Teen Wolf A Kaplan Falls Slash Fanfiction Tale

By, Aidanlovesjosh

Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinsky

Preface: Flashback

Two Days Before Summer Ends

Well today, Stiles Stilinsky was finally going to tell his best friend Scott McCall, that he is in love with him.

So as they were working out at the local YMCA, Scott had no clue his best friend had been watching him. Watching how his muscles flexed during his workout and it was the other way around, once Scott had turned to face the opposite direction. When Stiles's shirt was off and he worked out, it made Scott truly wish Stiles felt the same way for him.

Soon enough, they were back at Scott's house upstairs changing in the same room. And there were mirrors beside Scott on the closet door, as Scott got undressed out of his skivvies he also watched Stiles get naked. Then saw Stiles pull on his swim trucks over his perfect ass, they were both in their swim trunks and had one towel each.

So they dropped their towels by the pool and while Scott dove with great form, Stiles did a cannon ball. When they resurfaced they were facing each other, ironically their eyes met instantly and Scott looked at Stiles's lips. As Scott treaded closer to Stiles in the water, Scott looked up to Stiles's eyes. He found them focused on his lips. Scott took that as an okay, before he attempted a quick lunge forward. Their lips met hard and wet, Stiles took a deep breath.

As Stiles tried to pull away to say something, Scott wrapped his arm around Stiles all the way against his body. So Stiles Sat on his lap legs curled across his waist.

Scott had used his one free hand to toss Stiles arms over his shoulder, then used that same arm to return to treading. With each wet tasty kiss Scott gave Stiles, he got several long tongue tying french kisses returned. Their lips broke to the sound of Scott's mother returning from the hospital on her break to check on them. They swam to opposite sides as she approached the pool, "Hi Ms. McCall."

"Hello Stiles, How are you? Are you to enjoying yourselves?" she asked looking to Scott noticing his 'Get out!' stare. So she said, "Well there's money on the counter for pizza, so see you guys in the morning."

Scott heard the front door close and looks to where Stiles was and found him out of the pool. In rapid haste Scott swam to the pool's edge, he climbed out taking Stiles's right hand and him up to his bedroom hallway. Once inside the safety if his room, Scott had closed the door along with the blinds. After that Scott turned to face Stiles, he pinned Stiles against the door and he began to grind into him.

Stiles just plain moaned through every kiss on his neck riding each grind.

Scott gripped Stiles's left leg and when he lifted it do to the intense pleasure. With each loud moan, then Scott took Stiles's other leg up on his hip. Scott said, "Hop up."

"Can you hold me?" asked Stiles.

Scott nodded and Stiles obliged by hopping atop Scott's lap grinding into him before they knew it himself and Stiles on the bed.

Stiles felt Scott's hardness and said, "Scott is that what I think it is?"

Scott got up moving to the edge of the bed embarrassed.

Stiles sat up crawling over closer to Scott saying with his head in his lap, "Whatz wrong?"