The story of the hero oz

Please if you can hear me please anyone !

Ok go easy on me this is my first fanfic and I want it to be good

So no FLAMES now on with story.

OH and this an alternate universe about a hero of the sayains.

My planet was being destroyed as I watched hopeless to do any thing because of my weak strength level.

But even if I was 3 years old I know I have a destiney a destiney to avenge the sayains

And no matter what I will do it.

The person I want to defeat , no kill is the one who caused all this pain and suffering,freeza,so watch your back you idiot!My name is Oz but most people call me ozzy.

The pod I barley made it to was heading for a planet that was very green and maybe some one will be there to train me.

My pod crashed landed on the planet called namek I have heard of this story from my dad

He told me great warriors lived can one of them be stronger than the man of destruction himself.

Ozzy:So this is namek.

Strange voice:Beautiful isn't it.

Ozzy looked to his side and saw a green man with a white beard.

Ozzy:Hey your one of those namekians aren't.

Namekian:Yes my name is troison what is yours.

Ozzy: ozzy

Troison: So Oscar what are you doing here?

Ozzy:A evil man named freeza destroyed my whole planet.

Troison: I am so sorry.

Ozzy: Nah it is not your fault.

Troison:Hey what if I took you in I can train you and teach you so you can become stronger.

Ozzy:Really thank you master Troison I will be your student and thank you for all you have.

Troison: Now lets get down to my village most people would want to know of your arrival.

Ok that the first chapter see you guys in the later chapter but there will be all the db

Characters in later chapters but ChiChi and the Ox King and also the saiyans in the original animation.