Roxanne and "Bernard" leaned forward, over the table, and kissed. This time, Roxanne's hand touched only "Bernard'"s hand, and the watch made no noise, didn't move, and stayed stationary. When they released, they smiled and looked into each others' eyes with love. Roxanne knew this was the man she wanted to be with forever.


Roxanne looked down at the ring on her finger for perhaps the hundredth time that night, running her fingers over the strange stone just to make sure it was really there. Roxanne didn't know why Bernard had given her a ruby with a sapphire swirl as an engagement ring instead of a diamond, but she loved it far more than she ever would have loved a regular diamond.

Any man could think to get their fiancé a diamond ring, but only Bernard would give her something so wonderful, so unique, and so beautiful. She never wanted to take it off, ever, and she turned and told him that.

"I never want to take this ring off," Roxanne expressed to the man who was holding her around the waist as they sat, watching a movie in her apartment. It had been a year since that night in the restaurant. Of course, Megamind still ruled Metro City, and he was still evil, but most everything was normal, almost as if Metro Man was still alive.

A year ago Megamind had beaten Titan into the ground, which had broken the hearts of nearly all the citizens of Metro City, because then and there they knew there was no hope for Metro City to ever be the same. And yet, life went on. Roxanne was sort of glad Megamind had won. Hal had been very much like a stalker to her since high school, and now she had something to report about now and then.

If Megamind had lost, what kind of stories could a reporter run? That their city's new hero had saved a cat stuck in a tree? That would just be boring. But what confused her was that even though Megamind still held an iron fist over the city, crime rates were down. More and more crooks were being put in jail, and the streets were cleaner than ever.

"I'm so enthused!" Bernard told her, holding her tighter. She loved the way he hugged her, like he never wanted to let her go. Bernard had told her so many times that he didn't think Megamind was such a bad guy, maybe just misunderstood. Roxanne never knew what to say to that, because she could see how it might be true, while at the same time, she still held those old prejudices... Suddenly, from nowhere, something occurred to Roxanne.

"Bernard, what's your last name?"

His face went blank.

"'s...ahh..." There was a sudden beeping sound, and he stood up, knocking Roxanne over by accident. "Oh, I'm sorry!" he cried, pulling her to her feet and planting a kiss on her lips before rushing towards the door. "I have to go! I'll see you tomorrow!"

"But—" But Bernard was already out the door and down the street. Roxanne sighed.

Why was he always dashing out at such inopportune times?

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This is a story inspired by


XDXD, I couldn't resist! I hope it turns out well. Enjoy!