Hey guys I am back with my first fanfic so please again go easy on me so let's

Get it done.

It is just quests are that Oz has when he is 4


The year has past and I have been training with all the namekians and they have

Gotten used to me.

Ozzy:Hey Dende !

Ozzy waving at his best friend dende.

Dende:Hey nail asked me if you can to the tribal lake.

Ozzy: sure I hope he has a new fighting technique to show me.

Dende: all you think about is fighting

Ozzy:Not all the time I think about food


Ozzy and dende begin to laugh along the way to nail.

Ozzy….Dende ! shouted the namek. what took you so long you idiots!

Sorry nail but we were havimg fun . awnsered the brave sayain

Well atleast you guys are here .said the namek

If you want to know why I called you here follow me.

The sayain and nameks were flying to a house on a mountain.

What is that Ozzy

That is Guru's house, my nail.

You seem to be old enough now for Guru to unleash your true potenail

Said nail.

What true potenail .?asked ozzy

Your kidding right ? asked Dende.

No im Ozzy..

So until the chapter I don't own dbz.