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Summary: Follow Harry Potter and his mentor Severus Snape, wizards who are trying to escape the grasps of a rather dark man, on a journey that is seemingly unforgettable. The two head to Forks, promising each other that they can try to be somewhat normal and live peacefully. But how can Harry be normal when he has a vampire constantly breathing down his neck spouting things about being his mate and being destined together? AU.

Warnings: Strong language, mature sexual content, violence and blood, homosexuality, and various other things that I will promise to warn you about later on as the story develops.

Author's Note: Hello there, welcome to my attempt at a story that is completely out of my comfort zone. Please, tell me your opinions and thoughts once you've finished reading. I can't guarantee that it's going to be fantastic nor perfect; but it's an attempt and I would really adore it if you told me what you think. Things will not follow either of the original books plots; I am simply using the character and settings to mend into my own work of art. I am not perfect at grammar, and I tend to have an odd style of writing. Please, point out my mistakes so that I can make note not to make them in the future. If you do not like my story, you are free to tell me, I take kindly to criticism; perhaps I can use your words as a way to make my story better. I might add more to this note at the end of the story. If you have any questions about how I am doing things please ask them, and I will answer in the next chapter. I will only write another chapter if I feel enough people like this story and it is worthy enough.

Transparent Fall: Chapter One

"I've told you how much I despise muggle transportation, right?" Severus Snape asked as he used his pale hands to brush off the front of his dark coat. There was a chuckle from the shorter figure beside him as they exited the horrible taxi. "Americans are the worst when it comes to said transportation too,"

"Oh, Sev', don't be too harsh, I rather like Americans, they mean well," added in the smaller of the two as the cab drove off behind them, leaving them to stare at the large home they'd be staying at for quite some time, "Besides, you're going to have to get used to them, we're going to be spending a lot of time with them now that we're in Forks, Washington,"

Snape scoffed, "Perhaps you're right, Potter, but I think it'd be a little more tolerable if the weather weren't exactly like London's, if not worse,"

"I think I agree with you on that note," the dark figures blended with the surrounding darkness. They found it more their style to arrive to their new home in their usual setting. The two glanced to their lovely new home. It wasn't too large, but big enough for the two of them. Harry found himself fond of the idea of their home being secluded and surrounded by tall trees and bushes.

He sniffed the air and smelled pine and fresh water, a scent he could live with happily. The house was white, and stood two stories tall, only the moon giving it a glow. The shorter man found the rose bushes on either side of a gravel walkway to be his favorite thing about the home. The navy blue window shutters gave a traditional look, and Harry prayed that the flooring inside was that of wooden floors and not carpet. Carpet was nice, but Harry found that walking along mahogany wood to be soothing (which thankfully, that's exactly what the flooring was on the inside, how heavenly).

"I certainly hope we aren't going to spend the rest of the night standing outside, Potter," Snape drawled from the emerald eyed companion beside him, "I think we should go see how well furnished this home truly is,"

Harry shrugged, grabbing his only case of luggage and stepping onto the gravel path, "No one said you had to wait for me to lead the way, Severus, come along then let us settle in, we've got a busy week ahead of us, we're going to need a bit of rest after that long flight,"

Severus gave a grunt from behind Harry as they entered the home.


"Alice," Jasper whispered beside his loved one as they lay together staring at the ceiling later that night, for obvious reason that they couldn't sleep, his head turned at the wave of emotion he felt from his mate. He brushed a cold hand over her marble cheek in concern and glanced into her topaz eyes when she looked over to him, "What did you see?"

"I'm scared," she uttered back, her lips moving at an abnormal speed. She wrapped her arms around Jasper and buried her face into his neck, the tips of his golden hair brushing against her nose as she gave an unneeded inhale, "I just saw Edward dying,"

Jasper's eyes widened and he pulled away, "What did you just say?"

Alice seemed troubled now, and Jasper did his best to wash a wave of comfort over to her to calm her nerves as good as he could at the moment, it didn't help that his own emotions were screaming at him, his mate just told him that his brother was going to die, that's not something a vampire would be fond of hearing. Alice spoke, her voice quiet enough so that no one else in the home would hear her; she even focused on singing children's bedtime songs so that she wouldn't risk Edward reading her mind, "I said I saw Edward dying and I couldn't save him, Jasper, I couldn't save him!"

"Hush now," Jasper said softly as he pulled the pixie-like vampire closely to him once more, focusing more on using his ability to calm her down so she wouldn't alarm the rest of the family, "Your visions can change, Alice, you know that. Based on certain decisions and choices, they can change,"

The short haired woman shook her head though, and shifted so that she were sitting on the bed, and Jasper followed her actions as he sat across from her doing his best to place his hands onto her without having to feel the intensity of emotion that Alice currently felt, "I can't see any other outcome though, Jazz."

"There was to be another outcome, Alice, perhaps it just involves someone that you can't see," Jasper tried, hoping his suggestion might have a little truth behind it. He watched as Alice made an unneeded swallow and gave a quivering pout,

"You mean like a shifter?" she hoped.

The blond vampire nodded, "Yeah, that's a possibility, but for now you need to tell me everything you saw, understand me? I need to know every last detail, and its best you don't say anything at the moment to the rest of the family, do you understand?"

"What about Edward, how are we going to keep it from him?" Alice asked, blinking as worry flooded her body once more.

"Try your best to block it from him, do you understand me?"

She nodded, and Jasper smiled and embraced the petite other,

"Now, about this vision, tell me what you saw, and when this is supposed to happen…"

They were standing, being held back by an unknown force that Alice found herself desperately trying to get through. She was screaming, her sharp fangs flashing carelessly as she clawed and hit at the barrier refraining her from running to help her struggling brother whom was currently being attacked by unknown figures, who seemed large in size, and a swiping sound echoed the area, and the sun seemed to be covered every so often, leaving the sun only to glimmer through as a deep ray of red and orange creating the trees to glow around them and the grass to sparkle as they reflected the colored glare of the large ball of gas.

"Edward!" Alice found herself screaming, and she could hear other voices speaking to her, yelling at her, but she kept herself focused on her brother. The voices didn't matter, and they remained muffled, hidden as a sound of white noise as she watched her brother fall to his knees and scream out, his mouth hung open with a silence that made Alice fall back from the barrier holding her and fall to her rear. The next part happened in what appeared as slow motion as her vision blacked for a brief moment and then vision flooded back and her brother's head was severed from his body and he floated to the ground in black ash. She screamed, feeling arms grabbing her and pulling her back as she tried to crawl for her death brother, "Edward!"

Jasper took it all in, listening intently to the other vampire as she whimpered the story's details to the best of her ability, and gave a human sigh, "So you haven't a clue what those figures were, who they were?"

"No," Alice choked out, "but Jasper they were real, they were there; whatever it is they are they're coming, and they're coming soon and we won't be able to stop it,"

"We can leave, we can move back to Alaska for a bit, can't we?" Jasper supplied, a brow rising in curiosity, wouldn't that be a decision that could rescue Edward, if they left? "We can tell the others what you saw; we can prevent this some way or another, can't we?"

Alice shook her head, another whimper coming from her, "But we can't, there's something else,"

The ex-soldier looked with exasperation, there was more? "What is it…?"

"If we leave, Edward won't ever be able to meet his mate," she told him, "If we leave we pass up the opportunity of Edward finally finding someone. He won't be alone anymore Jasper… and this, this person means so much to all of us in the future, we can't leave that, we can't leave him,"

"You saw Edward's mate?" Jasper asked as his eyes widened brightly, "When do we meet him…?"

Alice avoided eye contact as she played with the hem of her shirt, "We meet him within a few weeks, and then we go to school with him, and I think a bit after that Edward… he… dies,"

"So we can leave before that, but after he meets his mate,"

"No," Alice says, freezing as her mind wandered a few visions, "Edward doesn't allow us, there's a reason he won't leave and I think it's linked to the things that kill him, nothing I try can save him, nothing I do can make him change his mind. Edward stays to his own death and we sit there and watch him, Jazz, we watch him die,"

"So then what do we do…?"

"I don't know, but right now we can only hope for the best, right? We have a few good happy moments left, and maybe something happens; the future can change right? It's not too late for other decisions to be made, we can still save him… we can try, we can… still… try,"

Jasper nodded and touched his mate, sending a wave of calmness through her, "Alright, I'll try my hardest to help along the way; I'll do all that I can for you and Edward. But we can't let the others know, no matter what, do you understand Alice? We can't put our worry onto everyone else,"

"I know," Alice whispered as they laid themselves back down onto the large bed, "It's just going to be so hard to look at him without wanting to tell him, without wanting to stop him from doing something stupid, without seeing him slip from my reach. It's going to be so hard,"

"I'm here to help you through it, we're going to solve this, I promise, we're going to do all that we can Alice, so promise me you won't worry about it that much, alright?" Jasper said, knowing it were possible that his promise was empty, but he hoped it wasn't, it couldn't be. He was going to try his hardest to prevent his brother from death, "Besides, we have something to look forward to,"

"What's what?"

"This new addition that you say will be a part of the family," Jasper grinned, "What's he like?"

Alice suddenly jumped with excitement, "Oh Jasper, he's so brilliant! At first he comes off as a bit of a jerk but he's really charming and fun, and he likes to go shopping with me and he's super caring and, and, and—"

Jasper nodded, ushering her along to pull her thoughts away from her darker visions of the future, "And? What's his name, is he a vampire then?"

"It's Harry," Alice said with awe, "Harry Potter… and I'm not really sure what he is,"

"You're not sure what he is," Jasper was now completely confused, how could she not know what she was, "I don't know, I can't be sure if he's human or not, he's strange Jazz, and so is the man he's staying with,"

"When does he arrive here then?"

Alice blinked and smiled, "He already has, about an hour ago,"

"Oh. So, what's his name again?"

"Harry, Harry Potter," she chirped, and Jasper felt accomplished that he calmed his mate down and made her happy once more as she rambled on about several different things that were to come of the family and this new guy. He had to admit, he too was rather excited to meet the new fellow, and to find out the various secrets that he knew the man would have. He was anxious to see his brother happy and no longer basking in the depression of being alone anymore.

But, Jasper also couldn't shake what was eating at the back of his mind, the dark side to what awaited them in the future.

To be continued, please tell me what you think, and I promise chapters from here on out will be much longer and the plot won't be as cliche as you think it might be.