Juno P.O.V

To say that I was frightened of my due date is but a mere understatement. Good gods I am terrified. I shall give birth to a child with the blood of Germania running through their veins or the blood of Rome. Which is worse I cannot say for they shall either be born with whose blood can mean death. The death of a love or the death of a child why must there be such a time.

To think that in less than three weeks the child will be born and in that time there has been no word of my true beloved Germania. At least any word that has been told to me. Rome could have killed him and decided against telling me. Or he is waiting for the time when he feels I should know.

"Excuse me Empress Juno, but I have brought your evening meal." Said the voice of a timid young slave girl.

"You may enter." She came in and placed the food onto the end table. I began to eat the crisp veggies and ripened fruit when Rome entered. A haggard robust look was washed upon his face, attempted to be hidden behind his smile. I knew why he was in such a shape. There were hidden words spread upon the wind of war and distrust. Tension was rising and Rome like many was not paying heed to them. He felt that he was invincible and

"How do you fair today my lovely bride?" Can the man not leave me alone for even a day?

"I fair as to be expected. Circumstances and all." My eyes sly away that I may not throw up from looking at him.

"Do not fret my little dove for soon your discomfort will end with the pain of child birth and with that pain comes the joy of children. Oh my little dove you bring joy to my life."

'And you bring misery to mine.' I feel his hands massage my shoulders and work their way down to my forearms.

"After the birth of our child we shall have our delights." He laid his lips on my shoulder and I violently rose away from him.

"Keep off of me!" His once merry smirk turned into a malicious gaze.

"Remember our deal. You had come here willingly to become my wife and that requires certain duties. To bear my children and to share my bed. Now if we were to be unable to meet those duties well what would happen to your other children?" The cold fear returned.

"Juno please hold your fearful glances at me. Open your heart and allow me to fill it with the comfort of a real man." His hand lay down on my chest. I remove his hand in gently fashion.

"I apologize for my tone. I am just tired from the baby that wishes to be born."

"I understand my little dove. Please finish your meal and then rest with ease."

"I thank you my lord." He leaves the room and I decide to skip the meal and go to bed. I know that I have acted different from what I have felt about that being. But quickly in these past few months have taught me it is best to lead him so that he does not incur wrath onto me. That is until I can flee from his side and never be bothered by him again.

Germania POV

"Men in a few days our allies shall come and dismantle the fabric of insanity that is the one known as Rome. Already has his empire has started to crumble and what has he done about it? Nothing! He has stayed in denial so long that his people have suffered! Great wrongs has he committed against those before you. Lost your homes. Your way of life. Your families! You no longer can be the way you used to be because of his laws and rule!" The crowd released the pent up cry of anguish they had felt at the words of Germania.

"Even I have suffered under his rule." His voice grows softer into a pause. The crowd grew quiet all wondering what it was that Rome had done to Germania.

"The nymph he now calls his empress was once free and happy among her people in the woods. Mistakenly judged I helped him capture her to be his wife once. But as soon as the act was committed I tried to rectify it. In order to do so I sought to free her from his lecherous grasp. Still she would not flee without France the child of Rome's that he refused to see the good in. I freed her from her binds and freed the boy as well. Together they escaped while I stayed behind careful to cover their tracks so that they could never be found again. Time passed and I went to her forest realm to see that they were alive and well. To my great relief they were better off than had been before. I stayed with them and in that time love grew between the nymph and I. I took her as my bride." Murmurs came among the throngs of the allies. They now understood why Rome had started the propaganda about Germania being a coward and a disgrace to honorably men.

"We were wed and we were happy together with my son Prussia and France. In the course of a short time she bore me two sons, England and Germany. Times felt good until I had to return once more to the capitol. If it had not been for my brother in arms Thor I would have come here to my death. His warning gave me reason to go back to my wife and family to see that they were not yet harmed. To relief my sons had been treated well and carried off by allied friends. No sight of my love could be seen. Rome had taken her from me and he had also taken her body by brute force." Disgusts could be heard from the sympatric crowd and angry crowd. No man should lay with another man's wife and to do so by force was twice the sin of the first.

"Now he has taken her here and shackled her to his demonic empire. When we strike it shall crumble away and those who had been shaken by his cruel fist will be freed!"

Juno POV (a few days later)

Walking around the garden alone is one of the few sanctuaries I have in this dungeon. Normally it feels cool and delightful but for the past few days it has been getting warmer and today it was worse. I feel the heat of the day worsen my condition even though that I fear that I shall faint and as I fall the unborn child within me will be in peril. To my luck two of the servants had come.

"My lady please come inside the day will not do well with your condition."

"I need help." The two use their strength to lead me inside to rest. They brought me cool water to ease the heat stroke that was sure to have caught up to me. Then the pain began. I knew it well from the past two times it has happened to me in the past. I was now in labor and it was double the pain. In no time a midwife and doctor were present and a room situated for the birth was ready. I pushed and pushed giving birth to one son and then found myself to another son. Two little boys both so innocent and precious to me.

"Let me in. I have to see my children!" The doors fly open to an over excited Rome. Fear does not clutch me as much for I see that the twins were born looking like him. They have been spared the wrath of this man.

"Let me have a look at them." He took one of the boys out of the midwife's hands and took a good look at his newborn son. A smile breaks even more upon his stupid face.

"He is perfect! Let me see the other. Perfect as well! Oh my dear lovely Juno you have brought greatness to our city! And to me. We shall name them after the North and South of our country of Italy. Go and tell the whole palace about the birth and give the men some wine to celebrate." His gaze turns to mine. "Soon we shall have more children for the empire."

"What?" He ushered the others with my sons for them to be taken to the doctors and wise men to interpret the twin's future. I would have risen in protest but sleep was starting to come over me.

"Sleep my dear little dove, for we have much to discuss." A kiss he gave to me before sleep took me.

(I do know that the North and South Italy are not twins, or the children of Rome but it just makes sense with the story)

Warrior POV

We snuck in the palace and freed many of the slaves who quickly took up to taking care of the other slaves and others became part of our regime. The guards were lax under the heavy drinking they had done to celebrate the birth of the heirs of Rome. Drunken idiots they were for the job should come first. Thor had taken out many of the guards before they could stir. But one got away and sounded the alarm of the palace. Germania took that as sign to give our signal to our allies who had surrounded the city. Masterfully he set the flame. The enemy rose and came towards him. He took them down and made his way to were his mission lied to save his beloved.

Juno POV

The time had come. I could hear the cries of those in battle and smell their blood upon the wind. The doors had already started to become a shield from whoever was pounding upon them in such haste. I wished to hold my newborn sons close to me, but they have been taken from me to a different area of the castle. An area I did not know where and perhaps they were taken from the castle. All I can do is wait fate may give me death.

Germania POV

The doors finally opened to a welcomed site for my weary eyes. Juno was in the room. Though she was scared at first her eyes soon came with tears of happiness. We come together.

"Germania." She said breathlessly as I stroke her cheek.

"Come we have to leave." She is hesitant at first for the battle's symphony was growing nearer to us. Which gave me all the more reason to urge her onward to freedom.

"Juno we must evacuate now. Before the battles can reach us."

"What about my sons?"

"They will be sent to the wood when they are found. Now we must hurry." We moved out of the palace and into the night were transportation awaited us.

"Juno you will have to go without me to our home."

"I am not leaving you now that we are reunited."

"I will rejoin you soon. I have to be here to lead the men to victory. I swear to you that I will return alive." We kiss before Thor takes her away to the safe haven. I turn back and attack the soldiers that wish my death.

Juno POV

Morning had come when we reached the safest part of the forest. It was farther from my own tree, but it was well guarded from who may have come after us. The newborns were sleeping when we arrived, but soon my eyes were filled the sight of other children. My four sons were heading to me. France, Prussia, England who was now walking on his own and dear little Germany held by good friend Willow. Tears of joy at seeing their faces ran down my cheeks as I embraced them close to me.

Thor POV

I watched the reunion between the sons and their mother. It gave me a warm feeling and a glimmer of hope for the future. There were going to be questions the boys will want to know the answers to and Juno being the caring mother will avoid the total truth so that she would erase the bad memories.

"Please my sons let us go and wait for your father to return." They leave and I go to put away the horses. The birth of the twins and escape has left her with little energy. I wonder will she be alright if Germania were not to return? She is frail in many ways and a nymph's heart is one that can break her life quite easily.

Juno POV

The time passes and the realization of possible death feels more and more real. Germania still has not returned. I know he is alive because of the news given to us by one of his soldiers.

"Dad will come back he's cool like that."

"I know he will Prussia, but I want him to be here now."

"Give him time. He's going against Rome and his forces, but Dad is just taking his time with them giving them the chance to surrender."

"Rome is not the type of man to surrender so easily. Now go to bed my son."


"Time for warriors to gain their strength with gentle sleep." I usher him into our safe haven and look to the sky. The skies are clear and I desire to stay out a little longer to savory the view.

"My beloved the stars have no comparison to thee." Germania, it's his voice. I run to his embrace and place kiss after kiss upon his sweet lips.

"My love." His face shows he is worn and exhausted. His body begins to go limp. I set him down so that he may catch his breath.

"Have the battles grown in the times that have passed?"

"Rome and his allies still fight us, but his allies are growing weaker."

"What of the children? Are they…"

"They are alive and well. Taken into the country where I have strictly told my men to stay out of. For they are not the enemy."

"Lean on me my love and husband, allow me to take you to a place of rest." I move him to the healer who tells me that it is just rest that he needs. Germania falls into a deep sleep and I stay by his side till he wakes.

His short leave from the army was one that we spent many a day together as a family before it was time for him to leave and attend the hell known as war. We send him on his path not leaving till his silhouette was no longer there to view. The pattern continues for years. Each time I find Germania to become colder and quiet. Happily there are times when he and I share a moment of romance. Some of those times also involve acting as a family again. It is when he must leave for the army again that sorrow draws in our lives again. When he leaves I pray for him. I pray for my sons and I pray for the war to end. Surprisingly I find myself praying for Rome. The man who kidnapped and raped me and the man who wishes the death of his best friend my husband is a man that I pray for. Perhaps my heart is too forgiving. I gave up long ago to understand if it is so. I just pray. It feels that is all I can do.

Germania POV

The battles have been growing more in bloodshed than in victories that it feels like. I have come in contact with soldiers I had one known as my brothers in arms. They were those that had dubbed me a traitor those years ago. Now I am a traitor, but they had made me so. Early in my life I knew I was to become a warrior. Through those years of training I would never had thought that I would end up battling the one who I called friend and brother. The war is drawing to a close I can feel it in my bones. It is now time for me to face the tyrant ruler and end his reign.

Moving quickly among the others doing battle. I came upon the enemy clear. His golden armor taking on its darken hue. The blood red cape billowing in the breeze among those that lay dying at his feet. A frightful sight for any man. But I had a mission against this man and it will be fulfilled. He took notice of me and smiled cruelly as he finished off his latest victim. I raised my sword as we ran toward each other. Our swords clash and the battle begins. Time and time one came close to killing the other but still the blade did not drink blood.

"Why must you keep fighting your fate Germania?"

"What fate is that?"

"Your death at the end of my blade!"

"I do not regret to inform you that shall not happen."

"And why is that?" My blade slices into his stomach.

"Because you were fated to die on my blade brother." His face contorted in anger as he fell to the ground. Anger that disappeared into an odd smile.

"Juno." The last word he said before his death. The battle was ours and tired and bloodied as I was I continued to move. Home was where I was needed. I walked on and on till I reached home. My wife and sons came to me, healed me to where I could be healed. Juno stayed by my side the whole time I lay in rest. The time with her was the sweetest of my days and they ended in death.

Juno POV

I buried my love today. I have lost him only temporary. I live a long time, but I am not immortal and I will find his soul in the afterlife to join him. For now I must prepare my sons for the role they will play. Prussia and France have grown stronger and have left now to live their lives as they see fit. England is reluctant, but his time for being his own person was coming nearer and nearer. Prussia came back once to take Germany with him.

Prussia: "It is a time for him to have the training that Vati gave to me. Unfortunately I am the only who can do so. Please allow me to teach him, Mati."

"Go my son and complete your quest. Please promise me you will watch over him."

"I will Mati. No harm will fall him that I can't undo. I am awesome after all." A laugh shared and then the bittersweet departure of my two sons. Now it is only England and I left. I left to a different island with England and remarried another man who had his own son. A red haired boy with quite the temper, but I loved him just the same as if he were my own. I gave my new husband two sons. Time goes on as happily as it can. Old memories still linger every once in a while and the melancholy of it catches my breath, but it soon leaves with the call of my children.

I am soon nearing the end of my life. I can feel it slipping away, but I know I will not die on this isle. As much as I want to have my sons with me when I die I need to see my old home again. I say my goodbyes, England was the most vocal about my departure, but did accept it as my choice.

When I arrived I felt a wave of content in my soul. It was beautiful and well protected. It was renamed now. It is called the Loire Valley and I loved it. I went into my old home that I shared with Germania and saw that there was little change to it. I lay down on the bed that we had shared and allowed death to take me to my love.

The End