"Mommy….?" A little girl fell to her knees in front of a collapsed figure. Before her stood a girl with a sword in her hand picking up what her mom taught her was a grief seed.

"Accept it kid." The girl before her said. "Your mom is dead."

"B-but you killed her!" The little girl said back.

"I only did it to save millions of people." She looked back at her. "Imagine, kid. If the witch was alive it would've killed millions or billions of people. I'm not going to hold back to save one person. I would rather save a million people than save one."


"Look, because of her stress or for whatever reason I don't know your mom's soul gem got corrupted and it turned into a witch. Puella Magi's jobs are to kill these witches. Don't blame me for your mom's death. Blame her for being weak." And with that she flew away leaving the little girl in tears. She put her head down in front of her and kept on crying.


Five Years Later

"Yes, yes." A red haired girl with pink eyes was on the phone while putting her sock on. "I understand, nii-san, you don't have to worry about me everyday! Ok, ok, I gotta go to school…." She sighed. "I know you don't have school but I do. Ok, bye." She put the phone down and rushed to the door and struggled with her shoes. And with that she darted out of the door.


Aime POV

"Aime!" I turned around to see an orange haired girl with orange eyes waving towards me.

"Hey, Nina-senpai!" I greeted her as she halted to a stop.

"Hey, did you bring that book that I wanted to borrow with you?" She asked. I dug into my bag and pulled out a thick book and handed to her.

"Thank you! I've been looking all over for it!" She smiled as she took the book out of my hand. As we entered the school gates. Nina waved good bye as I saw a limo pull up. I watched as our school's student council president walked up to Nina and not minding all her fans as they walked to the building. I sighed as I followed the crowd.

I used to have a best friend but I don't know where she is anymore. She used to be so happy all the time laughing everyday making the people around her all smile but now, she doesn't even come to school and if I even visit her she said she'll kill me, no lie.


"Hey AIME!" A girl with silver hair glomped me from behind almost tackling me.

"hey Kiyomi, do you need to do that everyday!" We laughed all the way to school like any other day. We giggled during class and got in trouble together like every day.

One day I was home and I was watching the news while I was eating dinner when I almost dropped my fork and widened my eyes.

"Today there has been a terrible accident. A car lost control at a sharp curve off the mountain. A 18 year old girl named, Kiyoko Senaha, has died as the driver of the car." The news reporter stated.


"hi, Aime…." Kiyomi just tapped me on the shoulder as she greeted me.

"What? No hugging from behind anymore?" I asked as I looked towards her.

"oh, yeah, sorry forgot…" Kiyomi still looked down.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, sorry just a little down because I…. got a bad grade, yes! Now we gotta run if we want to make it to school!" Kiyomi did her best to hide her pain as she ran forward waving towards me.

You've always been a bad actress, Kiyomi. I thought as I watched her.

Few weeks later

"A 40 year old man has been found in an alley near supermarket. They found his body all marked up with blood. No one has seen and knew what happened. The police are now looking for evidence."

Another witch attack… I thought as I was about to change the channel, but not before they announced the victim's name.

"The man has been identified as Kenichi Senaha…" I had the urge to run to Kiyomi's place and see if she was okay, but I knew that she would probably need some time alone.


"Kiyomi?" I called from her behind as she walked sluggishly with her shoulders slouched.

"KIYOMI!" I called her for almost five times.

"Oh, hi Aime, let's hurry or we'll be late…." She said as she continued to walk that way. All through class she never caused any trouble that surprised everyone. She had her head down all time during class. I think some of the teachers knew about her family so they gave her passes to go to the infirmary to rest. I felt so guilty that I couldn't do anything for her….

One month later….

I darted out of my apartment not even having time to close it. Hopefully one of my nice neighbors will close it for me but my brain was too focused on one thing that I didn't have time to worry about that. Before I left I was able to hear one last bit of detail, from the news.

"A 35 year old women has been found hung from a tree in a near forest. Investigators say that it was a suicidal attack. The women has been identified as Ayane Senaha…"


I reached to Kiyomi's apartment pressing the doorbell. I was panting because, well her mansion was pretty far. I kept on ringing and ringing but there was no answer. I pounded on the door as another attempt.

"Kiyomi! I know you're in there! Please, open the door!" I imagined Kiyomi curled up in her room while the pounding echoed throughout the apartment. After about five minutes the door creaked open slightly.

"Kiyomi! I heard everything from TV, I just want to…" I was interrupted when I found a knife pointed at my throat.

"Never come near me again. If you even have the courage to return to this doorstep I will not hesitate to kill you." She said as she slammed the door. I gulped down my fear and left in complete defeat.


End flashback

I felt down as I remembered that piece of memory. I reached my classroom and pressed a button to make my desk appear from the ground. I sat down and put my head down.

Why do things end up the way they are?

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