Mello stretched his arms as far as the empty space on his bed would let him go. Or so it would seem since he found his arm plopped over a certain redhead that was lying beside him. Why Matt was there in the first place, the chocoholic didn't recall. But Mello figured that he must've made up some lame excuse about not being able to sleep in his own room and decided to sneak up next to him. Mello sighed. Making a fuss out of this at two o'clock in the morning was pointless. And besides, having company like this felt… Mello scooted closer to the sleeping Matt and curved his arms around him into an embrace… nice.

A drabble I came up with some few months ago. I decided to post it up now seeing that it'd be a waste to just leave it stored in my memory.

Pardon its epic shortness. (T-To) Review for its fluffiness?