Chapter 1:

Welcome to camp Drywood

Katniss walked behind a building and lit a cigarette, she thought it would make her look cool. A boy came up and ran behind her, "Hey Kitty Kat where you think you're going?" He said, "Come on don't walk away from me, slide me something nice!" The boy said.

Katniss turned around and smiled, she looked at the boy who started to smile back at her. Katniss leaned over and kicked him between his legs. The boy fell to the floor and groaned. Katniss walked away from the boy and started to walk towards her mom's car.

"You know I don't like you smoking." She said to Katniss, and took the cigarette and put it in her mouth, they both started to laugh.

Bella walked out of the house with her Dad, "I can't believe you are making me go to summer camp dad."

"Well I don't want you hanging out here all summer getting into trouble, an all girls summer camp will do you some good." Charley said, "You look great by the way."

"Thanks." Bella said rolling her eyes.

A bunch of parents were helping there kids with suit cases into the bus that had the name of the summer camp on it. The car with Katniss in it pulled up, the car backfiring everyone look at the car and laughed.

"Katniss I want you to be good okay? Try to make some friends, and get along okay? Try not to be, you know, too much of a tomboy."

"Mom you're the one sending me to this place, you know I would much rather stay home and take care of the house and Prim."

Katniss got out of the car and started to walk away. "Katniss." She turned around and looked at her mothers sad face, "Be good." She rolled her eyes and walked onto the bus, all the girls in the bus looked at Katniss with smirks. She found a seat and tossed her suitcase onto the floor and kicked it to the floor as she sat down.

Clove sat behind her, she was talking to another girl named Jessica who also came from Forks where Bella was from, "I went and saw Titanic 3D like five times it was fantastic."

Glimmer put her lipstick on, "Yeah, well my fiancé looks just like Leo from the movie."

"Does he? Oh god I just love his ass." Clove said, all the girls gave her a weird look. "I mean...its so small and cute." Katniss heard the whole conversation but didn't really pay attention, she just kept her back to everyone. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

"Check her out." Glimmer said nodding her head over towards Katniss as she puffed the smoke into her mouth. "She thinks she's tough."

"Are you really engaged?" Foxface asked.

"Yeah, his names Marvel, my parents think sending me off to camp will cool it off, they are so provincial." Foxface not knowing what that meant just nodded her head and agreed saying her parents were the same way.

The bus started to take off when Bella's dad's cop car pulled out in front of the bus. The bus stopped and Bella got out of the car, "Bye dad, love you." She said and started to walk up towards the bus. She got on the bus and looked around for a seat, everyone was already sitting with 2 people except for Katniss. Bella put her stuff down in the aisle and asked if she could sit there.

"Sorry but this seat is taken." Katniss said.

"By who?" Bella asked.

"My guardian angel." Bella rolled her eyes and sat down.

"Well I will just have to sit on her lap than."

"She's a he." Katniss said.

"Well i will just have to sit on his lap than." All the girls made "ooooooohhhhhh" noises.

"Beat it."

"Make me."

"I said beat it." Katniss said and pushed Bella away from her, Bella leaned up and started to hit Katniss on the arm.

"OH MY GOD A FIGHT!" Clove said. All the girls on the bus started to shout, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"No, come on! Stop it!" Clove screamed. The bus driver pulled over really fast and looked back.

"Hey! What's the problem back there?"

The girls just sat back and smiled at the bus driver, than he continued to drive towards the camp, they made a stop at a Rest Stop about two hours away from the camp. All the girls started to get out of the bus, Foxface ran up to Katniss, "Woah, so where did you learn to fight?" She asked.

"I've been around." She said.

"My name is Genny, but everyone calls me Foxface." Jessica came up behind them.

"Hey my names Clove, and this is Jessica. That was really cool."

"My name is Katniss."

Bella overheard, "Sounds like something you call cat litter." Katniss hit the back of Bella's head, and they both started to fight, but Jessica broke it up.

"Guys stop it, here I have some Vitamin D, keeps you from freaking out." Katniss walked away and towards the bathrooms, Bella took one and smiled.

Rue was in the bathroom stuffing her shirt with toilet paper, "Damn, these will never grow." She said with a sad face.

"Of course, you're smothering them." Glimmer said, looking at her breasts in the mirror.

"You know, smoking is really bad for you, you should really cut that out." Foxface said to Katniss.

"Ever since my dad died, it really cooled me off."

"It's bad for your lungs."

Bella starred at Glimmer, "You look familiar."

"You probably seen me on TV." Glimmer said.

"In what a proactive commercial?" Katniss said sarcastically.

"Actually I am the before girl in the Tiddy Tangle Curls commercial."

Clove smiled and pointed with Foxface, 'Oh my gosh I told you, that's her!"

"So I swear she told me that she went all the way on a rollercoaster! I mean talk about wild." Clove said laughing. "So Bella where is the weirdest place you ever did it?"

"None of your business." Bella said.

"Why not? You probably don't know anything." Glimmer butted in.

"I know enough." Bella said.

"Been to fourth base?" Glimmer asked.

"No way, nobody at my age goes to fourth base."

Glimmer smiled, "I hit a homerun at fourteen." She started to walk towards the mirror with her brush, "Well it looks like some of us our woman, and some of us are little girls. Which are you?" Glimmer asked Katniss.

"I think guys are a pain in the ass."

Glimmer laughed, "Check it out, two little virgins. Cute. No wonder you two are always fighting, all that unreleased energy. Probably lesbians."

"She probably is, but I am straight." Bella said.

"What about you smut mouth." Glimmer asked Katniss.

"What about me shit head?"

"I think you're into girls."

Katniss leaned over and went to pull down Glimmers shirt to embarrass her. Glimmer backed up really fast laughing, "Oh my god! She tried to grab my tit!" All the other girls started to laugh at her and walked out of the bathroom. Katniss stood in the bathroom and looked into the mirror.

They continued the whole way to the camp just talking, Katniss was quiet the whole time, so was Bella. They got to the camp and started to walk towards the cabins.

"Bella probably isn't gay, she's just sexually not charged, I bet she would go all the way if she had a chance. Right?" Glimmer asked.

"Right...I'm ready." Bella said with a smile, she fell back and thought about it...she really wasn't ready at all.

The camp counselor stood by the door of one of the cabins, "Katniss, you are in here. Bella Swan. Glimmer honey you are too." Rue started to sneak up trying to go into the cabin. "Hey young lady where do you think you are going? I think you belong over there at cabin C with all of the other little girls."

"Cabin C is for kids. You don't know what its like to be surrounded by ten year olds. I will go nuts!" Rue started to walk towards her Cabin really mad.

All the girls in the Cabin started to unpack, Glimmer pulled out a night gown out of Bella's bag, "Wow, this is so you, pure pure pure."

"Thanks I guess."

"I bet they put peter salt in our hamburgers." Clove said.

"You know you guys shouldn't eat meat, its full of male hormones. I know a girl who grew a mustache once cause she ate meat." Jessica said. Foxface pulled out her mirror and looked for hair above her lip.

Rue started to walk into the cabin, everyone moaned. "Get out of here." Foxface said.

"You know what they are doing over there? They telling bed time stories! Do you believe? It's six o'clock." Rue tossed her stuff down onto the floor, "I won't be a bother I promise. I am mature past my age trust me."

"You know girls we should really help Bella with her, problem." Glimmer started, she went and sat next to Bella on her bunk, "It's time she experiences sex. I bet you all my savings bond, that we can make Bella a woman by the end of the summer. We got some hot dude counselors."

"How much?" Katniss asked.

Glimmer got up and walked towards her suitcase and pulled out the bond, "One hundred dollars."

Clove gasped, "That's allot of money."

"Glimmer I don't get this...what are you doing?"

"It's a contest, Bella against...?" Glimmer looked around the room the other girls eyes moved away from hers, she looked at Katniss. " wouldn't have the guts."

"You just lost a hundred bucks."

"Bella vs. Katniss, whoever looses their virginity first wins." Glimmer said, all the girls started to take bets. Bella got up and walked out of the room.