Paranormal Activity 4: Goasts in Space

The one day a ship was heading thought sapce shereching for another missing ship as they wanted to find it.

Captain Jim Malven orded the ship to conect with the other ship. He had wanted to go on this mission as his beast freind Nick was killed by a goast.

they entered the ship and loked around it was scary and the lights were blikering and some of the compers were smashed.

"goasts cant live in space it is imposible by science" a man said but than a ghost jusped behind him and the man said "NO" and started screaming and than dyed as he couldnt figure it out.

"There are goasts hear i must write this down in my book" said a science officer but than his book whent on fire. "Why goasts we just want to know about you".

"Lets not trie to know about them lets just kill em" said a warrior as she loaded her laiser gun. "Not that would be wong lets talke to them" the siance officer said back but than a goast killed him.

"Goasts you will pay" Kim Malved yelled with anger and rage. They atacked the goasts and made some dye but than one killed a man whose was on his last day of work.

"Fight harder" Jim Malven shouted and laisered at more goasts. They than whent to another place in the ship and were attacked by moar goasts. The Goasts killed most of Jim Malven crew but they kept on going.

Than demons atacked but they didnt care one bit. "We wil win" said. "NO YO WONT" said a big demon and they forted. They were attacking the demons real hard and losing and also wining.

They were forting tough battle but most of Jim Malven crew were dyeing but also killing demons two. But soon everone else had dead even the warrior and it was just Jim Malven.

"i will revenge their deafs" Jim Malven said. "But wat about mine, you let me dye to deaf on our camping trip Jim Malven and now i will killer YOU" Nick said to Jim Malven.

Jim Malven than forted against the goasts but than he saw that the goasts he had killed had just come back and he saw that his crew were goasts as whell now.

The gohst warrior was fighting the other goasts, the goast science officer was trying make a pice trety and the man was still screaming as he couldnt figure it out.

"We will make you a goast as well Jim Malven" "NO I FIGHT" Jim Malven screamed and shot rockets and greendes.

But than Jim Malven lost and became a goast as he dyed he than huanted the ship as a goast with all the other goasts and told pepole not to come to the spaceship as it was dangerus.

and back at the goverment office they burt Jim Malvens file so that noone would find out the truthed.