Here are the characters I accepted into my story. I should have put this at the beginning so everyone knows who is in the story and who their parent is. Better late than never I guess. Their nickname is in the parentheses.


Quynh Mai (Q)- Trivia

Angelo Jacobi Salvatore (AJ)- Erebus

Sidney Andrea McGuffin (Sid)- Nox

Emmerson Clark - Mercury

James Gone - Mars

Grayson Jay Quill (Gray)- Aeternitas

Nick Hastings - Apollo


Lauren Samos (Luna)- Thanatos

Ivy Willows - Athena

Blake Li Nguyen (Blade) - Hades

Isaac Campbell - Apollo

Alex Zatara O'Hara - Odyne

Saige McColley - Athena

Ajax Stone - Apollo

James Doakes - Nike

Alexander Toxos (Alex)- Apollo

Kayla Bradley (KayKay) - Erebus

Kiana Eliza Henderson (Kia) - Hecate

Lyra Valentine - Nyx

This it. Umm... I don't know what else to say.

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