Welcome to another story by Adi Black! I'm fairly certain this one was inspired by too many Harry Potter veela fics. I know it's a weird premise and Danny's seeming kinda(pretty?) OOC at first but once the idea hit me I couldn't let it go and it actually turned out better than I thought it would. Anyway, this is pretty much done by the time I'm posting this, I only have one more part to do.

This is Vlad/Danny and while it earns it's M rating it has no random declarations of love because while I've done it before and it's a common practice I just didn't see it happening in this case. /random

Well, that's all I have to say besides I don't own Danny Phantom or Blood and Chocolate by Anette Curtis Klause and please enjoy The Ghost Gas Debacle!


It was an explosion. Not unusual of course, considering the people who lived in the house, but still. This explosion was different than the others. Oh of course there was still the flash of light and smoke billowing out of the lab, but the consequences were much different than usual, though no one knew about that just yet.

Danny coughed as he walked into the kitchen, choking as he inhaled some of the smoke before it had a chance to dissipate. For awhile he felt fine, walking over to the oven to turn on the fan to vent the smoke, but after a minute or two he noticed something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

His parents had come up from the lab after the latest failure and Danny glanced over at them, wondering if he should ask what they had been working on. He had a feeling it was another biological ghost weapon, they'd been really into those lately, but he couldn't quite tell what it was supposed to do yet. When he felt a soft burning sensation start in his chest he began to worry.

Deciding that he had to know(and hopefully it wouldn't make him drop dead in the next thirty seconds) he asked, "So what were you working on down there?"

Jack immediately stood up straighter in his usual enthusiasm and said "The Fenton Ghost Exciter!"

"Exciter?" asked Danny, a little more worried and a lot more confused now.

"Yes!" exclaimed Jack, "It'll get these ghosties running home to their...their..." he looked plaintively for Maddie to explain.

Sighing indulgently Maddie said, "We decided to try something a little less violent. Maybe if we could get them to leave on their own it would be a little easier on everyone."

Danny nodded and noticed he was starting to get uncomfortably warm. "So what does it do?"

"Well, it's supposed to make the ghost..." Maddie almost trailed off. "Maybe you're a little young for this."

'Oh no.' Danny mentally whimpered. He really hoped his parents had not just made what he thought they had. Instead he said, "Mom, I'm not a kid anymore, just tell me."

Maddie raised an eyebrow at him, frowning a little at his rudeness. "It's supposed to make the ghost want to go back to their...mate, I suppose. We needed a PG sounding name for it though, so 'exciter' is what your father came up with." She explained and Danny mentally paled.

"What if the ghost doesn't...didn't have a-a mate?" Danny managed to stutter out, hoping that his awkwardness would be accounted to him being 'too young' for this sort of thing.

Maddie furrowed her brows in thought and shrugged, "I suppose they would just go find one then. I tried to make it not too terribly strong in case of something like that so they could choose in case of emergency. Most ghosts have a specific mate, so even if they haven't found them yet it will help them to."

Danny swallowed, "Does it wear off eventually?"

Looking at him suspiciously Maddie said, "Once they've found their mate it wears off." She paused for a minute, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, just curious!" Danny said quickly, "I have homework to do, I'm going to my room."

Quickly escaping the kitchen Danny rushed up to his room to call his friends. As soon as he closed his door he stopped. He didn't know why he stopped, but as he stood there he felt a slight tinging sensation start in his chest, where the heat had started, and he began to feel light-headed.

'What am I going to do? What am I going to do!' Panicked Danny, putting his hands up to hold his head. 'Why would my parents even make something like that!'

He swallowed again, his throat dry, as a thought hit him. Who could be his 'mate' as his mom had said. Would he have to...to...

Oh god.

'If only I had taken Jazz up on the offer to go somewhere today, even if she probably would have just lectured me all day at least I could have avoided this,' he thought frantically.

A wave of heat flashed through him and he had to bite his lip to keep from whimpering. Sure he'd been turned on and stuff before, but it had felt nothing like this. He wondered if it had something to do with it effecting his ghost half, but then trailed off because obviously that was what was happening.

He didn't know what to do. He didn't know where to go. He didn't know, he had no idea who...who...


The thought came completely unbidden and so did the rush of tingling heat throughout his body centering on his groin and chest causing him to moan embarrassingly loud. His eyes rolled up as his head tilted back, his legs failing to support him as he half-collapsed to the floor of his room. He sat there panting as the room slowly faded back into his vision.

As his breathing calmed down he had only one question.

"What the hell was that?"


Somehow Danny managed to call his friends and they were on their way. He didn't know how he had managed to hold on to the phone with his hands shaking so bad, or how they had even understood what he was saying with his voice dissolving into stutters and slurs whenever a stray thought crossed his mind.

He had managed to calm himself considerably by the time his friends got there, he thought some of his incoherency before had been from the panic, and he was grateful for it. He hated how he didn't exactly have control over his body and it made him uncomfortable. Again he wondered exactly what the weapon had done to him because he had a feeling his mom had left some things out when explaining.

When he heard knocking he managed to go downstairs and let his friends in while acting normal. Leading them up the stairs they engaged in small talk until they were in the relative privacy of Danny's room.

"So what's the matter?" Sam said after they'd all settled.

Danny winced when a tingle started up in his chest. He vaguely wondered if it was stronger when he was actually thinking about it, but decided to put off that thought for now. "My parents, they, well, came up with an...interesting new thing to use against ghosts." He started slowly.

Sam and Tucker winced, "What does it do?" Tucker asked.

"It, um, it..." Danny ran a hand through his hair not wanting to talk, but he knew he had to. "It makes the ghost go and, well..." he trailed off, mumbling a curse word under his breath as he tried to think of the best, simplest way to put it. "It makes the ghost horny so it will go away." Danny finally said in a rush.

"Come again?" Tucker asked and Danny was sure he almost fainted at what happened next.

A rush of heat, almost worse than when he had thought of Vlad earlier, screamed through his body and he closed his eyes roughly. He fought to keep his teeth clenched to not make any noises though he thought a whimper may have gotten past him, but he was distracted by the light-headedness that immediately followed with a sprinkle of relief.

When he thought he had enough control over himself he opened his eyes to see his friends staring at him in shock. Briefly he wondered what it looked like when that happened and then flushed red, looking away. Danny was sure that for all intents and purposes it looked like he had orgasmed, though he didn't. Or maybe that was it. Maybe it was his ghost half...he flushed again at the thought.

"What just happened?" Sam asked quietly.

"Please don't say that word," Danny said instead and they looked slightly confused.

"What word?" Tucker asked while mentally trying to go over the conversation before...whatever the hell happened had happened. Danny gave him a look and he suddenly blushed as he remembered, "Oh. Sorry."

Danny shrugged, "As long as you don't do it again. I mean, I didn't know that would happen, how could you?" he sighed again and ran his hand through his hair. "This is so bogus."

Sam and Tucker nodded, silence coming over the room once again.

"So..." Sam started, "Do you...know who, uh, might be the person?" she asked carefully.

Danny winced. "Yeah, I think so."

"You don't sound very enthusiastic, man." Tucker pointed out and Danny gave him a look.

"I'm only doing this because of some stupid accident. Would you be enthused if some weird thing made you go all..." He trailed off with flailing hand gestures not wanting to finish the sentence.

"Who is it?" Sam asked after another awkward silence.

Danny swallowed, not sure if he should risk saying it again. Maybe he could get them to guess somehow. Finally he came up with something that at least Sam might get.

"Have you ever read the book Blood and Chocolate?" he asked and Tucker looked confused while Sam nodded. "I guess it's like...how Vivian tried to be satisfied with Aiden. How they had fun, but in the end when it came to finding a mate she couldn't go outside her pack."

Tucker still looked slightly confused and Sam looked contemplative, "You're comparing yourself to Vivian?" Danny nodded and she continued, "So you're hypothetically a werewolf, a halfa, trying to live with humans, but when you're forced to get a mate the only option is to...no. No, Danny."

Understanding bloomed on Tuckers face as he stared between the two of them. Sam staring wide eyed at her friend and Danny looking guiltily down and to the side, avoiding eye contact with both of them.

"You mean that you and Vl-"

"Don't say his name!" Danny interjected loudly before Tucker could finish. He was shivering, his arms wrapped around himself and he looked pained. "It-it triggers something that I-I..." he shuddered and Sam and Tucker exchanged a look. This was bad.

"That's...illegal. Statutory rape." Sam said softly, keeping the thoughts that it was just rape period to herself.

"I know that," Danny moaned pitifully, eyes closed and fingers clutched in his hair as he bent over.

Tucker bit his lip nervously as if he didn't know if he should speak or not. "But what if he doesn't want to...you know."

"He can't not want to!" Danny said desperately, a small whimper accompanying the end of his sentence.

"Tucker's right," Sam said softly though she knew it was distressing Danny further, "Just because you're feeling this...uh, urge to mate doesn't mean he will." she had no idea how she managed to keep her voice even when she said that but was glad she did. "This stuff is only one way, right?"

Pained blue eyes stared at her, "I don't know. I don't know. If he doesn't...I...I don't know."

Sam and Tucker exchanged a worried glance at the tone of Danny's voice. He didn't sound very stable. They didn't know what he might do if they said any more to imply it was only him. They had to get a hold of someone, and get the rest of the details of the gas that Danny had been exposed to.

"It's all right, calm down Danny." Sam tried to sooth her friend, "We'll talk about it, figure it out. It's ok, don't worry about it."

It didn't seem to work and Danny just got more agitated, "I don't know. I can't. I can't." He suddenly raised his head, his eyes slightly wild, "I have to go."

Halfway through the sentence he was invisible and they could only just barely catch 'go' as it was assumed he was on his way out of the house. His friends stood there in shock for a little bit before looking at each other before Tucker decided to say the understatement of the year.

"This is bad."


End Part One