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0.x = pre Security Breach event

1.x = during Security Breach event

2.x = post Security Breach event

RC.x = alternate universe scenarios (RC stands for release candidate)

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0.1.52 Step-brothers


He wipes his sweaty palms on the hem of his shirt. Fidgets a bit. If his mom wasn't standing right next to him, he would have started chewing his nails.

There's a slam of a car door. Multiple footsteps. His mom opens the door before they even have the chance to knock.

"Hello! Come in, come in." She leans in to kiss the man on the cheek. Tae has seen him plenty of times before. He shows up at the door right before the babysitter. He drives them around in his fancy car. Even cooked dinner for them once.

But it's the older boy next to him who catches his attention.

The first thing Tae notices is his height. The other boy stands straight and at least a feet taller than himself

The second thing is his hair. It's longer than any of the boys' he knows. It is slicked back from his face, and tied behind his neck in a neat, presentable ponytail.

"Good morning, Mrs. Ghil. It's a pleasure," he greets. His voice is gentle, with the hint of a melodious accent.

Tae is instantly fascinated. In that voice, he hears the whisper of secrets, laughter of the wind, closely followed by an undercurrent of sorrow.

"Oblio, it's so nice to finally meet you," his mother smiles warmly and shakes the boy's extended hand. She immediately turns to the father, "He has good manners. You raised him up well."

Tae finds himself being pushed forward. He comes face-to-face with him. He feels Oblio's dark eyes examining him, taking in the baby-face with a stubby nose, the baggy clothing that he hasn't grown into yet, and his Velcro-laced sneakers with an enigmatic expression. Tae fidgets again, his hands going behind his back to twist into his T-shirt.

"Hello, Tae." There it is again. That wondrous voice is speaking to him.

He cannot answer. His voice, small and squeaky, will sound so... ugly.

"Tae," his mother admonishes lightly, "Be polite. Say hi."

His eyes drift down to the ground.

"Hi," he answers back shyly.

And waits. But a reply never comes.

Tae looks up. Oblio is already gone, his mom whisking him away. She shows him their entire house, the family pictures, and then seats him at the dinner table.

He climbs into his usual seat, across the table from Oblio. For some unknown reason, the fact that he has to use two seat pillows to boost himself up is suddenly embarrassing. He hopes nobody notices.

It is a big meal for a lunch. Tae has never seen such a variety of his favorite foods since his last birthday. Kimbap, galbi, and store-bought oden.

He is happily chewing through a greasy rib eye when the two adults at the table begin to speak.

"Oblio, Tae, I think it's time we made the announcement," Tae's mother takes a deep breath. Her hand, goes across the table to grasp the man's, "We've decided... to get married."

Tae drops the food. "Does that mean I'll get to ride in the pretty car all the time?"

His future step-father chuckles. "Of course." His mom lets out the breath she's been holding with visible relief. She isn't sure what to expect, or how much an eight-year-old can understand the concept of marriage. Things seem to be going well though.

Three pairs of eyes slowly drift to the remaining silent one at the table. Oblio, with chopsticks poised gracefully in one hand, finishes chewing the pickled vegetables. The chopsticks make a quiet clink as he sets them down.

"Congratulations. I am happy for you two," he murmurs quietly. The corners of his mouth lift up, and he graces everyone with a brilliance of a rare smile.

That's when the realization hits Tae.

His step-brother is utterly perfect.


0.1.54 Sundays


A smart, polite, and charming young man. There's just nothing... Tae can dislike about Oblio.

He follows his new older brother like a puppy. Wagging his tail for praise and taking scraps of affection as if it's the best thing in the world. Their parents keeps talking about what Ivy League university he'll get accepted into. What he'll study and if he'll become a doctor, lawyer, or a corporate CEO.

When Oblio wins another chess tournament or chalks up another A+ on his already impressive report card, Tae also glows with pride.

Sundays soon become his favorite day of the week. That is when Oblio will take him to the park, and buy them each a scoop of Blazin' Blue Raspberry from the ice cream truck. They will sit on a park bench and watch kids play on the jungle gym, couples on a picnic date, and runners jog around the track while slowly eating their chilly treat.

This particular Sunday is turning into one of the hottest days of the summer. Half of the ice cream ends up in Tae's mouth, while the other half smears itself across his face. Not his fault, really. Ice cream melts way too fast in this balmy summer heat.

Oblio takes a napkin and silently begins to clean the blue stickiness around his mouth in the careful, meticulous manner he is so well known for. Tae beams back.

"I wanna grow up to be just like you," Tae blurts out suddenly. Oblio pauses. His face goes blank and he does not say anything.

He finishes wiping Tae's face. Crumples up the napkin in his strong hand.

"That would be a tragedy," he replies simply. With the quirk of a melancholic smile.

His words confuse Tae. To be like Oblio seems awesome in his ten-year-old mind. It's like the equivalent of becoming a superhero with amazing, cool powers.

Tae doesn't think too much on it anymore, the raspberry ice cream is dripping down his hand, demanding his immediate attention.

It will be years later when he'll finally remember those words. As he rigorously trains for Dance Central. When he hears the wild cheering from his new crew of friends. And every time his heart skips a beat as she calls out his name.

Oblio doesn't want him to follow his footsteps. He wants him to grow into his own person.


0.1.56 Take-off


It all changes when Oblio turns eighteen.

Their parents bought him a sports bike for his birthday. It's been the sole occasion when he actually requested a present. So how can they possibly refuse? He already acquired the necessary license on his own sometime after he turned sixteen.

For the first few days, Oblio and the motorcycle seem to merge into one living entity. He comes and goes, riding his bike to unknown places and coming home at odd hours.

Mom becomes worried. His father assumes it's just a phase of teenage rebellion. They both earnestly believe Oblio will tire of the new toy and go back to being the model student they all know and love.

Tae, a bit older and wiser now, doesn't see it that way. In fact, an incident later that week practically convinces him.

On his way back from school that day, he bumps into Oblio. At least, he thinks it's Oblio. He looks so different that Tae really isn't sure he recognizes his step brother.

Instead of his school uniform, the lithe teenager wears a dark, leather bomber jacket with ripped jeans. The jacket is unzipped, allowing Tae a glimpse of a wife-beater and torn black fishnet hugging close to his muscled chest. His usual meticulous hairstyle is gone. Oblio's hair, for the first time, is loose. Half of it covers his face, and the other half flares out behind his head, sticking out in odd angles with the tips dyed an electric blue.

The older teenager leans against the brick wall of a shady-looking building, looking up at the sky as if it holds all the answers. A lit cigarette dangles loosely in his hand. And when he raises it to take a drag, Tae notices the nails are painted a dark plum.

At that exact moment, a scantily clad girl appears from the entrance of the run-down establishment, and catches sight of the dark-haired male. If Tae had any doubts of the identity of the person in front of him, it disappears the moment the girl calls him by name.

"Oblio! C'mon it's almost your turn. You promised me you'll show me your moves..." The way she is plastering herself against him is borderline indecent. Tae cannot believe his eyes or ears.

He waits until the two of them disappear inside. Then he crosses the street to the building. Upbeat music drifts from the ajar door. Nobody's there, so Tae sneaks himself in.

The narrow, dirty staircase goes down to some kind of underground basement. It is dark. There are no windows. The music blares so loud his ears might as well be bleeding. There are many people inside, but nobody pays the short, Asian boy any attention. In fact, everyone is focusing on what's happening in the middle of the floor.

Tae remains glued on the stairs, and leans forward against the handrails for a better look.

Oblio stands in the middle of the clearing. Tall, proud, and stoic. His arms crossed, jacket gone, exposing his adult-like, muscular frame for all to see. He watches in contemplative silence as the person in front of him break out dance moves. A shorter, darker-skinned dancer tuts, threads, and then twitches in an odd robotic manner.

Raucous cheers comes from a section of the crowd. But then Oblio steps forward, and the crowd soon grows quiet. He bends forward, like a leopard preparing to pounce, and throws himself into the air. He prowls like a predator. Cunning and calculating. Each movement has a purpose, has a meaning. Oblio wastes no energy, no excess moves. It is power, but it is also poetry.

Oblio finishes with a gentlemanly bow. The people go wild. Tae lets out the breath he doesn't even realize he's been holding. As he runs the rest of the way home, Tae's mind works furiously.

His older step brother lives two lives. The front he put up for their parents. And this other- the true side of Oblio- that he has always so skillfully hid away. And the young Korean knew for sure the person in the dark, musty basement is the real Oblio.

Because he was smiling.

That night, he wakes up to yelling downstairs. There is a crash of broken glass, and then the violent slam of the door. As silence fills the house again, Tae peeks out from his bedroom window and into the driveway.

Oblio sits on top of his bike, with the motor roaring into life.

He glances up. Their eyes meet.

Tae ducks, feeling as if he shouldn't be looking. And the next time he peers over the window sill again, Oblio's gone.



-Uh... Some backstory that I feel is necessary. I can't fit these into Security Breach. And there's going to be random scenarios that I want to write out later.

-Well, guess his real name is revealed. Tae Chin Ghil. Scramble the first two initials and the last name and you get... SURPRISE! haha I think I'm so clever...

-Freaking brother complex! I can't write this and not think of the infamous Sasuke/Itachi relationship. It's pretty complicated though. As Chap 6 will prolly tell. Glitch might have worshipped him when he was little. But it's quite a different story now.

- Oblio's fav ice cream flavor is Blazin' Blue Raspberry in the developer blogs. I wonder how it tastes like... and if he only likes it b/c it matches his hair...

Moral of story: This is for all those people who feels like they will never live up to your parent's expectations. It's alllll goooood. Just be happy with yourself. :D