Megamind set Roxanne down on her balcony and carefully handed her their son, who was now awake but still groggy. Megamind waited to make sure she got inside safely, and before she went inside, Roxanne turned towards Megamind.

"I'm...changing my last name," she told him, and he nodded, still unable to meet her gaze, his features overladen with pain.

"I thought you might, Miss Ritchi."

"Actually, I'm changing it to Mrs. Ritchi." Megamind looked up in pain and confusion, aghast.

"So you've already met someone else? And with your former last name! I thought you'd move on, Roxanne, but I didn't think you'd get remarried within two days of finding out!" Roxanne smiled a little, which caused Megamind no end of pain. "Can I at least know who it is you're going to be mar-e-ing?" he asked.

"First I want to know what Minion meant about you being the town's secret hero," she told him, and he groaned.

"Fine, while we, I wanted to keep you safe and every time someone threatened the town I sent them to jail. Happy?" For some reason, Roxanne wasn't very surprised. Of course, she was surprised, the city's overlord being their secret superhero was nothing to laugh at, but she wasn't as surprised as she thought she would be. "Now, your new huss-band?" Megamind asked, putting a bitter spin on the final word.

"Well," Roxanne said softly, rearranging Quade on her shoulder, "he's kind of tall, he's devilishly handsome, sweet, funny, strong, intelligent, he has an odd pallor, he's a little quirky, he's all over the news, and I've known him for years—"

"It's that reprorter, isn't it?" Megamind asked bitterly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I knew it! And he's taking your last name, too, and—" Roxanne smiled as Megamind ranted, and slowly walked over as he went on. When he started making wild gestures with his hands, Roxanne reached up and kissed him.

Megamind's eyes widened, and his hands hung in the air as if he had no idea what to do with them. "—And he has the most vivid green eyes I've ever seen," Roxanne finished.

"So it's the guy from the coffee shop!" Megamind exclaimed, smacking his fist into his palm. Roxanne smiled and smacked Megamind in the back of the head with the hand not holding Quade.

"It's you, stupid," she said, and Megamind's eyes widened again before he smiled.

"You mean—" Roxanne didn't answer. Instead, she threw her free arm around Megamind and held him. He slowly did the same.

"Why don't you come inside?" she asked, breaking away and pulling him with her toward the balcony door. "It's getting dark."

"What about Quade?" he asked, following her. "Won't he need to be checked over?"

"I'm sure he's fine," Roxanne said, setting him into his crib and turning back as Megamind took her in his arms. "You and Minion have never hurt anyone before—why would you start with your son?"

"But I have hurt someone before," Megamind said, clutching Roxanne tightly. "I've hurt you." Roxanne rested her head on Megamind's chest.

"Maybe you did. But I'm sure you never will again."

"Roxanne, do you—love me, again?" Megamind asked, his face turning purple. Roxanne looked up into his startling green eyes and smiled.

"Who said I ever stopped?"

Author Comments:

Awww! :D I think it ended nicely! What do you guys think? Good ending? I think so.

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