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Katniss hurried back to his compartment once the latest propo was recorded and approved for editing. As she opened the door, she smiled. He was already lounging in bed having changed clothes and showered after walking around and sometimes running outside for several hours. Katniss stripped out of her Mockingjay outfit. She sighed. This compartment with this person was a refuge from the rebellion. She could stop being strong for her mother and the rebels. Wearing only a tank top and her underwear, she curled up in Pollux's arms.

She would admit that the pairing took everyone by surprise. Gale would try to be helpful, but he knew he was competing with Peeta. Peeta's mind was so far in the Capitol's clutches that he may never resurface the same. Pollux knew what it was like to be changed irreversibly by the Capitol and yet he knew what it was like to press on in spite of all that. He knew what it was like to be enslaved, his whole life dictated for him without having a say. He was the one who would put a gentle hand on her shoulder after the propo was filmed. The gesture was not a "Great job, you once again lived up to being the Mockingjay." but to say, 'Well, you made it through, and I know how you feel.'

Katniss felt Pollux tap her arm where it said: 1830 - Dinner. It was currently 1700. She was pulled in closer and a kiss was planted near her eyelids. Sleep. Katniss smiled before replying with a gentle kiss on his lips. In the arms of someone who understood her pain, she would sleep well.