By Dawn Nyberg

Disclaimer: Tribune owns the characters of Andromeda. There is no profit being made.

NOTE TO READERS: This story is not a part of my current Alternate Universe Andromeda series. However, it is an AU story.



"I told you this was a bad idea," Tyr muttered to Captain Hunt as they stood behind a wall avoiding the plasma blasts.

"Could you save the 'I told you so,' until later?" Dylan yelled over the explosions. He raised his head up quickly and fired his lance. Tyr followed suit and fired his weapon as well.

"So, you admit it … I was right?"

"Later." Dylan grumbled.

"Hey, Boss Guy?" Harper's voice came over the COM link.

"Mr. Harper… have you up-linked with their security doors?" Dylan's voice was urgent.

"Yeah, one second…"

"Harper," Tyr growled.

"Open sesame," Harper called out over the Com and the security bulk head door slid open. Dylan and Tyr dove through it.

**Later that Night Back on the Andromeda**

"Dylan didn't anyone ever tell you the Faustians are not to be trusted." Harper's voice was matter of fact.

"Mr. Harper," Dylan's voice was irritated.

"The boy's right," Tyr offered.

"The Planet Brescia offers a good strong hold for the Commonwealth. Their alliance could be beneficial."

"Beneficial?" Tyr was perplexed. "Those people are ruthless, backstabbing …"

"Not all, Tyr. And, you know it. The government isn't that bad."

"You're head is thick, Captain Hunt. And, I sincerely hope that it does not get its self blown off one day."

"You do care," Dylan replied sarcastically.

"Captain Hunt …" Rommie spoke. "We have an incoming message from Brescia."

"Open a Com line." Hunt commanded.

Harper eyed the blank screen with unease as he silently stepped out of the Command Deck before the link was completely established. No one noticed his absence.

Beka, Trance and Tyr all stood at their stations. Rev was away on a Wayist retreat for a few months and was not here to offer his insight to Dylan.

"Captain Hunt," Grand Chancellor De Leon addressed Dylan.

"Chancellor. I must admit our rather hostile welcome party was not what I was expecting based on our prior communications."

"I offer my apologies, Captain Hunt. We have rogues among us that are not for the Commonwealth. But, it has come to my attention that you have a mercenary on board that has quite a history with us. We demand you hand him over to us for trial."

Dylan looked at Rommie.

"Suspend link."

"Link suspended."

All eyes shifted to Tyr. "What?" The Nietzschean asked with surprise in his eyes.

"Don't what me," Dylan replied with a hot tone. "What did you do?"

"I assure you sir, I have done a great deal many things, but I have never been hired for any work concerning the Faustians or Brescia. Their information is inaccurate."

"Reinstate link."


"My pardons, Chancellor. Can you identify this mercenary?"

"His grievances were committed during the prior administration before my post, Captain Hunt. But, I assure my Security Officer, Gavin Calle, will be able to identify him, but he is currently dealing with the rogue traitors that attacked you and your crew upon arrival."

"You mentioned trial… I was not aware your government had instituted the process of trial."

"You misunderstand Captain. By trial, I mean a fight to the death."

"To the death? But, who would you sacrifice of your own people to exact revenge. That isn't justice."

"Captain Hunt, you are unaccustomed to our ways. This trial was requested by the wronged party."


"My Head of Security, Officer Calle, of course. I'm sure you would not want to deny our laws sir. It would not bode well for your pursuit of a New Commonwealth built on trust."

"What is the charge?"

"Murder. You have one hour to comply."

The Com link was terminated.

"Okay, Tyr what did you do?" Beka was mad. "Murder!"

"It isn't me."

"Well, you're the only former mercenary here."

"Look Tyr. I'm sure this is a case of mistaken identity. The Officer will look at you and see you're not the one and we'll be on our way and maybe even get the Charter signed."

"I'll not stick my head on the chopping block to save face for your Commonwealth."


** An Hour Later **

The crew had assembled in the Grand Hall on Brescia. Rommie monitored the area for the crew's protection. "Where the hell is Harper? I want us to present a united front." Dylan grumbled under his breath.

"He'll be here." Beka replied, but seriously not knowing what was keeping the young engineer.

"Well, Captain Hunt I appreciate your attention to this matter. Officer Calle, please step forward to identify the mercenary."

Gavin Calle stepped forward and looked at the crew as Tyr stepped forward.

"You want me," a voice called out from behind everyone. They all turned and there stood Harper. He was dressed in black leather pants, and a black shirt covered with a leather vest. He was well fit with knives in various spots – including his boot sides. The eyes of the Andromeda crew went wide. This wasn't the Harper they thought they knew. This man was a fighter … a mercenary … and if what the Chancellor said was true … a killer.

"Harper? What in the hell is going on?" Dylan demanded as he stood there still trying to process what he was seeing.

"Harper?" Officer Calle called out. All eyes fixed on Calle. "Is that what you're going by these days?"

All eyes turned back to Harper …