Here it is, part 4, the last part, of the Ghost Gas Debacle. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe there could be a possibility of a sequel...eventually. XD Regardless of what may or may not happen thank you all for reading and even though I hate my last line because I couldn't really think of anything witty I believe it's a fitting ending and overall I've liked writing this. Anyway, read and enjoy!

Edit: To accommodate the sequel even though that probably won't start being posted for awhile(and my thoughts when I first started writing this) I changed this from summer to winter. Not that huge a change but it just makes my timelines work better.


A few hours after Danny's ill-fated quip they were both laying in bed again, this time dressed though. Danny was curled under the covers thinking and Vlad was on top of them, leaned back on his pillows reading something. The older male had left his hair down from when it had fallen out of his ponytail making him look younger even though he had glasses on for reading. Now that he was thinking about it Danny wondered if they even really aged. Besides white hair and a couple minor things Vlad looked pretty similar to old pictures he'd seen. He'd have to ask him later, but right now he was too busy staring.

Danny's eyes followed the movement when one of Vlad's hands came up to brush some hair behind his ear before turning the page. As if he could sense he was being stared, and possibly leered, at Vlad paused looking at Danny over the top of his glasses and raising an eyebrow in question.

Shaking his head Danny shifted to get into a more comfortable position and the other halfa felt a flash of concern at the slightly stiff movements.

Hating the fact that he was going to have to ask it almost as much as the question itself Vlad asked, "Did I hurt you?"

"What?" Danny asked, surprised but immediately knowing what the man must be inquiring about. "No. I'm fine, really. Just a little sore but I'm sure that's normal. It's not bad anyway, it's almost sort of satisfying." Realizing what he had just said he flushed red while Vlad chuckled at him.

Luckily Vlad decided not to tease him about what he'd said. He figured it would make up for when Danny had gone to take a shower. He had been about to head for another one of his wash rooms to clean himself up, having waited to make sure Danny didn't need anything, when he'd heard a yelp and curse from inside the bathroom and what sounded almost like incensed grumbling. He had been about to ask if everything was all right when he had realized something.

He hadn't used a condom. He had come inside Danny.

He had been slightly apologetic but still amused when he thought of how flustered and embarrassed Danny must have been when he noticed that little fact. While amusing he figured he should fix that next time.

Bringing himself back to the present he said, "Good, I feared I may have been a little rough at times."

Danny shook his head though he was no longer looking at the other man. Somewhere in his mind Vlad had a suspicion that this must have been the teen's first real sexual encounter but he wouldn't bring it up unless Daniel did first.

Lapsing into silence again they both tried to think of things to say. There were so many things they could talk about but not many that they were willing to bring up.

Danny had already called his friends and sister and told them the basics of what happened, making sure to tell her what Vlad had said about mating seasons and how they worked. They were upset but there wasn't much they could do about it. Danny was surprised they had taken it as well as they had, all things considered, especially Sam and Jazz.

He would have thought his sister and girlfriend would have protested much more than they had. He had expected Sam to use her allowance to fly them all to Wisconsin to see him, and he suspected she would have if he hadn't told them specifically he didn't want them to see him like this. While he had accepted the fact that he and Vlad had had sex and would continue to do so, at least during specific times of the year he knew it couldn't be so easy for those close to him to accept.

He would have been surprised himself at how well he was taking it if not for what Vlad had told him about Phantom and how their ghost halves could be so forceful sometimes.

After they'd calmed down and were just talking Jazz said she would tell their parents that Danny was visiting Vlad so they could get to know each other. It wasn't too suspicious as Vlad always kept invitations open to any of the Fentons to come to his mansion. They were lucky winter vacation had just started as it would be hard to explain his absence from school. Unfortunately when Jazz calculated when it occurred naturally it would be in February, only a couple months away when they had school, and August, disrupting their last month of summer vacation.

They decided they would figure out what to do when the time came and Danny had to get off the phone because Vlad was coming back to the room. He knew he would have to talk to him eventually but he couldn't believe what he'd say earlier.

Flushing again in embarrassment he glanced over at the older man who just raised an eyebrow. Danny shook his head again but couldn't stop himself from moving closer to him, leaning against his side. Vlad accommodated by moving an arm around his shoulder drawing him near while still being able to hold his book properly.

Usually such an action would have freaked out Danny but he figured he should get used to it. Since the whole thing started his catch phrase had pretty much been 'no use fighting the inevitable.' After all they would, without a doubt, be having sex again later. Sighing at the thought he relaxed into Vlad who, noticing the teens melancholy, put his book down to focus completely on him.

"I'm fine," Danny said before Vlad could ask, "I was just thinking. About this. About us and what's going to happen. This whole thing is just so weird I have trouble thinking about it seriously."

Silently nodding Vlad said, "That is true and I suppose we will just have to get used to it. Anticipate when it's going to happen and attempt to prepare accordingly. In the mean time if I must I could attempt to be less antagonistic towards your father if it made you feel better."

Moving out of the semi-embrace to look at Vlad incredulously Danny asked, "You would really do that?"

"Of course." Vlad shrugged. "While I will never reconcile with that man he is still your father and if me having...issues, with him causes you stress, more stress than all of this is causing you already, it's the least I can do."

"All right." Danny said cautiously, wondering where all this was coming from but settling back onto Vlad. He decided he would wait until later to ask why the older man was being so accommodating but didn't want to ruin the moment.

At that last thought Danny was surprised. A moment. He had thought they were having a moment. However odd that seemed he couldn't refute it though. They were just laying there comfortably, talking like normal people, normal couples, and the teen shuddered at that thought.

"Is it always going to be like this? Danny asked on a whim, and then hurried to specify what he was talking about. "I mean, during this time. Acting like this, like nothing's weird with this situation. Like we really are in a relationship."

Danny felt Vlad shrug. "I suppose. Does it bother you that much? Even if it is only the two of us, and I suppose Jasmine, Mister Foley, and Miss Manson as well, that know of this? I admit to being bothered by the implications of what should happen if it were to get out but really there is nothing to do but accept things as they come. Technically, Daniel, we already are in a relationship, just an antagonistic one rather than a romantic one."

Silently Danny thought about what the older man had said and after a few minutes of rolling the idea around in his head he couldn't find any flaws in his logic.

Sure he was stuck in a situation he had never thought he would be in but it could be worse, and definitely could be much more unpleasant. As it was it wasn't all that bad, especially considering that whatever he did, whatever they did, there wouldn't really be immediate bad consequences. For now, for the next week and a half according to Vlad, all they really had to do was lay back and enjoy the ride.

Feeling himself settle into that mentality Danny was suddenly much more relaxed. What he did here shouldn't matter to his normal life and as long as he kept them separate there shouldn't be any problems.


About a week and a half later Jazz, Tucker, and Sam were moping in the Nasty Burger when a familiar figure walked through the door. Just barely resisting the urge to yell out his name as he walked over to their table the trio could only stare with wide eyes.

As soon as he sat down Sam hissed, "Danny! Why didn't you tell us you were coming back?"

Danny shrugged and the rest of the teens noticed he looked exhausted. "I dunno, we just woke up, realized all the...urges, were gone and I left when he told me he was going to work. I'm sure he knew I was going to do that though since he left a note with directions on the fastest way to get back home and a snack."

"Well that was...nice of him." Jazz said suspiciously.

"I guess so, I'm just glad I didn't have to deal with him any longer when we couldn't not hate each other."

The others laughed nervously and Tucker said, "So how was it? Yeah you called and everything but you seemed pretty distracted even when you were talking to us."

Looking around Danny saw that it wasn't very crowded and tried to decide if that was good or bad. With less people there weren't as many witnesses but it was quieter. With more people there was more risk of people hearing but it was still less likely as it was probably loud.

Deciding that he would just talk quietly, besides it wasn't as if he was going to say anything too incriminating, Danny spoke. "It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I figured out that honestly it could be way worse. I mean, what if it was Skulker or Technus or something?" They all shuddered. "Yeah it wasn't ideal circumstances or things I would do without all the stuff that happened but still." He shrugged. "Really there's nothing I could or can do about it so why bother being upset?"

His friends and sister stared at him in silence before Tucker muttered, "You really have been spending too much time around Vlad."

"What?" Danny asked, confused. That seemed like a completely random change of subject.

"The way you're talking." Sam explained, "You sound different. More refined, I guess." She scowled unhappily.

"Oh. I didn't even notice. I guess it kind of rubs off on you after awhile." Danny said and then had to forcibly drag his mind back from where it had wandered to a completely different type of rubbing off.

Sam and Jazz eyed him for a moment before both sighing. The boys shared a glance at their synchronization before Sam spoke again. "I guess that makes sense. At least it'll only be twice a year, right?"

Danny had explained everything the first time he called them and nodded. "Luckily."

"I still wish it was no times a year." Jazz grumbled and they all had to agree with that.

"Speaking of times..." Tucker started and Danny introduced his head to the table. "What?"

"You know that's a very personal and exceedingly awkward question, right?" Sam asked incredulously.

Having recovered from Tuckers question Danny sighed and rubbed his head where it had collided with the furniture. "Do you really want to know?"

"Probably not," Tucker conceded, "but it's just one of those questions I can't help but ask. It'll just bug me, and that's even worse than the horrifying images."

The girls just stared at him but Danny said, "If you insist though you probably won't like the answer." He paused for a moment, whether to think or raise anticipation they didn't know before he said, "I'm not sure. I lost count."

Danny was fairly certain that the only thing keeping his current company from falling over was the fact they were all crammed in a booth.

"You lost count?" Jazz hissed and Danny backed away from the fire in her eyes.

"W-well..." He said, fearing his sisters wrath though he had a feeling it was directed more toward Vlad than him. Then again now that he thought about it the older man was responsible for his lost virtue. "Are you counting each separate time or does just taking a small break between times count as just one or however long in the same location?" Danny knew he was blushing by the time he stopped talking.

Tucker spluttered, choking on the soda he had chosen the wrong time to take a drink of. Jazz was gripping the edge of the table very tightly and had a frightening look on her face. Sam was sitting there looking strangely calm except that her eye was twitching rather sporadically.

"Never mind." Tucker said once he managed to get enough air down the right pipe to speak, though his voice was still wheezing slightly.

"I tried to warn you." Danny said matter-of-factly alerting the others to his relative calmness.

Sam was about to explode into a rampage, demanding to know what Danny's problem was and why he was acting like this about it before she remembered what he had said earlier. He couldn't fight it. Vlad couldn't fight it. Why bother making a big deal over something neither had any control over. Danny was still her boyfriend, at least he hadn't said anything about breaking up with her, and it seemed like there would only be a problem if they kept bothering him about it. Still, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable, thinking about his analogy regarding Vivian at the start of this whole mess. Eventually he might not have a choice but to actually create a relationship with Vlad.

Realizing everyone was staring at her and that they must have been for awhile Sam said, "Sorry, I was just thinking." She turned to Danny, "I'm sorry we're all hounding you, we were just worried about you but you seem to be fine. At least you're taking it better than us." She chuckled hoping it didn't sound too forced and was relieved when the others joined in after a short pause.

Their laughter died down after a moment and Danny mumbled "Yeah."

"So now that you're home what do you plan on doing?" Jazz asked, changing the subject.

Danny sighed. "Actually go home for one. I came straight here to see you guys since I figured that's where you'd be and wanted to talk to you." He said and they looked at him surprised.

"You came straight here? You didn't even stop to see your folks?" Tucker asked and Danny cringed.

"Yeah I didn't really feel like dealing with them." He looked over at his sister, "I know you said you dealt with it but, you know."

Jazz nodded slowly but was quick to reassure her younger sibling, "It'll be fine. They won't do anything crazy, I promise. They'll just be happy to see you and then go back to arguing about Santa." She rolled her eyes at that and Danny sent her a weak smile.

"If you say so, as long as they don't ask too many questions I'll be fine." Danny sighed. "What I really want to do is go home and sleep for a week. I'm so tired I've barely gotten any sleep lately."

Ignoring the obvious insinuations Tucker said, "That sounds like a nice idea in theory but I doubt it'll happen."

Sighing with a shrug Danny said, "Hey, I can always hope." Since the incidents with Desiree he never said 'wish' anymore.

Laughing at Danny's expense they all got up to leave. "Hey, at least you don't have to deal with any of this stuff again until the next natural time." Tucker said as Sam payed the bill after a brief argument.

Perking up Danny said, "That's true. When is that anyway?"

"February. About two months away." Jazz said and Danny's face fell.

"That soon?" Danny said, his voice almost a whine and Sam tossed an arm around his shoulder in comfort and he gave her a smile. "Oh well, at least it's not going to be a surprise."

"Yeah," Tucker laughed, "I vote we only have one debacle a year."

Everyone chimed in as they left. "Agreed."


End Story: The Ghost Gas Debacle