Victor smiled as he listened to his son Victor excitedly talk to his best friend about the newest science book Victoria had gotten him. Lucas was a really good friend of Victors. They practically played together every day after Victor's history lesson was done.

His son wasn't shy like he had been as a kid. Him having no friends or anyone that even came close to one till he was nineteen years old. When he had met Victoria.

But the real people. The actual people that had made Victor feel comfortable and not so shy, was the people of the Land of the Dead.

He really didn't have many friends now because of the incident, and most parents forbid their children from talking or being near his son. That was the only reason his son only had one friend.

No one talked about the incident anymore, but they're still scared to death of it. His son knew there was some family secret, but when he had asked Victoria would always just say, "Oh it's nothing Victor." Or "It's a really long and boring story."

He still vividly remembered that day when Victor had first asked about why no one would go near him or play with him.

He was eight years old and Victor had had to take him to his work because Victoria had been out shopping for the day. Something she didn't do often so he had taken Victor for the day so she could shop in peace.

When they had gotten there he had told his son to stay outside and play, (and to stay out of the workers way) when his son had seen another boy his age playing ball by the shop.

Victor had gone up to the boy, wanting to play. The boy had been unaware of the Van Dorts' supposed 'curse'. So they had begun playing together.

Then the boy's mother had come.

Even he had heard the scream from his office. The scream of the other yelling at her son to get away from the 'freak'.

He had dropped everything he had been doing in the office and came rushing to his sons side. He knew what it was liked to be called a 'freak' or 'cursed'. He was fine with it. Let them think what they want. It wouldn't affect him. But no one called his son that.

He felt horrible that what had happened to him, so long ago, was affecting his son, when it shouldn't.

He had glared at the Lady, his son hiding behind him clutching tightly to his arm. She had walked away, holding her sons hand, mumbling something about s curse.

That was the night Victor had asked him.

It hadn't much taken him by surprise. He knew the question would be asked eventually. Knowing Victoria didn't want their son knowing about Emily, the Land of the Dead, or any of the events that had occurred that day, he simply told his son that is wasn't his fault and that he, his father, had caused people to avoid him.

"What did you do?" his son had asked, wide eyed and curious.

He has smiled sadly and replied, "It is not to be spoken of. Your mother doesn't like to talk about it.

Victor had only asked two or three times after that. Then he just stopped asking because he knew he wasn't going to be told and that it was not best to bring it up.

Victor had felt horrible for his son and that he didn't have any friends, so he got a companion that would never judge him.

A dog.

His son had been so happy when he had seen the dog in the living room. He knew how much a dog could make you happy. Scraps had been his only friend as a child.

His son had named the dog sparky.

Then about a year later, a new family had come to town. Which was very surprising because news had gotten around to other towns about 'The town where the dead walked the earth' and 'the man who married the corpse'.

But the family hadn't believed the story like everyone else had. Even after the towns and Pastor Galswells warnings. So they had not forbad their son of the same age as Victor to play with him.

A barking interrupted his thoughts of the past. He saw Sparky dash happily into the house with his tongue flopping around.

"Here Sparky! Come here boy!" His son called out to his dog.

Victoria then walked into the room, and he greeted her with a "Good evening Victoria."

"Good evening Victor," she replied smiling. "Hello Lucas, how are you this evening?"

Lucas looked up from the book Victor was showing him, and responded. "Hello Mrs. Van Dort. I'm fine. Thank you."

He and Victoria watched as Victor and Lucas put down the science book and started playing with Sparky.

"Your parents are wonderful Victor," Lucas said. "My parents won't let me have any kind of pet. They say it is improper."

"Well Father had a dog when he was a kid. Right father?"

He smiled remembering Scraps.

"Yes," he responded, still smiling.

"Oh Father, what was his name? You never told me."

Victoria got up and left the room. Victoria had only seen Scraps when he was dead and just a bunch of bones. And Victoria hated thinking of that night.

"Scraps. Scraps was his name."

"Why did you name him Scraps?" Lucas asked curiously.

"Because that's where I found him. In a bunch of scraps."

"Were your parents alright with you keeping him?" his son questioned.

Victor cringed at the memory of how much his mother had yelled at him when she had first seen the dog in the house.

"My Mother hated him, but my Father didn't mind," he said.

"Hmm," Lucas said, getting distracted with Victor playing fetch with Sparky.

"Victor," he said sternly. "Remember what your Mother said about playing fetch inside. You don't want to break something."

"Ok," Victor said, grabbing the ball and chucking in outside.

Sparky scampered out the door to retrieve the ball. Victor then got up from his place on the floor and followed him.

He smiled to himself. His son loved Sparky so much. It amazed him how much Victor and Sparky were so much like him and Scraps.

He jumped when he heard his son give a blood churning scream. He sprung out of his chair and called out to his son.

"Victor! What's wrong?"

And when he got to that door, and saw what lay ahead, would he know that his son was going to go through all the same pain he had.

The pain of losing your best friend.