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/Cover Of Darkness\\\

Chapter 4

I fiddled with a bolt on my D-Wheel as usual surrounded by the same chaos of duel runner parts and tools. I let out a soft sigh and wiped the sweat from my head with a greasy glove covered hand then wiping it on my already dirty pants. It was an unbelievably hot day so I had thrown my jacket over a near by chair causing the hot metal of my D-Wheel to burn me occasionally on my uncovered arms when I leaned on it. I could feel the usual ache beginning to form in my knees informing me I had been working too long, the D-Wheel seemed to be fighting me every step of the way so far. I let out an irritated growl running my hands through my hair with a soft moan and a frown.

"If you keep frowning like that you're going to get wrinkles, you don't want to look eighteen going on forty do you?" A familiar voiced jibbed from the entrance.

I turned my head and smiled softly seeing my blonde friend making his way down the stairs dressed in his usual attire of black pants, grey shoes and buttoned up white trench coat lined with violet matching the colour of his eyes, (I honestly couldn't understand how he hadn't fainted in those clothes on such a hot day). "Jack… they finally let you out of the hospital?" I asked.

"Of course, nothing can keep the great Jack Atlas down." He glowered proudly with his trademark smirk.

I rose to my feet as he approached stopping just in front of me. "I'm glad you're feeling better Jack, I was worried about you."

"Worried… about me?" Jack questioned, I could see the light shock and appreciation in his face for only a second before he quickly masked it and smirked. "Who do you think I am? It was only a scratch after all." I let out a soft chuckle as did he.

I saw Jack look me over and frown. "Look at you." He sighed, "this is what happens when I leave you to take care of yourself is it?" He questioned.

I blinked in honest confusion, "what do you mean?"

Jack rolled his eyes and picked up the front casing of my D-Wheel I had shortly removed and showed me the shiny inside reflecting myself. My pants, shirt and gloves were covered in motor oil and grease, though I was aware of this having wiping my gloves on my clothes and leaning greasy duel runner parts against me, but my arms were also covered in grease, I also had a mark of motor oil across my forehead and up one cheek where I had recently wiped sweat from with my dirty gloves. The black and yellow spikes on the right side of my hair were also stuck flat down against my head from running my grease covered gloves through my hair.

"Ah," I muttered softly leaning forward to study my disarray a little more carefully before shrugging it off anyway. "I never really cared about my looks anyway." I stated simply, though I did try to rub the motor oil from my face only to smear it further up and onto my ear soon giving up completely.

Jack carelessly dropped the red and white metal plate and I winced when I heard it clang to the ground mentally taking a note to check it for scratches later. My first instinct was to cuss Jack for being so reckless but I didn't want to cause an argument, I knew our relationship was still rocky at best.

"And I assume you haven't eaten or showered for a while as well." Jack snapped angrily.

"I've… been getting by." I didn't want to admit that he was right, childish but true. "But I have been sleeping." I added rather more proudly than I should thinking silently to myself. 'I don't want to miss him after all.'

Jack glanced at me with a strange look for a second before shrugging. "That's something I suppose. You really need to shower, I bet you smell horrible."

I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out childishly reminded briefly that's probably what Crow would have done, though admittedly he probably would have just showered in the first place. I pulled up my shirt and sniffed it before shrugging. "I don't think I smell that bad." I calmly walked the short distance over to Jack less that an inch from him, though careful not to touch him with my dirty clothes.

"What do you think?" I questioned leaning close, nose-to-nose so he could get a good smell.

I was surprised to see a blush dust my old friend's face as he recoiled a little at the sudden closeness but he quickly regained his composure clearing his throat with a cough before leaning forward and sniffing my neck. He wrinkled his nose and leaned a little closer taking a deeper breath. With him so close I was also able to smell his own scent, strawberries which I assume was either his shampoo or body wash and a faint cologne. It smelt familiar but weak so I took a lungful myself instantly recognising the overly sweet cologne as the same one my lover used. It was very faint and barely noticeable but I would recognise that scent anywhere. My eyes widened in shock but before I could react Jack leaned back with a shrug still sporting the small blush before speaking.

"You don't smell that bad I guess." He commented before smirking and running his fingers through my hair. I felt my heart jolt at the feeling, it was identical to my lover's and the one that day at the hospital. "Still Yusei, general hygiene is a luxury even you can afford yourself."

He frowned when he pulled his hand back out of my hair now covered in grease and other unidentifiable substances. He tried to wipe it on my shirt, causing another jolt to surge through my body at this point, only to cover himself in more. He groaned muttering how it couldn't be good for his skin wandering over to where my jacket lay carelessly strewn over a chair and began inconsiderately cleaning his hand with it.

I stood frozen from the rush of emotions and feelings welling inside of me. All those actions felt identical to my lover's. It couldn't just be a coincidence could it? Was I just over thinking this yet again? Jack couldn't possibly be my lover, he was harsh and brash, my lover was gentle and caring, (not that I hated that about Jack, it was simply his personality). But… what if he was? No… he couldn't be. Could he? I felt my breath quicken and my heart began beating so hard it became almost painful.

I was unable to control my body at that moment as my legs darted forward of their own accord. Jack turned opening his mouth to speak but his words turned to a cry of shock when I suddenly threw myself at him using my whole body weight to tackle him to the ground knowing he was considerably stronger than me. His shock and my adrenaline seemed to work well as we both crashed to the harsh unforgiving concrete of the ground. Jack cried out in pain and glared angrily at me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Yusei?" He yelled angrily. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Are you him?" I asked glaring down at him holding his arms down with my hands but I knew if he tried he could easily overpower me, at the moment I had to rely on his shock and my own adrenaline. "Answer me!" I demanded.

I saw a strange look flash across my blonde friend's face for a second before returning to his usual angry glare. "What are you talking about?"

"Just answer the question Jack!" I shouted.

Jack continued to glare at me in silence for a few seconds before answering with a odd look, "I don't know what you're talking about Yusei, get off me!" He began to fight back and I could feel my grip on his arms begin to fail. "You're going to ruin my clothes now get off!" Jack's clothes were already dirty, covered in grease and motor oil but I paid it no heed.

"I know exactly how to find out if it's you." I stated simply.

Jack froze for a second and looked up watching me carefully. I reached down with one grease covered glove grasping the shoulder of his trench coat and shirt with one hand. Jack's eyes widened and he fought even harder. My grip on his other arm instantly broke just as I ripped the coat and shirt down with one fluid movement revealing his shoulder and a familiar scar marring his skin. I froze staring at the mark on his shoulder identical to my own from when my lover and I had bitten each other… it was him.

Jack angrily slammed his knees against my chest pushing me off him completely before quickly rising to his feet and racing over to the exit. Being smaller and not as broad as Jack meant I was weaker, however it also meant I was faster then him and I quickly raced in front of him blocking the exit and spreading my arms out glaring at him.

"You're not leaving Jack!" I stated simply.

He tried to force his way passed me but I held firm using all the strength I possessed to keep Jack here.

"Get out of the way Yusei!" Jack demanded trying to rip me away from the exit but I fought back.

"No!" I countered defiantly.

"I said move!" Jack yelled grabbing my shoulders and roughly pushing me to one side.

I crashed to the ground with a cry of pain. I slowly moved onto my knees clutching my throbbing arm with a moan. I saw Jack's body disappear through the door a second later his legs carrying faster than I had even seen in my entire life. I was unable to stop the words that spilled out over my mouth without first registering in my brain. "Why did you abandon me? Do you really hate me that much Jack?" I screamed at the top of my lungs at the door so loud that my throat burned in pain. I stayed on my knees panting still clutching my arm.

"I don't hate you Yusei." I barely heard a voice softly reply.

My head shot up watching as Jack slowly stepped back inside keeping his gaze on the ground beneath him.

"You abandoned me a couple of weeks ago, just after the tournament." I accused with a glare. "Were you trying to punish me for winning?"

Jack shook his head inspecting the ground beneath his feet, "after our duel I was hurt. I could barely walk a couple of feet let alone come here to see you. I came to see you when I had the strength though."

"Jack…" I whispered softly, it still didn't seemed to have registered properly in my mind that Jack was my lover but in my heart I knew. "Y-you were in N-New Domino C-City… how d-did you e-even…." I trailed off my voice becoming weak as I stumbled over the words but Jack understood. I knew at the start of the relationship Jack had been in the Satellite but a majority of the time he had been in the city.

"I always knew you could do a lot with enough money but when I got to New Domino City… it was more than I expected. Rex used his connections to let me in and out of the Satellite as I pleased, that's how I got to you." Jack admitted still refusing to meet my gaze.

"And Leo and Luna's?" I questioned.

"Rex was having you watched anyway, he knew where you were at all times so I only had to ask." He stated simply rubbing at a motor oil stain on his jacket arm only to smear it further up, Jack seemed to be doing anything but looking at me. "The security at The Tops would never refuse me anything so it was easy to get in too."

"You… you never mentioned any of this to me at the Satellite, that you…. liked me." I muttered moving back and sitting properly on the floor keeping my gaze on Jack.

"How could I?" Jack snapped angrily his head shot up finally meeting my gaze but his eyes were full of anger and hurt. "Like you would even give me the time of day!"

I frowned and looked down ashamed and guilty. "Jack, I know I spent a lot of time with Nervin and the others but-" I was cut short when Jack shouted above me.

"This has nothing to do with the time you spent with me, it's your focus! Unless it was a friend in need you weren't interested! If I even mentioned that I liked you we both know you would have shot me down! Even when I suggested just going out for a walk!" Jack yelled angrily back, I physically flinched at his tone. " 'Not now Jack I'm working on the D-Wheel', 'maybe later Jack, Rally needs me to fix something', 'I'm too busy now Jack, go ask Nervin.'" Jack quoted me his angry glare unwavering. "Why do you think I moved out? I thought that if I did something like that you might actually acknowledge me for once but even then you could care less what I did!"

I swallowed hard and attempted to defend myself, "If you had a problem Jack you could have come to me, you know that."

"I'm not talking about a problem Yusei! I'm talking about recognising my existence as more than a 'damsel in distress'. As someone to talk to and be with, not someone to save!" Jack yelled angrily in return. "You wouldn't talk about yourself or anything that was bothering you! You're not my counsellor Yusei, you're supposed to be my friend!"

I looked down breaking our gaze feeling guilt consume me, "I… I just don't want to burden others with my problems Jack… you know me…" I muttered softly closing my eyes when I heard Jack continue to yell at me.

"That's not an equal friendship Yusei, that's a charity case! That's what friends are for! I felt like you didn't trust me!" Jack continued, he rarely talked about friendship in such a way, he was obviously hurt by my treatment. Jack's voice relaxed becoming gentle and soothing. "Admit it Yusei, you wouldn't have discussed anything we spoke about in those nights together, about your fears, how you were hurt, about being scared. If you had known it was me you would have kept it to yourself."

I bowed my head not replying with words but the silent acknowledgement was enough. I hadn't expected this, I had expected him to say that it was for fun, he was bored, to prove he could dominate me, at best I expected him to say he only wanted to be close to me, not this…

"I'm sorry Jack, I really am… I didn't mean to hurt you like that." I swore clenching my fists. "But then if you felt that way… why did you leave for New Domino City? How would leaving here… leaving me… accomplish anything?" I asked looking back up at him.

It was Jack's turn to bow his head in shame this time as the memory hit us both. "An easier life… and acknowledgement." We stayed silent at those words for a second neither of us willing to look at the other before he elaborated. "I knew if I did that, something so… extreme… you would be forced to acknowledge me. You would see me as more than someone to help, even if it was someone you wanted revenge against but… I also know you… and know you couldn't hate me, you can't hate anybody…" Jack turned his head studying the steering mechanism of the duel I had removed earlier that we both know he didn't understand but he studied it none the less, anything to avoid eye contact.

"You wouldn't talk to me about your problems, or your fears so I decided to try and…. 'erase them'. I wanted be someone who supported you like you supported others… I wanted to be of value to you, someone who you could stand proudly by. I thought that if I left for New Domino City I could become rich, someone well known, a force to be reckoned with and then, when I had everything ready, I could bring you there. That way you wouldn't have to worry about money, your friends, anything; I could just solve them by gaining money and power in the city…. but…" Jack let out a soft sigh and closed his eyes. "I couldn't face you after what I did, and I didn't know how you would react if you knew I was your lover… I couldn't talk to you in the day anymore because of what happened with Rally. I was afraid if I told you I'd lose you completely. Even though we were only together at night and you didn't know who I was… we were still together…" I saw the blush on Jack's face deepen and he used his arm to try and hide it rubbing at his face only to smear grease and motor oil across his cheeks and nose.

I smiled and let out a soft chuckle at the sight of Jack smothered in grease. "What are you laughing at?" Jack snapped angrily obviously hurt, this was probably the worst time to laugh after Jack's confession but I couldn't stop myself. Jack snatched up the duel runner's front casing again glancing at himself before growling in anger and throwing it back onto the ground and wiping desperately with the arm of his jacket again. Unfortunately he only succeeded in wiping a large streak from his nose to his hair making a long black line through the middle of his hair and making me laugh even harder clutching my ribs. "It's not funny!" Jack yelled angrily stalking forward and snatching up my relatively clean jacket and cleaning his face and hair as best he could.

I finally stopped laughing and rose to my feet taking my jacket from his hand and cleaning him myself. Jack growled irritably.

"I'm not a baby Yusei, I don't need someone cleaning me up." Jack hissed trying to snatch the jacket from my hands but I managed to keep it away from him.

"Sure you are Jack." I stated with a playful smile, seeing the rage beginning to form in his eyes at the insult I added softly. "But you're my baby."

Jack blinked in shock then a small smile traced his face and he gentle took my hand in his own. I stopped and looked at him with confusion before he roughly pulled me forward and kissed me. I blinked in shock then my eyes softened and I pressed into the kiss closing my eyes and dropping the jacket so I could wrap my hands around him. In the back of my mind I was a little shocked Jack didn't complain about his clothes being ruined even more than they already were. We pulled back after a second and I leaned forward resting my forehead against Jack's chest.

"I'm sorry I didn't realise how you felt Jack, I should have known. You're my friend and I wasn't able to help you." I sighed and closed my eyes melting into Jack's embrace as he wrapped his arms around me. I grasped at his jacket with both hands and squeezed softly. "I was upset when you left Jack, I was afraid you hated me. I tried so hard to help others I didn't realise I was hurting you. You're right, if I had known it was you I wouldn't have spoken about the things I did, I wouldn't have confided in you the way I did."

I closed my eyes and went through all the conversations we had in my head, about my fear of not being able to help my friends, hurting them, being a burden on Martha, finishing the duel runner, Jack leavi- My thoughts came to a sudden stop when I remembered the conversations we had about him, being guilty because I felt I had failed my friend, being angry at Jack, crying in his arms, fearing my duel with Jack…

A bright blush covered my face when I realised the person I had been confiding in about my fears and guilt over my friend was actually the person I was talking about. "All those conversations about you… about my feelings for you… apologising and… crying…" I heard Jack let out a small short laugh and I pressed my face into his chest trying to hide my blush and feeling slightly betrayed, That was supposed to be a personal conversation, Jack was never supposed to know about those things. I felt my face heat up further as I went through all the conversations about him, particularly the day before our duel when I admitted about being afraid I would lose to him.

I blinked as a memory hit me. "You… cried." I stated finally moving my head from Jack's chest and looking into his eyes. "The day you left then came to see me that night… you cried."

Jack blinked in shock before turning away and nervously rubbing the back of his head. "Y-yeah." He admitted glancing down at me and seeing the silent question of 'why?' in my eyes. "You… you were so upset about me leaving, crying and screaming, I didn't realise you cared that much. I felt bad about making you cry like that. I hurt you Yusei, I never wanted to do that to you."

I smiled softly and rested my forehead against his chest with a soft chuckle. "You big softie." I laughed.

"Hey!" Jack snapped angrily but smiled when he saw me laughing.

I stopped after a while and looked up into his violet eyes taking in each facial feature carefully. I wanted to engrave him into my memory, (being such a close friend he was already pretty well imprinted in my memory), but now it was different, now he was my lover. "Jack… I love you."

Jack's eyes softened his gaze filling with love and care, "I love you too." He spoke.

I felt my heart swell at the sound of my lover finally saying those words to me and I threw myself at the taller male so hard we both crashed to the floor once again. My lover was finally here, in the light before me declaring his love. I could barely control myself wanting Jack in my arms as close as possible to me at that moment. Jack hissed in pain at the impact but my lips soon found his and it turned into a soft moan nibbling my lip asking for entrance which I more than happily granted.

We kissed passionately mapping out the sensitive areas in each other's mouths we knew so well after our nights together but seeing Jack now, knowing he loved me and having him finally say those words to me, made it feel like our first time again. I felt Jack's hands run down the side of the body before grasping the bottom of my shirt and tugging it over my head. I removed Jack's soiled jacket and shirt in return leaning down licking and kissing his neck and shoulder paying particular attention to the bite scar I had caused some time ago.

Jack's hands travelled over my body running along my sides and over my chest pinching my nipples. I let out a soft moan at the feeling of the familiar hands on my chest smiling softly as the gentle hands caressed me.

"Jack!" I gasped out as his hands moved to my lower back rubbing just above my pants. I moaned and grasped his hand trying to push it further down and into my pants. "Please!"

"Excited are we?" Jack teased with a smirk.

I was glad my lover was finally able to talk to me during our time together but the teasing was rather irritating, I wanted… no needed Jack to touch me. I let out a soft growl when Jack didn't heed to my begging and instead began rubbing my chest again. I leaned down and kissed Jack's chest swirling my tongue and sucking on areas I knew were sensitive on my lover. I heard Jack moan running his fingers through my still greasy hair but he didn't bother to complain about his dirty hands this time. I moved further down gently licking and nipping Jack's stomach. I let my hands join the ministrations running my dirty gloves over his bare chest. I heard Jack gasp as the rough dirty material teased his overly sensitive skin smearing motor oil and grease over his chest.

An idea struck me as I unzipped Jack's pants with my teeth gently pulling the fabric down though only a little writing my name just above the waistband of his underwear. "How's that?" I questioned teasingly.

Jack glanced down then smirked, "really? That belongs to you does it?" I nodded silently in reply removing my gloves wanting to feel Jack's skin with my hands. "Well then, shouldn't you take care of it?" He asked motioning to the bulge forming.

I chuckled then moved down gently pulling up the waistband of his underwear and softly blowing into the heat, Jack hissed bucking his hips in return. I smiled reaching down and pulling Jack's pants and underwear completely off in one very slow motion. I leaned down and gently licked the weeping member proud when I heard a moan from my lover in return as he covered his eyes with his arm.

"Jack." I spoke softly. I wanted to see my lover's eyes, Jack moved his arm and looked down at me. "I love you."

"I love you too." Jack gasped out then letting out a loud cry when I licked his length from base to tip. Jack moaned once again when I kissed the base and lightly ran my knuckles up and down his length. I felt his hand in my hair again and he lightly pressed down silently begging for more. I smiled taking pity on my lover and moved down lightly blowing on the tip before taking his member into my mouth and began agonisingly slowly making my way down to the base. Unfortunately I hadn't expected Jack to desperately buck his hips suddenly pushing his entire length into my mouth. I gasped and coughed gagging around his length but managing to keep myself down. "Sorry." I heard Jack gasp out stroking my cheek apologetically.

I glanced up my eyes meetings Jack's silently telling him it was ok before slowly moving up and down keeping my gaze locked with Jack's. Jack moaned softly resting his hand on the back of my head watching me. I slipped my tongue out of my mouth allowing it to slide further down his erection moaning softly sending vibrations along Jack's length. I felt Jack tug at my hair moaning softly as he watched me, eyes full of lust and want mirroring my own. I continued up and down feeling Jack's body become even more tense beneath my hands and his entire body began to sweat profusely.

Panting Jack looked over me then sat up careful not to disturb my actions and I felt his gentle hand run down my back. I let out a soft moan in return as the gentle hands I fell in love with caressed my body lovingly stroking down my spine painfully slowly. I felt him stop just above my pants and softly moved his fingers around the waistband. I smiled when I realised he was writing his own name on my lower back just above my buttocks. I moaned and lightly nibbled at his base though careful with the sensitive organ. Jack moaned and I felt his hand slide further down beneath the waistband of my pants and underwear very slowly moving downward before finally pushing one finger into my entrance using the sweat and motor oil (1) on his hand as lubricant. I let out an involuntarily cry sending a river of vibrations down Jack's erection.

I tried my best to concentrate on my task but I was too distracted by Jack's finger gently thrusting inside of me. "Jack…" I moaned around his erection. I felt a second join his other finger expertly finding the sweet spot he knew so well. I let out a loud cry releasing Jack's erection from my mouth thrusting back against the fingers desperately trying to gain a faster pace and harder thrusts to my prostate. "Jack please!" I cried desperately letting out a scream as another finger joined in.

I felt Jack's other hand rest on my chin pushing my head up. I looked up at my lover desire, lust and love clouded my vision as I stared up at him. Jack smirked and leaned down kissing me gently as I felt his other hand slide downward resting on my cloth covered erection and squeezing softly. I cried out Jack's name again moving my hips desperately, when I moved back it forced Jack's fingers deep inside my entrance hitting my prostate and when I moved forward it caused Jack's hand to rub the bulge in my pants. "Jack, stop teasing me, please." I gasped out. I felt a tight coil of pleasure in my stomach. Jack's fingers were so hot I could almost feel my insides burning, I could feel myself about to erupt. My legs were shaking dangerously about to collapse as the pleasure shook me to my very core. My entire body shuddering with desire and want, letting out soft purrs, I was like a motor engine and Jack's hands were the ignition.

I felt Jack's hands move slowly back resting on my shoulders gently lying me down on the hot concrete ground searing my already hot skin. He reached down finally unzipping and removing my pants and underwear so I lay naked and vulnerable before him. I saw Jack taking a second to look me over, I could see the admiration in his eyes and I blushed a little feeling a little self conscious. This was the first time we had ever seen each other naked which was strange considering how many times we had already had sex, I could only imagine what I looked like to Jack. I was covered in sweat, which was not just my own, as well as motor oil and grease from working on my duel runner. I could feel tears of pleasure running down my face a few small slivers of saliva on my chin both mine and Jack's. My body quaked desperately the mere sight of my lover looking at my body sent erotic spikes through my system.

I decided to take a moment to look him over as well, his blonde hair was stuck to his face and I could see sweat and small patches of motor oil and grease were still in his hair and on his face as he looked down at me panting his warm breath licking at my face. His chest and stomach had streaks of grease and motor oil as well where I had touched him with my dirty hands. His violet eyes sparkled with passion and I could feel beads of sweat dripping from his body and landing on my own slowly caressing down my body and to my most sensitive area tickling and pleasuring my already over sensitive body. I felt him blow softly on my overheated erection, I let out yet another soft moan at the tickling feeling causing my entire body to jerk and spasm my hips shuffling of their own accord on the hot concrete beneath me.

"Yusei, you're so dirty." Jack commented with a smirk.

"J-Jack, please t-touch me." I begged reaching out with both hands desperately to grasp at his skin.

He slowly leaned down and licking at a smear of grease (1) on my stomach his cheek softly rubbed against my throbbing erection eliciting a sound somewhere between a moan and a growl from me unable to control the sounds I made. His hands slowly moved downward rubbing high on my inner thighs causing me to gasp and press against him desperately my erection rubbing against his cheek. His hands felt like scolding irons on my body searing their trademark onto my inner thighs rubbing up and down, I instinctively lifted my hips at the feeling trying to burn him deeper into my skin to mark me forever.

I placed both hands on Jack's face gently pulling him back up my body so I could look into his eyes. "Jack, please, take me… make me yours forever." I begged desperately trying to show all of my desire and need in those words and my eyes.

Jack gave a silent nod in return and I felt him lift my hips a little with his hands resting himself against my entrance. I tensed in anticipation lightly raking my nails against the concrete beneath me. I felt him press against my entrance using his sweat and my saliva as lubricant. I let out a soft cry as his large scolding erection slowly pushed inside of me stretching and burning my insides. He pushed in agonisingly slowly before stopping at the hilt. I hissed in pleasure, I could feel his hands rubbing my hips in soothing motions only to double my pleasure rubbing the sensitive areas.

I looked up at my lover silently telling him it was ok with a small nod. Jack began to move slowly in and out. I moaned feeling his erection rubbing at my insides feeling pleasurable jolts up my spine and gathering in my head. I threw my head from side-to-side moving my hips trying to encourage Jack into a faster rhythm. Taking the hint Jack began to move faster thrusting harder causing more cries of pleasure to spill over from my mouth and Jack let out his own moans and grunts of pleasure.

"J-Jack! M-more, d-don't stop, m-make me yours!" I begged. The words seemed to effect Jack better than I expected as I felt him began roughly pounding inside of me ramming his large member into my body and slamming against my prostate. I screamed out Jack's name repeatedly, the pleasurable jolts became more erratic and unpredictable causing my head to cloud over with lust and want concentrating on nothing but the feeling of my lover inside of me. I felt Jack's grip on my hips tighten as he began pulling me forward forcing my body to meet his thrusts the searing hot concrete scratched at my back mixing in with the pleasure.

I let out my loudest cry yet running my fingers through my own hair and arching my back from the rough concrete and I threw my head back. I felt the tremors of pleasure begin to overtake me and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, Jack's pounding against my prostate and rubbing my inner walls becoming too much for me to handle. I removed my hands from my hair reaching up and running my fingers through Jack's hair before taking his face into my hands and staring deep into his eyes. "J-Jack!" I cried seeing the love and desire in his eyes.

"Yusei…" I heard him gasp softly never breaking his gaze from mine. Hearing my name from my lover's mouth as he made love to me was the most erotic thing I could possibly imagine and it pushed me over the edge.

"Jack!" I closed my eyes letting out a loud cry of honest pleasure my hands moved from his face to his shoulders digging my small nails into his pale skin painfully hard rolling my hips in time with Jack's thrusts as I finally released spilling onto our stomachs and chests. My toes curled in pleasure taking Jack's last few pounds as he found his own release. My body convulsing around his large erection pumping him for every drop as I felt his hot release inside of me Jack cried out in pleasure himself shouting my name coating my insides with his semen marking me from the inside as his.

We stayed linked together for a few minutes as we rode out our own orgasms bodies remaining tense never wanting to come down from our euphoric highs. I took in a sharp gasp not realised I had stopped breathing when I released gasping and panting in much needed breath finally relaxing. I felt Jack follow me back to reality a few moments later panting and gasping as well leaning over me gently kissing me, I returned the action desperately, smiling into the kiss.

I felt Jack pull out of me and I let out a soft moan feeling Jack's arms wrap around me turning me on my side and pressing my back against his chest. I smiled as I felt the lovingly familiar feeling of his hand in my hair and I leaned into the touch taking Jack's other hand in both of my own stroking the back of his hand.

"I love you Jack." I whispered softly basking in the afterglow with my new, yet old, lover.

I felt Jack brush back my black bangs as he kissed my forehead lovingly whispering back. "I love you too Yusei." He replied. "Now and forever."

I turned my head smiling back at Jack. "You'll stay with me forever?"

"No one can keep me away from you Yusei." I felt Jack's hands tighten around me possessively. "Even if you no longer want me I won't be able to stay away from you. No one is allowed to touch you but me."

"Jack… I wouldn't allow anyone else to touch me other than you." I stated simply kissing his cheek in return smiling when I felt Jack's grip tighten even more at the mere thought. "Just you, only ever you Jack."

"Only us." Jack whispered in return, I smiled and nodded in return returning the soul searing kiss Jack gave me.


Only me…

Only you…

Only us…



This was supposed to be a six or seven page one shot and its turned into a 42 page story! Remember this is my very first Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (usually only write original Yu-Gi-Oh!) story and only my second ever lemon. Constructive criticism is welcome.

I tried really hard to keep everyone in character throughout this, I think I did ok with Jack but I made Yusei too clingy. *Sigh* Well I tried. If this goes down well I might re-write this from Jack's point of view, let me know if you want this!

Netiri Vi Britannia - sorry but I decided to end it here, this is my very first Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds fanfic so I'm a little nervous about making it too long. I did enjoy writing it though so I will probably do another! I decided to answer you here because I didn't want to spoil the fact that the story ends here for you. Sorry again about not making it longer though! I feel bad since you like it so much! *hugs* Thank you for reading, I appreciate it! Truly!

1- This is probably quite dangerous!

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