Slowly, he limped down the trail back into town, hoping to see her face just one last time before he dies. Reaching the fence, he fell to his knees and hobbled his way through the hole that was made just minutes before. As he went through it, he turned, wondering how he could have survived such a brutal attack. Never had he seen a man act the way that Buckdun had. Buckdun. That's right! Where was he?

The bushes near him rustled, and he jumped at the noise. Much to his relief, only a little rabbit came running out, followed by another. Struggling to his feet again, he made his way toward the Kaybar.

As he walked down the empty street, something did not sit him right. He could feel darkness in the air, although the sun was at high noon. He knew something was waiting for him. Someone was waiting for him.

"Buckdun". Flint said to himself. He spoke so quietly, the sound barely reached his own ears. "Where are you, you little devil?" Out of pure instincts, Flint pulled out his trusty revolver, just to play it safe. Checking the rounds, reassuring himself that he had reloaded since the hideout, he snapped the chamber back into place.

"It's not possible." Flint thought to himself. "He couldn't have made it this far so fast without a horse. It's that blasted sun. It's got me all fired up over nothing." Although he repeated these words to himself several times, the feeling of pure dread would not leave him. He had to investigate. What else was he going to lose? He had already lost his friends, his health, and his most trusted companion. Regaining composure, he grasped his revolver with both hands, and prepared himself for the worst.

Less than thirty feet away, Buckdun was crouched behind a small stack of barrels behind James' saloon, with his rifle aimed right at his target. No, not at flint. Killing Flint would be too easy on him. He wanted to die anyways. Buckdun watched as his target walked back and forth inside their house, right by the window, glancing out, as if half expecting someone to show up. Suddenly, they stopped dead in their tracks, as their eyes met with another pair.

"Jim." Said Nancy Kerrigan. "I can't believe you made it!" A huge smile covered her face, as was Flints'.

"Heheheā€¦" Buckdun couldn't help but find pleasure in what was happening. His sights aimed directly at Nancy's head, and his finger locked on the trigger, he said "time to say good-bye, Nancy."

He then pulled the trigger.