Grayson could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins. His heart felt like pure energy. He had been waiting fifteen long years for this moment, all the training, sleepless nights, and countless dead-ends. And now he finally had them right were he wanted them. It was almost unsettling to see them in the flesh for the first time, like he was looking at some lost part of himself that he had been searching for his whole life. Just the sight of the older brother and he had almost lost it, almost forgotten his plan and almost pulled out his gun right there in the crowded bar and shot him where he stood flirting with the female bartender. But that would be too quick it took all his self-control to sit down at the grimy, sticky both across the room. Grayson turned his attention to the younger brother who was intensely studying a map, and making notes into a worn leather notebook. Grayson could tell that the younger brother was tired, and getting more than a little annoyed with the constant loud giggling of the bartender as the older brother whispered in her ear. Years of observing people had taught him that all he had to do was wait for the inevitable situation to unfold.

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose and blinked his eyes. He was tired but he couldn't sleep not until he found the connection between the families that were being murdered. He thought it must have something to do with the yellow-eyed demon. Truth be told Sam couldn't remember the last time he had slept without waking up drenched in sweat, gasping for air, and not remembering what his dream was even about. The fact that their father had only been dead a little while and Dean was acting completely normal was more than worrying Sam, he knew that whatever Dean was trying to bury wasn't good, and would come out eventually. Dean had been treating him differently lately, Sam couldn't place it but he was defiantly shutting him out.

Sam closed their father's leather journal with a snap, rose and walked over to where Dean continued to assault the bartender with a number of the famous Dean Winchester grins. The girl gave another laugh, "No, really? I wont believe that until I see it."

Sam gave a cough and the bartender turned to look at him, Dean glared at him.

"Yeah Sam what is it?"

Sam did nothing to hide the annoyance in his voice "Oh nothing I was just wondering if you planed on leaving anytime before two in the morning?"

"Why no Sam I didn't if you're bored with your books why don't you go play pool." Dean leaned in so only Sam could hear, "I'm sure we could use the money." Dean turned back to the bartender and gave her a smile. "I'm sorry little brothers ya' know, now where were we?"

Sam walked off towards the pool tables defeated, at first he cut Dean some slack he knew that Dean had his own way of dealing, but Dean was drinking, and picking up chicks like it was going out of style, even by his standards.

Sam looked over the pool players trying to find someone he could hustle, after all Sam still wasn't as good a player as Dean, so he needed to pick his player carefully. As he was looking, a man came over, and clapped a huge hand on his shoulder.

"Hey there how about a game." The man didn't pose it so much as a question as he nodded at Sam and started to rack up the balls. Sam looked at the stranger and reluctantly walked up to the table. The man was about Dean's age, with dirty, blonde hair and cold grey eyes that made Sam a little uneasy. He was a little taller than Sam, which made him a bear of a man, he was heavier than Sam too with large muscles. He had a square well defined face with light stubble. He wore jeans, and a button flannel. He turned back to Sam.

"So how high stakes you wanna play for?"

Once again not a question "How about One hundred and fifty, I haven't played in a while so lets start small."

Sam cleared his throat "Ok." He had no idea but this guy was making all his hunter senses stand on end. There was something about him that unnerved Sam.

"Names Grayson and I take it you ain't from these parts."

Sam made a solid break and got a stripe ball in. "No just passing through on work, you?"

"Same here work I've been on the road a while now. But I should be finished up with work pretty soon." Grayson nodded towards Dean "I think your friends leaving with that girl."

Sam gave an inward groan, typical Dean. Dean came over to Sam a little unstable due to his drinking for the night. "Heyya Sammy, so Kathy is gunna give me a ride tonight, I mean… give me a ride home tonight so…" He handed over his keys to Sam. "Don't scratch it, I'll see you tomorrow." And without another word Dean left.

Grayson gave a low, long whistle, "Hell of a pal huh."

Sam snorted, "He's my brother."

"Brother eh, well your know how family is, you'd do anything for them, but hell if they ain't a pain in the ass. You and your brother must real close though?"

Sam bristled at the thought of his father, and brother, "Let's just play the game I don't want to talk about my family."

Grayson didn't respond except will sinking his ball with a loud crack. The game went on in silence until there were tied with only a ball left each. Grayson missed his shot and Sam won. Grayson reached in his pocket and pulled out the money. "Here you go," Sam reached for the money, and Grayson grabbed his hand. I'll see you later …Sam." Grayson gave Sam a smirk.

Sam twisted his hand back with some difficulty; his grip was like a vice. Sam grabbed his jacket and turned to go, he'd had enough of games tonight. As Sam walked out into the parking lot his breath frosted in the cold air. He was ready to pass out he was so tired. He had forgotten where Dean had parked the car in the large parking lot. Suddenly Sam was completely alert, as he heard the gravel crush to his left. He spun around gun drawn, nothing he could have sworn he heard something. Maybe he as becoming delirious, he really needed to sleep. He turned back to the impala; standing in front of him was Grayson. " See Sam I told you." Sam tried to raise his gun but to late, Grayson brought a wooden club across Sam's head with a sickening crack. Instant blackness.

The first thing Sam felt was his head, it felt like it had been split open. Sam tried to open is eyes, failed and tried again. He tried to move but found that his wrists and legs were tied tightly with think rope to a meal chair. Sam panicked and struggled frantically with his bonds.

A dry laugh sounded behind him. "Come on Sam you're a hunter you know better than that, your not going anywhere." Grayson walked in front of Sam and kneeled down to face him, putting his face inches away from Sam. "Well buddy last night was really not your night. But don't worry its going to get a lot worse." Grayson gave him a playful tap to the back Sam's head that sent him into a whirl of pain. Sam winced as he could feel fresh trickles of warm blood inch down his face. Grayson stood and walked over to a table his back to Sam he began looking through items in a box. Sam looked around taking in his surroundings looking for anything that could help him escape, or give him a clue to where he was. He was in what appeared to be an old cabin, with poor lighting and dust covering everything. The windows were covered and he could only see a joining kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. With some difficulty he looked behind him and saw an open dark door leading down to an even darker basement. Over the door to the basement Sam saw a crudely drawn devils trap.

Sam turned back to Grayson. "You're a hunter!"

Slowly Grayson turned back carrying a thick strap of leather and a bowie knife. He laughed when he saw Sam eyeing the knife with fear. "Yes Sam I'm a hunter, runs in the family actually. Just like my father before me, but I'm sure you can relate."

Sam shifted uncomfortably as Grayson came closer wrapping the band of leather around his knuckles.

"Than why are you doing this? I've never done anything to you I don't even know you."

Grayson used his thump and wiped a trickle of blood that had gone all the way down to Sam's lower lip. Sam jerked his head away.

Grayson snickered and licked the crimson blood coating his thump. "I know Sam, but it's not really you I'm after."

Sam looked up at Grayson his face a mask of hatred "If you think your can hurt my brother through me… go fuck yourself."

Sam yelled out in pain as Grayson brought his fist wrapped in leather own right on Sam's groin. He grabbed Sam by the hair and brought his face closer to his. Sam gasped in pain. "You see Sam fifteen years ago, your father and brother killed my father on a hunt. Sorry to hear about your dad by the way, I really am, I wanted to cut his dick off and watch him bleed to death myself."

Sam spit blood in Grayson's face "Go to hell. If my father and brother killed your dad he must have deserved it."

Grayson stood slowly and walked back to the table. "You now Sam ever since I was twelve I would picture in my mind how best I would kill your family. And now your fathers dead, well I guess I settle for Dean. But I know his weakness Sam… you. All his hunter instincts go straight out the window when it comes to you, he will do anything to save his baby brother. I've been tracking you guys for years, talked to anyone who knows anything about you, followed your cases. I know more about your brother than you do." Grayson gave Sam a sick smile, "Would you like to know anything about your brother, I could tell you.

" My brother is a better hunter than you could ever hope to be. He's coming too kill you."

Grayson walked back to Sam with a camera and tripod, a lead pipe dangled from his hand. "Now Sammy don't worry, we are going to make a video for your brother, and I don't think… it will kill you."


Dean stumbled back into the hotel room. That had been one hell of a night, the bartender had turned out to be married. Her husband a huge trucker just so happened to come home at the worst possible timing. Dean had to run out of her house practically naked, to the great dismay of the old lady next door taking her dog for a morning walk. He laughed to himself he really should have listened to Sam on that one. He hoped to god Sam was still asleep, he didn't exactly fancy explaining to Sam why he was half naked, out of breath, and back at the hotel at five in the morning.

Dean turned on the lights, and looked around, no one else was there, and Sam's bed was untouched. A small wave of panic began to build in his stomach. Dean grabbed his phone and dialed Sam's number. Maybe it was nothing, but with their luck it always was. It rang five times, just was Dean was starting to get worried the other end picked up.


A voice Dean didn't recognize answered. "Not exactly, hello Dean it's been awhile. My name is Grayson Hayes and we met fifteen years ago, do you remember?"

Dean voice practically snarled, "What the fuck are you doing with my brothers phone and where is he?"

"Shut up and listen very carefully you cunt, I said do you remember me?"

"Doesn't ring any bells, no wait did I screw your wife or something because apparently I do that a lot."

"Well your just like I thought you would be, lets see how well your charade, and jokes hold up when I take away the only person you care about. I'll call back later, until then enjoy the video I made for you."

"No no WAIT!" The other line went dead.

Dean's mind began to whirl, he should have kept his mouth shut, but when had he ever been able to do that. There was a knock at the door, in the deathly quiet room the sudden noise made Dean jump.