Then Stella turned the handle to open the safe and it opened freely. "Slide." Charlie ordered to the other three and they all pulled out the vinyl slide and attached it to the trunks of the Minis.

"Hey, don't you want to see whats inside," Charlie asked Stella as she stepped away to breath.

"Absolutely," she said turning around to put her headset back in her ear.

"Napster," Charlie said to Napster.

"Ya?" Napster answered.

"13 across, four high, four deep." Charlie said as he and Handsome slid the bricks to Speed and Left Ear at the cars below.

"That's, uh, 208 bricks."

"How much?"

"2.7 million," Napster said after doing the calculations in his head.

"What?" Speed exclaimed, almost dropping a brick.

"Uh no its 27. That's 27 Million! That's 27 million dollars worth of gold." Napster happily corrected himself. The five of them quickly filled up their gold carriers that Speed and Wrench had built into the trunks of the Minis.

"YEAH!" Lyle yelled through the station. "Got the... Holy Spirit. You should get on it. It's a good train," he said covering up. The others laughed at him as they piled the bricks into the cars. Soon the safe was empty and they got into their cars and sped off.

"What do you think John?" Charlie said out loud as Speed raced down a storm drain entrance. She stopped in front of a gate and parked so Charlie could open it up.

"27 million." Handsome said.

"Say it again." Left Ear said.

"27 million."

"Say it again."

"27 million!"

Stella and Speed laughed in their cars as Charlie was unlocking the gate. After Charlie jumped back into Speed's passenger seat they sped through the drain tunnels.

"Two motorcycles on us, Charlie." Handsome said. We looked in our mirrors sure enough we did. One of the motorcyclists started shooting.

"Shit!" Handsome yelped before he knocked them over.

" Handsome, at the end of the tunnels turn around," Speed said over her revving engine. "Here we go!" She said as they were coming up to the drain mouth. She sped out first and nearly flipped over end with as fast as she was going.

"Come on guys we're moving." Speed said to Handsome who had made Left ear open his door and knock off the last motorcyclist.

Soon a helicopter appeared from behind them. Steve had found them. They drove over the storm drain walls and entered a golf field. "Rob, you okay," Stella asked quickly looking back at him.

"I'm hit."

"Stop once you reach tree cover. Left Ear run up to Stella. Handsome, scoot over. Charlie, you're driving mine," Speed said quickly before she parked and ran out. They all switched positions and Charlie led the way onto the streets. They drove in and out of traffic with all green lights.

"I'm gonna take Steve. You guys go straight to Union Station. I'll meet you there." Charlie said as he took a right and the others kept going straight.

"Okay Charlie, I'm opening up a spot on lower Grand." Napster said to Charlie. "Take your next left."

They wove through traffic and until they hit Union Station. They drove through the gravel and over tracks until they arrived at their cargo car, where Wrench was waiting to guide the Minis onto the train.

They parked the cars inside waited for Charlie. As they were waiting, Susie took Rob's jacket off of him to inspect his arm. "It's a through and through," she concluded after poking at it. "You'll be okay. Wrap it light if it's under a jacket, tight if it's not, and you won't bleed to death."

After Charlie arrived and parked in the car, he got out and instantly said. "Steve's probably right behind me. Wrench, if he shows up, reluctantly do as he says."

The group walked out of the train car and down the platform; Rob was pulling one of the half cases that was in his car. They double backed around to the other side of the train car and went back in through the open door on the other side of the car. Charlie appeared when Steve turned to walk inside.

"I got to hand it to you Steve. You actually played this one pretty smart. Decoy trucks... you switched safes. The helicopter routine. I mean that was pretty damn good. But now I've got the gold- and you, you've got nothing." Charlie said smartly.

"I got this," Steve said pulling out a gun, incidentally, the same gun he had pulled last time. "So cut the crap and give me my goddamn gold!"

A gun behind Steve drew back to be armed and ready to shoot. The Ukrainians had arrived. Steve held his hands up in surrender and they took his gun.

"Who the hell are you?" Steve asked one of the Ukrainians who stood next to Charlie now.

"I am Mashkov... and you killed my cousin Yevhen," he said not so nicely.

"Got to have some insurance, Steve." Charlie said as he shrugged. The others stepped out from behind the door and stood by Charlie, who was smiling with arms folded in front of him.. Stella went and stood by Charlie.

"Yevhen was already dead when I got there. I'm sorry about that, but Yevhen dealt with a lot of unsavory people. Now, this guy is trying to play you. " Steve said to Mashkov.

"You were right" Mashkov said toCharlie. "No imagination."

"There's a lot of gold in there. We're the only ones with guns. I'll make you a good deal." Steve said. Rob handed the case to Charlie and Charlie handed it to Mashkov.

"I've already made my deal." Mashkov said looking down at the case.

Stella moved to stand infront of Steve. "What do you want?" Steve asked her.

"You know this was never about the gold," she said to him.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetheart." he said to her snidely. She her hand collided with his face as soon as he was finished talking, and the Ukrainians took him away.

"Bitch. Charlie! Come on, Charlie!" he pleaded.

Charlie hugged Stella and the group walked back down the platform until we reached their private car. Charlie opened a bottle of champagne as the others stood around each other, talking about the heist.

"Guys, I want to make a toast." Charlie said coming over with the last two champagne glasses for Stella and himself. "To John Bridger, the most brilliant master planner of all. Father and friend."

"To my dad." Stella said they all clinked the glasses together and drank.


A/n: Ok, this next part is way bad and i wouldnt have put it up if my friend hadnt begged me to do so. Here it is.


"New Orleans, and then retirement at last," Susie said that night as the celebrations started to calm down.

"Are you going back to London right away?" Stella was sitting beside her with a drink in her hand.

"By the time I get home, Amanda will be back from Russia. I wanna spend some time with her." She sighed. "I haven't done that since she was two."

"What about Rob?"

"What about him?"

"Do you really not know," Charlie said sitting down on Stella's other side. "After the Italian Job, he was going to ask you to marry him."

"What?" Susie nearly choked on her drink. "That doesn't sound like Robert."

"Yeah, he told me the night before the heist in Venice."

"The one where you got extremely drunk and I had to haul your ass to bed?"

"Before we got drunk," Charlie shrugged.

"Right, I'm going to bed." Susie stood and made her way to the undercar where her room was.

"Susan." Rob appeared in front of her as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh! Hello, Rob." Susan put her hand to her hart to calm it down. "You scared me for a moment there."

Rob pulled her hand from her chest and held it gently in his hands. "I want to talk to you." Susie tried to take a step away, but he pulled her closer. "Please, Susan."


Rob pulled her into his room. "There's something I've been meaning to ask you for over a year now." He pulled a small box from his back pocket. "I asked Amanda to help me pick it out." Susie's breath caught in her throat as he went down on one knee and opened the box. "Marry me, Susan."

"Oh, God." She sat down on his bed in shock. "Robert..."

"I'm tired of all the women, Sue. I want you for the rest of my life. I love you."

Susie stared at him a moment before she slid off the edge of the bed and kissed him. "Yes."

Rob pulled them up and placed the simple silver band and small diamond on her finger. "Amanda is going to be very happy."

Susie chuckled and held him tight. "She's going to be ecstatic, what are you talking about."

Rob pulled her face up from his shoulder. "She's going to want a sibling."

X Two Years Later X

"Mommy!" A blond haired, blue eyed replica of herself clung to her leg as she opened the door of their flat.

"I was only gone thirty minuets, Amanda," Susie said, balancing her bag of groceries around her swollen stomach to look down at the seven year old.

"But I missed you."

"Amanda, let go of your mothers leg so she can come in." Rob walked out of the kitchen to greet his wife with a kiss. "Hello, darling."

"Hello," she smiled back at him and passed him the bag. "Here, take this. He's kicking my blader."

"We're almost done, mommy," Amanda said as she followed Rob back into the kitchen.

"Go finish then." Sue waddled to the washroom, did her business, and waddled back to the kitchen.

"No, mommy! You go sit on the couch!"

"Ok, ok, ok, I'm going. I'm going," Susie said going back to the couch and sat down to wait.

Rob walked in first and sat a breakfast tray over her. "Amanda will be in in a minute."

"Is it delicious?"

"Yours is covered in chocolate and pickles," Rob said disgustedly. "I don't know if that counts as delicious."

"Oh, that sounds very nummy," Susie said honestly as Amanda came out holding a bowl.

She placed it on the tray. "Mac 'n' Cheese with meatballs and pickles and chocolate sauce on top."

"Oh, it looks nummy, too." Susie took a bite and groaned in satisfaction. "It is!"

"Ha ha! I told you she'd like it, Robert!" Amanda ran back into the kitchen and brought back two more bowls for her and Rob as he went to get drinks.

The three of them ate on the couch watching a movie. Half an hour after they were finished, Susie felt a pull around her stomach. She discreetly moved Robs' hand over the swell of her stomach and waited for the next pull.

When it pulled Rob looked to her. "Do we need to go?"

"Not until my water breaks," she said quietly. "It might be a while, but I wanted to let you know now."

Later that night Rob and Susie laid in their bed, his head hovering over her womb, talking to the baby quietly. They had wanted to be surprised as to the gender, but both were convinced it was a boy.

Susie cried out as the pull became a full on contraction and her water broke all over the bedclothes. Rob moved quickly and woke Amanda up before returning to the room and picked Susie up in his arms and moved her out the door, Amanda close behind them with the baby bag and their coats.

Susie was in labor for eight hours before she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Exhausted, covered in sweat and tears, she still was the most beautiful woman in the world to Rob as she handed him their son. Amanda snuggled up to Susie and Rob sat on her other side.

"John." Susie spoke quietly to Rob.


Susie nodded before falling asleep with Amanda next to her. Rob looked over his family. "I am the luckiest man in the world."