The first place Dean started looking was the bar where he had left Sam. Dean bite his lip at the though, he had left Sam. None of this would have happened if he had not left him alone, he couldn't bear the idea of losing Sam, and he couldn't think about it. He loved Sam, probably more than he should; there was nothing on this earth he cared about more, he would do anything for him. Dean didn't like to admit his own weakness to himself, but if he didn't have Sam he would be utterly alone. He wouldn't know what to do without him.

Dean was going over these thoughts, when he saw the man Sam had played pool with last night walk into the bar. Dean quickly got out of his car, and followed him in at a distance. The man was tall, taller than Sam even, but he was built, with muscular arms, chest, and torso. He had a square face, and he wore a hard expression like he'd been forced to grow up to soon, or that he'd never been a child to begin with. The man hadn't seen Dean yet, so he sat down at the nearest both and put the paper in front of his face. The man walked up to a cute, brunette, waitress he snuck up behind her and smacked her on the ass. She jumped and almost dropped the tray she was carrying, she gasped, "Grayson you scared me."

Dean's blood ran cold, he heard the girl call him Grayson, and he was the right age, Dean wanted to pull his gun on him now and demand to be taken to see Sam, but he had to use self control, if he just waited he would no doubt take him to Sam.

The man Dean now knew to be Grayson leaned into the girl in a possessive way, tilting her head back for a kiss.

She blushed and pulled away, "Not at work Grayson."

He grasped her more firmly and delivered a rough kiss, she reluctantly giggled.

"My roommates going to be in tonight, why don't we go to your place?"

"I told you why, I use my place for work, its not fit for living." He ran his hands down her thigh, "And defiantly not for fucking." He whispered.

She blushed again, looking up at him like she were a child telling an embarrassing secret. "I don't mind, I just really want to be with you tonight, last time…it was the best I'd ever had."

Grayson flicked her nose with his finger, dismissing what she had said, "Anyway I came to pick up my dinner."

The girl gave a forced smile, "Sure I'll run and go get it."

After the girl came back Grayson took the bag from her, "I'll see you later."

The girl smiled "Ok."

Before she even answered Grayson was walking out the door, Dean hurried after him. Grayson got into his truck and gravel flow up behind him as he speed off. Dean ran to the impala, and started after him at a distance, he wasn't going to let him get away, not this time, and not even god could help him once Dean would get his hands on him.


Sam was trying hard to stay conscious, but he could feel his body on the brink of failure. He cursed his own physical weakness, Dean's life was in the balance and he was to weak to save him. One of the cuffs that held him to the pipe was a little loose, and he might be able to slip his hand out. Sam was trying to concentrate, but thoughts kept creeping into his head, things he really didn't want to think about… things he never wanted to think about.

I've been raped, (don't think about it) was it my fault, I didn't fight hard enough, (don't think about it, and its not real) I'm dirty now, how will I ever tell Dean, (Dean can never know, you can pretend it never happened) I can still feel his hands on me, feel him inside me, violating me, (SHUT THE FUCK UP!) You cant think about his now, got to save Dean.

Sam heard Grayson's loud truck pull up outside, Dean must be close by he could also hear the Impala. What was Dean doing if Sam could hear Dean's car so could Grayson. Sam knew he was running out of time, and he came to a sick revelation. He was never going to slip out of the handcuffs… with his good hand. He knew his right hand was broken; he could slip that hand out by breaking the bones a little bit more.


What was Dean doing indeed, he'd had enough of this telephone tag shit, he was Dean fucking Winchester, and this monster knew where his brother was, he'd hurt Sam. He was sick of this shit, as he takes his time Sam could already be dead or dying. I'm going to walk right in that house guns hot, and Ill beat it out of him where my brother is.

Dean delivered a powerful kick that sent the old wooden door flying in splinters. Grayson looked up at him confused, he had miscalculated; this wasn't supposed to be that way it happened he had been thinking what he would have done in Dean's shoes. Of course Dean didn't go in with a plan, he always goes off, and plows a fuse, kicks open the door and fucks up anything that was in his way from saving his brother. Plans and playing it safe be damned.

But Grayson is quick he's already recovered from the shock and jumped out of Deans line of fire, and retrieved his own gun. Dean feels a sharp pain as some stray buckshot hits his leg. Dean goes down, but manages to shot Grayson in the shoulder. Grayson yells "Son of a bitch!"

Dean tries to stand but his hounded leg wont support him. He looks up for Grayson but he's gone.

"Son of a bitch he's fast."

A calm voice behind him, "Faster than you think."

Dean spun around just in time for a sharp hit to his nose; he felt a white hot pain as he heard the cartilage crunch. Grayson went for him again, but Dean kicked his leg out from under him. Dean grabbed him by the neck, "WHERE IS SAM!"

"I'm right here Dean." Dean's heart leapt at Sam's voice, but it sounded foreign, like a distant imitator, who had no idea what Sam was supposed to sound like, flat emotionless, distant. Dean turned still holding Grayson, barely daring to hope Sam was alive and well. Sam was standing over them holding Grayson's sawed off shotgun pointed right at Grayson's face. Dean got off Grayson and stood to his feet, all the while staring at Sam. Sam looked horrible, it wasn't just the dried blood covering his face, the bruises, cuts, and black swollen face, his expression was the worst. Dean couldn't put his finger on it, but Sam expression scared him more than the substantial injuries.

Grayson looked up at Sam, his face a mask of sheer contempt, "What the fuck are you going to do bitch."

With more strength than Dean thought the hounded Sam could muster, he delivered a stunning hit to Grayson's face with the butt of the gun.

"Shut up, I don't want to hear your voice."

Dean's mouth dropped, "Well shot this motherfucker he tried to kill you. He's to dangerous to keep alive Sam."

Sam stood there frozen for a second, then he fired Grayson's head exploded in a mass of red and fragments of his head. Dean looked at Sam again, he reached for him, Sam filched and Dean thought Sam might point the gun at him for a second. Sam pulled away and walked to the car, Dean fowled in silence. When they got back to their hotel Sam grabbed his bag and locked himself in the bathroom. Dean sat on the bed and waited, "You alright in there Sammy, do you need any help?"

"No I'm ok Dean… I just need a shower." Dean turned to his own bag he had to pick the buckshot out of his leg, and dress his own wounds.

Sam stood in the shower letting the hot water run over him body, it stung in some places, but it felt cleansing. It was over, Sam could never tell Dean what happened, what would it help anyway, it would just add more shit to Dean's life, and he would treat Sam differently, look at him differently, Sam knew he would.

Sam finally came out with his major cuts sown up, and his hand bandaged, wearing clean clothes. Dean also had his leg cleaned and dressed. Dean sat on the bed; he looked at Sam when he came out. Sam nodded at him, "How's your leg?"

"It's fine luckily buckshot missed the bone, so it's just a flesh wound. You?"

Sam lay down on his bead, "Fine just tried."

Sam lay awake staring at the wall; he knew Dean wasn't sleeping either he could feel his eyes burring a hole through his head in the dark. Sam heard the springs of Dean's bed as he got up. He walked over to Sam's bed and stood there for a second, then he crawled onto Sam's bed; he carefully put his arms around Sam and held him close to his own body. Sam let him.