So, I recently watched this really awesome anime called "Itazura Na Kiss" and I'm really in love with it. So, then I started to think…wouldnt it be really great if I could use some of the aspects of the anime into a story about Winx Club? So I decided I'll do it, for the couple of Stella and Brandon. However, if you decide to watch the anime or have already watched it, know that I changed a bunch of stuff. Just a few things you should know before I begin, Stella is not rich in my story or a spoiled princess.

Disclaimer: I don't own Winx Club or Itazura Na Kiss

A Letter's Worth a Thousand Words

The sun gleamed through the open window, the faded white curtains blowing into the small room.

Riiiiinnnggg! Riiiinnnggggg!

My head popped up by the sound of my cell phone. I quickly picked up my small outdated flip phone, the only phone I could ever afford, and pressed send.

"Hello?" I asked with a yawn, wiping a few strands of my blonde hair out of my eyes.

"Stella! Where the hell are you?" The low whisper said

"Musa? Why are you whispering?" I asked, confused.

"Because sleeping beauty, I'm kind of in the first day of school assembly" Musa said

"What? How could that be possible? It's only…..9:15! I'm late!" I screamed hopping out of bed fast

"Wow Stell, nothing gets passed you" Musa said sarcastically, but she was too late, I had already hung up. I ran to my closet and dug out my uniform. I pulled on my red skirt, white blouse, and red tie. I couldn't find my hair brush so I quickly threw my head down and gathered my hair up into a ponytail. I quickly brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag, and ran out my room. As I neared the front door, I realized I had forgotten the one thing that had made me late! The letter!

I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the letter sitting on my desk. I shoved the small envelope into my bag and ran for dear life.

Ms. Grizelda, the vice principle of my school, is NOT going to like this. She already hates me as it is, now I'm going to be late for the first day of senior year! I ran toward the school, slamming the front door open and running through the dimly lit hallways.

I sharply turned the corner, stumbling a bit but picking myself up, and made my way toward the auditorium. I swung the doors open, only to see Ms. Grizelda on the stage making a speech.

"Here in our school we have strict rules such as…..Stella Solaria you're late" Ms. Grizelda said into the loud speaker. Everybody's heads turned toward me to see what was going on.

"Sorry Ms. Grizelda, it wont happen again" I said

"It better not, as I was saying, we have strict rules such as punctuality, something our dear Stella seems not to know of. Detention" Ms. Grizelda said

I nodded walking over to where my friends were sitting, smirking at me.

"What else is new" I mumbled taking a seat next to Layla, one of my best friends.

"No worries, Musa will be joining you, she got detention too" Flora said positively

I smiled

"What have you done?" I asked

" I wrote 'Don't be hating smarties, us stupids aint retardies' on the Class A classroom door" Musa said

I started cracking up

My school has a different system of learning than most. To make sure every student learns at a good pace for themselves, each student is put in either Class A, Class B, or Class C. If you're in Class A it means you're a genius, if you're in Class B it means you're average, and if you're in Class C it means you're just downright stupid. Musa and I are in Class C. My other friends, Layla and Flora, are in Class B. My super genius friends, Bloom and Tecna, are in Class A. What can I say, we're a complex group of friends yet we work SO good together. We're like, inseparable! We hang out whenever we can. During classes I stay with my partner in crime, Musa. At lunch and breaks the 6 of us like to get together by the lunch tables.

"That my friend is classic!" I said, high fiving her.

"Shhhhhh, you guys they're doing the class placement" Bloom said excitedly

"Bloomy, you know it's the same thing every year. You and Tec in A, Flora and I in B, and Musa and Stella in C" Layla said

"Yeah, it's never going to change" I mumbled sadly

I'll admit, I couldn't care less about school. Yup, that's right, I'm a D average student and proud of it! There's just 1 thing that really makes me want to be able to be smart like Tecna and Bloom.

"Brandon Sheilds, Class A" Ms. Grizelda called

Everybody clapped for him. He was the most popular guy in school after all. Captain of the football team, smartest guy in school, every girl wanted him, yet he refused to even talk to them. He was perfect, in every way.

"Do you have it?" Bloom asked me

I nodded pulling the envelope out of my bag.

"When are you going to give it to him?" Tecna asked me

"At lunch break" I said putting it back in my bag

"Not that it'll make a difference though, as if he'll ever feel the same way" I said

"Don't give up Stella, you've liked him since 4th grade, it's time to let him know" Flora said encouragingly

"Yeah Stell, you never know unless you try" Layla said

Everybody agreed, smiling encouragingly.

Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without my girls.

"Tecna Zenith, Class A" Ms. Grizelda announced

Tecna smiled proudly as we all cheered for her.

"Go Tec!" I said, cupping my mouth so it would eco.

"Bloom Sparks, Class B" Ms. Grizelda said

"Wooooo!" I cheered, as Bloom's cheeks turned redder than her hair.

"That concludes the students of Class A" Ms. Grizelda said

We were all placed in our appropriate classes. I, obviously, got into Class C. Woopidido.

"Well then, I guess it's goodbye till lunch girlies" Bloom said as the 6 of us said our goodbye's.

"Come on Stell, don't want to be late" Musa said, but we both looked at each other and started laughing.

"Good one" I said

Our class, is not exactly what you'd call a "Strict Class". It's very laid back and chilled, we don't even learn anything.

We walked into class, seeing our familiar teacher sitting with her feet up on the desk, texting on her cell phone.

"Ms. H!" Musa and I screamed running to her and hugging her

"Girls! Oh my God! Hey! How was your summers?" She asked, jumping up.

"Great! How's your boyfriend?" I asked

"Sadly, I'm on the market again" Ms. Hudson said

"Didn't work out?" Musa asked

"No, but it's alright, there's plenty of other fish in the sea" Ms. H said

I love Ms. H, I really do, but I think it's partly her fault we're all so stupid. She doesn't exactly…teach us anything. We're basically free to do what we want.

"Good luck" Musa said as we left her to put our stuff down.

I sat down at a desk in the back with Musa.

Musa pulled some tail polish out of her backpack so I could do her nails for her. We sat talking and laughing together while her nails dried.

"Uh oh, John Freedmen 6 o'clock" Musa said blowing her nails

"Crap!" I said

"Hey Stella" John said, coming up to us.

"Hey John" I mumbled

John has this crush on me, and let me tell you, he does NOT keep it a secret! He gets really annoying! And sometimes…..just plain strange!

"Well…I'll leave you 2 alone" Musa said

"No! No, wait Muse!" I screamed as she walked off

Musa smirked, holding back her laughter

I slowly turned around to face him.

"What's wrong?" John asked

"Just a little stressed" I lied

"You know what would relieve your stress? A date, with me, Saturday night, 8 o'clock" John said

"John, as I said in the past, we can be friends, but just friends" I said trying to be nice

"You'll see Stella, we're destined to be together" John said

"Ooookaayyy, I'm just gonna go over there now" I said turning away toward Musa.

"Okay! Bye!" John called

"You left me with the lunatic! Some friend you are" I said to Musa

"Sorry girl, I have to get joy out of school SOMEHOW" Musa said

I got on top of her desk

"You're forgiven, you're lucky I'm such a nice person" I said smiling

"I'm so thankful" Musa said sarcastically

We started to laugh.

Suddenly…I felt the desk I was sitting on start to shake, making me fall off.

"That wasn't nice Musa" I said

"That wasn't me! EARTHQUAKE!" Musa screamed
"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed

"Kids! Get under your desks!" Ms. H screamed huddling under her desk

Musa grabbed my hand and pulled me down beneath the desk

"Stella! Don't worry, I'll save you!" John screamed

"Lay a finger on me and it wont be the earthquake to take your life" I said

Then…everything stopped.

"It's alright kids, it was just a minor earthquake, we're all okay" Ms. Hudson said getting up

"That was insane" I said to Musa, who nodded with a gulp.

A few hours passed by, and soon enough it was lunch time! Finally!

Musa and I grabbed our bags and walked outside to the lunch table we usually sat at.

"They're alive!" Tecna screamed

We all started laughing, taking a seat.

"That was insane" Flora said

"I know right, it was like my whole life flashed before my eyes" Bloom stated sarcastically

I smiled

"It was like a movie, seriously, when does that ever happen around here?" I asked

"Speaking of movie, remind me to bring my portable DVD player tomorrow, I want to watch A Cinderella Story with you" Musa told me

"Sure, I'll bring the popcorn" I said with a nod

The rest of the girls looked at us with narrowed eyes.

"So do you guys ever actually learn in that class of yours?" Tecna asked, her hand under her chin.

"What's the use? We're not going anywhere after high school, so why bother. Well, none of us except Stella" Musa said

I looked up smiling.

"You really think so?" I asked

"Are you kidding? You're like the next Van Gogh" Flora said

It's true, I love to paint and it's something I'm actually good at.

"Thanks, but I don't think it matters anyways, if I don't get into college, I'll never get discovered" I said

"Just go straight to an art gallery" Layla said

"They wont give me the time of day unless I have some kind of street cred" I said

"You have street cred" Bloom said

"Please, the only street cred I got is the most detentions ever in the history of Alfea" I said

"Don't forget you were elected most likely to end up in prison" Tecna said, with sarcastic enthusiasm

We all started laughing.

Then…he walked by.

"Oh my god, Brandon's coming, should I give it to him?" I asked as Brandon walked by with 5 of the other football players, Sky, Helia, Nabu, Riven, and Timmy.

"Uhhh yeah!" Layla said as if it were obvious

The 6 football players settled on their usual table where the cheerleaders flirted with them. The cheerleaders always flirt with Brandon, yet he never flirts back.

"Okay, here I go" I said getting the letter out and clutching it in my hands.

"Good luck kid" Musa said giving me a push of encouragement.

I took a breath then I walked forward.

Alright Stella, confidence is key. I just have to be my cool and collected self.

I walked over to their table and smiled.

"Hi Brandon" I said

"Oh hey….." He started

Oh, that's great, he doesn't even know my name.

"Stella" I said

"Oh hey Stella" He said, but I could tell they were all wondering why I was there, and they all wanted me to leave.

I slowly took a few steps back

"Well….bye" I said, then I walked back to my table, clutching the letter in my hand.

"So when's the wedding?" Flora asked humorously

"Never, the guy didn't even know my name!" I said

"Does 8 years of love mean nothing to him?" Layla asked

"Well, technically, he didn't really know about this '8 years of love' thing" Tecna said

We all turned to her, turning our heads.

"But..yeah..what Layla said. Does 8 years of love mean nothing to him!" Tecna screamed

"Don't worry about it Stell, he so doesn't deserve you! Plus, there are some upsides to this! When you find the right guy, you can give him that love letter, save you some time, all you have to do is scribble out Brandon's name!" Flora said

"You know what, you guys are right. Why would I want a stuck up snob like Brandon, even if he is insanely good looking" I said

"Now that's the Stella attitude I know and love!" Bloom said

"Yeah, amen to that one sista! Who needs a scum bag like Brandon?" Musa said

I nodded in agreement.

"You know what, we're coming over tonight to help you clear out every picture, poem, and drawing you've ever made for him" Layla said

This is the first time I've ever lied to these girls. I just cant control my feelings for him. Every time I look at Brandon it's like everybody's gone and it's just me and him. Too bad he'll never feel the same way.

Later, after school, the girls and I began to walk back to my house.

"You know what, we need a car" Bloom announced as we watched seniors pull out of the school's parking lot.

"Don't look at me, my Dad and I can barely afford pizza" I said

It's true. Ever since my mom died, my Dad had to take on 2 jobs just to support me.

"We'll figure something out" Flora said with a shrug

We started to walk down my street. A big red fire truck turned out of my block.

When we turned in I saw all of my neighbors outside their houses, all surrounding something.

"This is weird…" I said

"What's going on?" Tecna asked

"I don't know" I said looking around for my dad

My neighbor, Mrs. Johnson came up to me with a sad expression.

"I'm so sorry" She said

"Sorry about what?" I asked beginning to get nervous

"Stella! Oh my god! You're house!" Bloom suddenly screamed pointing

I looked to where my house once stood, but all I could see was a pile of ash and broken wood.

"No.." I breathed

"No..NO! Dad!" I screamed squeezing through the crowd of people surrounding what was left of my house.

Where is he? Where's my dad? He cant be gone! He cant! He just cant!

"Get out of my way! Please, let me through!" I screamed breaking through the crowd.

When I got to the front of my house I saw my dad laying on the floor crying, clutching a picture frame.

"Daddy!" I screamed with relief, running and hugging him.

"Stella, thank god your alright" My dad said

I felt the tears in my eyes.

"The house.." I said, my voice breaking

"It's okay Stella, everything's going to be fine" My dad said, still crying

I looked down at the picture frame. My dad had managed to salvage a picture of my mom.

"But…my room, my stuff…my paintings! Everything, all of my hard work, gone!" I screamed, crying harder

"Those are just material things Stella, at least we're alright" My dad said trying to sooth my crying.

"Radius?" A man wearing jeans, a leather jacket and sunglasses said, walking toward us.

He didn't look familiar, in fact, I've never seen him in my life.

"Henry?" My dad asked, getting up

"Radius! I knew it was you!" The man said

He and my father began to hug.

"Henry, this is my daughter, Stella" My dad said

"Stella, this is my best friend Henry from High School" My dad said

"What's happened?" The man, apparently named Henry asked.

"The earthquake, it triggered a fire in our house, the whole thing just went up in flames" My dad explained

The girls came onto the grass and helped me up, pulling me into hugs.

"Oh my gosh, where are you going to live?" Henry asked

"We'll…figure something out" My dad said

"Why don't you just come stay with me and my family?" Henry asked

"Henry, I could never…" My dad started

"Nope, it's settled, you're coming and staying with me. Believe me, we have enough room. I only have 2 kids and my wife" Henry said

"O..okay" My father stuttered

"Come on, my car is over there" Henry said

I turned toward my friends, wiping away the last of my tears.

"Guys, I guess I'm going now" I said

"Stella, don't worry, everything's going to be okay" Bloom said releasing me from a hug.

I nodded.

"Remember, you can come to my house whenever you want" Musa said

They all nodded in agreement

"Thanks you guys" I said, turning and following the guy to his large Porshe

I got into the back seat of the car, not knowing where in the world this guy was taking me.

He pulled in front of a large gate.

"It's me" Henry said into some microphone. I heard a beep, then the gates slowly opened. My mouth gaped.

There was a huge fountain in the middle of a circular drive way. The house was like a mansion. I don't think I've ever been in contact with such beauty. The house was white, and there were at least 13 rooms. It was a very grassy land. There was a garden filled with large exotic flowers.

"So what do you think?" Henry asked

"I think you guys come from money" I mumbled under my breathe so only I could hear it

I opened the car door and got out. Looking up, there was a huge staircase leading up to an elegant glass door.

Henry went to the door and rang the doorbell.

A women with long brown hair answered the door. She had an apron on, and her face was smeared with flour. Must be a maid or something.

"Melanie! This is my best friend from high school, Radius, and his daughter Stella. They'll be staying with us for a while. Their house was burned down" Henry said

"That's terrible! Well, we're happy to have you here. I'm Melanie, Henry's wife"

My mouth flew open. Wife? And here I thought the rich had people cooking for them.

Melanie came up to me and gave me a huge hug. I could tell she was the friendly type.

"It's so nice to meet you, and thank you so much for letting us stay. I could help you with anything, cooking, chores, you name it, although I cant cook for my life so.." I said

"Please sweety, this is your house now, put your feet on the furniture, jump on the bed, doesn't bother me, and it certainly wont bother my sons. You know, I've always wanted a daughter" She said smiling

"Well then, think of me as the daughter you never had" I said with a laugh

"Come on, ,let me show you to your room" She said leading me up stairs

She brought me into a huge room. It had light purple wall paper, a white canopy bed, and a matching white night stand. There was a desk and purple chair. I had a flat screen TV!

"Holy crap, someone pinch me" I said

Melanie laughed

"Good to see you like it, come down for dinner in 10 minutes. I'll take you shopping later, because it looks like you don't have any with you" Melanie said

"Thank you so much!" I screamed hugging her

She laughed, leaving me in my new room.

I collapsed onto my bed, smiling happily.

"Okay, my life officially rocks!" I screamed happily

I got up and put my hair out of it's ponytail. Might as well make myself look good, right?

Then, I began to walk downstairs. It's going to be really fun living here! I can invite my friends over and we can have a huge sleepover.

I smiled, making my way to the dining room. In the dining room everybody was sitting at the table eating.

"Melanie! Everything is so…Brandon?"