to my friend, he needed it more than I did.

"Again? Yusei if you keep giving people your stuff and acting the way you are eventually you're going to end up with nothing." Jack snapped irritably.

"Acting the way I am?" I echoed confusedly, I didn't see Jack's point, my friend needed something so I had given it to them.

"You're always helping people, giving away your stuff, going out of your way for others, defending weaklings. Damn it Yusei, do you really want to spend your life like that?" Jack yelled slamming his fist down on the concrete.

I winced at the light cracking sound of his fist and instantly put down my noodles gently taking Jack's hand into my own and carefully inspecting it. "Jack you shouldn't do stuff like that, it's dangerous you could have really harmed yourself." I lightly ran my fingers over the bruising skin. "Stay here, I should have enough money to get some cream from the chemist." It was illegal to sell such items in the Satellite but I was more concerned over my friend's wellbeing. I began to rise to my feet only to be roughly pushed back down by Jack.

"That's exactly what I mean, don't spend what little money you have on other people! Don't give your stuff away! Don't get hurt helping others! Do you want to live like that? With nothing because you gave it all away! Don't you want a better life than this? Don't you want more than junk and scavenging?" Jack snapped angrily his grip on my shoulders tightened to a painful pressure.

"I'm happy like this Jack, I don't need stuff. I don't want anything, I don't need anything else. Would it be so bad? Having nothing but happy friends?" I replied my voice remained calm and my face stoic.

"How do you know? You've never experienced anything other than this, you do want a better life I know it." Jack stated.

"I don't feel that way…" I spoke honestly, I didn't feel like I needed anything more than what I had now other than to make my friend's lives happier. "Jack your hand…"

Jack finally released my shoulders and rose to his feet and began to walk toward the exit. "It's nothing, I'll be fine. There is more out there for you Yusei."

No longer wanting to fight I decided to drop the topic, I didn't want him to leave in anger. "At least drop by Martha's and get Dr Schmidt to look at your hand alright?"

Jack gave a silent nod in reply holding a cup ramen himself and walking back up the stairs of the station and outside, I could see from the minimal light coming from the entrance that it was getting dark, it was probably approaching 10 or 11pm by now. My thoughts slipped from the D-Wheel to Jack, he had gotten more distant lately to the point that he no longer slept here, seeming to have moved out with no word as to why or even discussing it with me. I racked my thoughts thinking of something that I may have said or done to upset him, I couldn't imagine anything as bad as to make him move out. He never stated to me that he was moving out but he rarely hung out or slept here anymore, it was as good as moving out, well as good as moving out in the Satellite as one could possibly get. He didn't seem angry though, he came by usually to eat together then left or simply to check up on me, like today for example and, if he decided I wasn't taking proper care of myself, took matters into his own hands, took me into his hands as least forcing me into bed and demanding that I slept or forcing me to eat. The only thing I could think was that I had recently made friends with a few others, Rally and more, maybe he was feeling a little abandoned. It made sense, we were childhood friends and he was far too proud to admit to feeling abandoned by me. I should talk to him properly, find out what's bothering him I would never leave a friend upset.

I lay back and finished my ramen, now that I had stopped working I was beginning to feel the result of my uninterrupted three days of work. The tiredness was overwhelming and now with the comforting feeling of a full stomach of warm food the feeling was becoming stronger. Maybe I could rest my eyes for a few minutes, then I could get back to work a little later; I closed my eyes, just a small nap….

/Cover Of Darkness\\\

I was awoken a few hours later to the feeling of something warm on my neck. I let out a tired moan and opened my eyes, it was pitch black dark I couldn't see anything at all. I shifted my hands to stretch then suddenly realising that my hands were tied behind my back. I felt panic flood into my system as I began to struggle and tried to shout also finding that I was gagged. My only saving grace was that I wasn't blindfolded but it was too dark to see anything anyway so that had little use. I felt a light touch on my hips and realised that someone was kneeling over of me. The warmth on my neck came from the person's lips kissing and licking my neck. I struggled desperately trying to get free but the binds on my wrists were too tight and behind my back they were useless. I threw my head back uselessly and hissed in anger. Thinking quickly I was able to move my leg back far enough to kick the person in the chest. I heard a gasp of pain from my attacker then a growl of anger as he moved further up my body but I was able to slam my knee into their back. My attacker finally lost patience and I felt him hold my legs down and finally settle their weight on my knees effectively ridding me of my only weapon. I tried to sit up but two strong hands rested on my shoulders holding me down.

"L-let me g-go." I gasped out but my voice was muffled by the gag; though I knew the person before me knew what I was saying they didn't reply or co-operate. "W-who are you?" Still no reply. "If you let me go I won't tell anyone of this." I tried desperately to strike a deal but the person was ignoring me, they obviously had no intention of releasing me or telling me who they were.

Now completely unable to defend myself and at this persons mercy I tried to scream for help but the gag refrained me from making any noise above a muffled moan, no one could hear me. I felt the panic slowly overtake my senses then claim me completely when the person leaned down and licked my neck. I struggled uselessly beneath them the panic giving me a burst of desperate adrenaline but with no way to harm my attacker it was useless and with the lack of sleep and panic I soon found my energy depleted and I lay panting vulnerable beneath my attacker. I felt the person's wet muscle slide slowly along my neck. I closed my eyes tightly and stayed silent, I refused to give this pervert the satisfaction of knowing how scared I was. My mind flickered back to Jack for a second, if he was here this wouldn't be happening, then again I wouldn't want him to be hurt by this sicko.

I took a deep breath trying to relax myself, trying to think of a way out of this or at least to find out who this was. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness but I could only see the outline of the person before me which was no use, they were also being careful not to make a sound so I couldn't recognise their voice. The only other useful sense to me was smell, with the person still licking and kissing my neck I turned my head as close to the person's neck as possible and took a deep breath, my only way to find this person later was to know their scent. My senses were suddenly filled with an overly sweet smell so much so I found myself in a coughing fit shaking my head desperately trying to push away the strong smell from my body. I could almost feel the smug smirk on the person's lips as they leaned back finally stopping their assault on my neck. I glared silently back in defiance, though I knew they couldn't see it gave me a small sense of satisfaction. This person had gone to extreme lengths to make sure I wasn't able to find them later.

I was pulled back to my senses when I felt the persons hand grip the bottom of my shirt and slowly slide it up to just beneath my shoulders unable to completely pull the clothing off due to my bound hands and they pushed my jacket open revealing my upper body. I was unable to hide a sharp gasp as I felt the persons tongue run along the middle of my chest and over every part of my upper body. I closed my eyes tightly and turned my head to one side trying force away the sickly feeling building up in my stomach. Why was this person doing this? What had I done to deserve this? I felt lips attach to my skin as they began to suck feeling a purple bruise beginning to form on my body. I bit my lip desperately trying to stay quiet as they moved to another spot repeating the same action as before a few times until my upper body was littered with love bites. I took in a sharp breath as they sucked on a particularly sensitive part of my chest, the person stopped and glanced up for a second watching me carefully before returning to what they were doing.

I didn't understand why this person was being so….. gentle. I would assume that if someone would break into my home, (though admittedly there wasn't much security it was still obvious someone lived here from the surroundings), tie me up and gag me to then be violent and uncaring toward me, but this person seemed to be going out of their way to ensure I wasn't hurt. Were they just pretending to mock me? After all this person came with the intention of raping me they couldn't be that kind.

I let out an involuntary gasp as the person took one of my nipples in his mouth and gently sucked and massaged the sensitive nub with their tongue causing it to become erect and, to my shock and embarrassment, I felt a moan escaped my lips, muffled though it was by the gag I knew the person heard the pleasurable sound loud and clear considering they sucked and rubbed it harder forcing another pleasured sound from my lips. Why was I enjoying this? I was tied and held down by an unknown person but I couldn't stop the pleasured sounds from my mouth they slipped by of their own accord. I felt my face heat up in embarrassment as a pink blush dusted across my tanned cheeks. I felt my pants tighten as an erection began to form pressing against the tight leather. I felt the person move their attention to my other nipple rubbing the other abused nipple with their hand. I felt the person hands slowly run down my now overly sensitive body stopping just above my pants. I took a deep breath waiting for the inevitable, the warm fingers lightly traced the top of my pants for a few seconds obviously considering it before moving back up my body and massaging my sides instead. I felt mortified when I realised the feeling running through my veins, disappointment, I wanted the person to continue. I forced the feeling away ignoring it as they continued pleasuring me through my chest. A soft pinch to one nipple caused my hips to move with a moan lifting them and pressing against their stomach.

I felt the person stop for a second when they realised I was hard, I could hear them smirk and they doubled their efforts on my chest. I let out more moans and gasps of want and desire, the person moved their body a little back and forth lightly rubbing their stomach against my groin doubling my pleasure. I bit my lip as best as I could with the gag still in my mouth moving my hips in time with the sucks rubbing against their stomach feeling my resolve finally snap. I'd never felt like this before and couldn't believe the way my body was reacting to this persons touches, but it was so damn good…. I wanted more…. So much more….

In my defence I had never had a girl/boyfriend in my life, I was much more interested in assembling the D-Wheel, helping Martha at the orphanage and other problems to even consider a romantic relationship. I had never seen the interest in own caused sexual release either so I was new to these feelings, this was the first time I had ever experienced anything like this before in my life. However despite this I was unable to force away the flush away that stained my face as I threw my head back and let out a muffled cry of pleasure as I released into my boxers an uncomfortable wet feeling following after. My body remained tense for a while then finally relaxed resting my hips back onto the tattered blankets beneath me. I felt the person softly pull away watching me as I melted into a puddle of pants and a pleasured haze. I felt the person untie the gag from around my mouth but I was far too tired to shout for help now, I felt a soft hand touch my face lightly running a finger over my lips before claiming my lips for their own. Still in a pleasured haze I automatically kissed back letting out another moan when I felt their tongue enter my mouth tasting every inch. I felt the last of my energy finally leave, the last thing I remember is the feeling of the person running their hand through my hair, a warm and loving feeling ran through my body as I felt the warm caring hand ruffling my hair, my body finally collapsed into a comfortable darkness for the remainder of the night.

My eyes very slowly opened automatically glancing over to the exit seeing streams of light filter through it. I let out a soft sigh and sat up stretching out the kinks in my back, legs and arms, they seemed more tense then usual. Moving my hips a little I felt something uncomfortable in my pants, I glanced down before realisation dawned on me of what happened the previous night. I blushed and brought my knees to my chest, wait…. so it was all just a dream? My head went over the previous nights events, was it just a dream? Thinking quickly I knew one way I would be certain if this was just a dream. I swallowed hard closing my eyes and reached down slowly lifting my black and red shirt. I peeked open one eye and took a deep painful breath when I saw the purple love bites littering my chest. Someone had come in and assaulted me and I….. I covered my face in embarrassment as the uncomfortable feeling made itself know in my pants once more.

But…. they had been so gentle and kind, they hadn't tried to force themselves onto me, they had touched and pleasured me until I….. then left without using me for themselves. I gently touched one of the still sensitive love bites on my chest remembering the gentle feeling of their hands and lips all over my body, it had been so nice and warm. The soft caresses', the pleasurable kisses and gods that tongue…. I let out a soft moan remembering that mouth on my body. A bright blush covered my face and I quickly pulled my shirt back down trying to fight the blush back but to no avail. I couldn't stop the thought that ran through my head.

'Will they come back again tonight?' I bit my nail hard as I felt a mixture of fear and excitement take over my body at that thought. No! This was wrong, they had tied me down and assaulted me… but… they had been so kind and gentle. I felt my heart beat faster, no one had ever been that gentle with me before, the only familiar feeling I had was when I was growing up and Martha held me when I was crying…. no, this was completely different. Those touches brought up an entirely different set of feelings, nothing similar to the way I felt for Martha.

They did return that night, and the next night, and the next night and before I knew it….

I cried out in pleasure gripping the man's shoulders as I felt him repeatedly pound against my prostate. I no longer had to be tied down or gagged anymore, there was no fear of me attacking this man or shouting for help, I wanted this…. I needed this. From my first encounter I wasn't entirely sure of the gender of my new lover but considering the current situation I was fairly confident they were male.

My lover was sat on my makeshift bed and I sat on his lap moving my hips in time with his thrusts creating a delicious rhythm. I bit my lip moaning and crying out in pleasure, my entire body felt as though it was on fire desperate to release this built up pressure inside of me. The blush that seemed to be a permanent stain on my face whenever this man came making me feel hot and dizzy. I couldn't stop the tickle of embarrassment I felt every time I cried out in pleasure, I certainly didn't expect to be loud in bed but I guess appearances can be deceiving. My lover, however, only ever let out soft grunts and moans to signal his own pleasure, I didn't know whether this was how he usually was or whether this was an attempt to cover up his identity since I was still unaware of it. I wanted to know who this person truly was, to talk with him normally, walk around the Satellite holding hands in the day and cuddling under the blue sky, I was truly a romantic at heart. However they were still covering their identity by only approaching me at night, hiding any torches I owned, using that overly sweet cologne etc… It didn't bother me too much though, I would much rather have this person with me at night in the dark than not at all.

I moved closer to my lover if that was possible, I knew within the space of a few short months I had fallen deeply in love with this man without him even having to say a word. I gripped his shoulders even tighter and pressed against him. I wanted us to be one, I hoped that if I pressed against him hard enough we could somehow absorb each other and become one forever, then the rising sun couldn't tear us apart anymore but it never worked. I would fall asleep at some point and when I awoke I would be cold and alone, I began to dislike the sun and pray for the nights to come faster and last longer. I never wanted night to end, he would visit every night and lie with me until the sun forced us apart. I didn't understand why they were still hiding their identity, I didn't care who this person was or what they looked like, I just wanted to be with them.

I arched my back moaning in desire. "Please, m-more." I begged softly, very unlike me but this person somehow drew it out of me. I gripped his shoulders and rested my forehead against his neck nuzzling into the warm skin. "G-give me m-more." I let out another loud cry of pleasure as I felt him pound me harder if that was even possible. I took a deep breath taking a lungful of the overly sweet cologne I had come to love. I wanted to bathe myself and my clothes in it so I would forever smell of him, so everyone knew I belonged to him.

A thought suddenly struck me, this man was always covering me in love bites, marking me as his own but I never marked him as mine. I opened my cobalt eyes and bit my lip as a painful thought squeezed me heart. What if he wasn't mine? I had never spoken to this man before, what if I was one of many? We had never discussed this being an exclusive thing, he could have other girlfriends and boyfriends he visited, only during the day. People he wasn't ashamed to acknowledge to the public, someone he was proud to call his lover. I felt my blood run cold at the thought of this man touching or being touched by another. A mix of new emotions overtook me, ones I hadn't experienced before, anger, but most of all, jealousy.

I felt a possessive side that I didn't know existed take over me for a second and I dug my small nails so hard into his back I heard of gasp of pain from my lover but this didn't satisfy me, I needed to claim him like he claimed me with his love bites. I gently licked my lover's shoulder and took a small piece of skin into my lips. Unfortunately, due to the anger and jealousy bubbling in my stomach and the pounding against my prostate I misjudged the pressure and bit down hard on my lover's shoulder feeling a metallic taste fill my mouth. Oops. I heard a cry of pain from my lover and the thrusts came to an abrupt stop. I gently released the patch of skin and moved back blushing madly. I felt my lover move back as well and I glanced up shame filling my eyes as I looked where I assumed his eyes were though I knew he couldn't see this in the darkness. He stared back in silence watching me.

I moved forward and gently licked the bleeding wound, "sorry." I apologised softly nursing to the wound like a cat, however I was fairly confident that the wound would scar considering how hard I bit and I knew my lover was aware of this too. I felt him lean forward taking a small patch of my own skin in his mouth then felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I let out a cry of pain feeling the blood run down my arm followed by my lover's tongue licking up crimson liquid scarring me with the same mark. I felt him lean back again and kiss me, I more than happily returned the gesture passionately kissing back gasping and breaking the kiss when I felt him begin viciously thrusting against my prostate again with new vigour. I gripped my lover tightly again moving my hips at the same rate doubling our pleasure, I felt tears of happiness in my eyes as I gently licked his newly forming scar. This was better than any love bite, this wouldn't fade over time, it would forever remain with him just as I would, a mark to forever remind him of me. I repeatedly kissed his neck and shoulder smiling softly.

Forever mine.

"I love you." I gasped out lightly pressing my forehead against his with a warm smile that I tried to show through my words. He didn't reply with words, instead I felt the usual hand run through my hair once again, an action he did regularly in place of words, but the passionate kiss he gave me told me more times than I could count.

/Cover Of Darkness\\\

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