I stared at the boy in front of me. I knew this boy. Very well. His name was Arthur Kirkland, the boy I fell in love with. But the reason why I was staring at this Brit wasn't because how beautiful he was, it was because he was dressed weirdly. He wore a red coat with a very tall black hat. I really didn't know why he was wearing such silly clothes though. I stared at him, my face getting closer to see if he would react, he didn't, just stood there like a statue staring straight ahead. That's when I started making these weird faces, some I never knew I could even make! But he didn't react. Then I started to bug him, tickling him, stomping on his foot, even poking his eyebrows! But. No. Reaction! This frustrated me. I thought for a few seconds, not knowing what I could do to get something out of him.

Then the thought hit me, and my lips curved, forming a suspicious smirk.

I leaned in close to Arthur's face, carressing his cheek, and pressed my lips against his. Immediately, his body tensed, so I took this confusion for a chance to slip my tongue into his mouth. I heard Arthur moan, as he returned the kiss, I smiled, pulling the Brit closer to me.

And then, pulled away. I heard Arthur whine at the loss, and he stared at me, a slight pout on his face.

"You reacted~" I say, "So I win." And then I dive in for another kiss

A/N This idea came randomly. I just wanted something with Francis trying to get a reaction out of him, anyway, I enjoyed writing it, even if it's short. Remember, reviews are appreciated!