Disclaimer: "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is owned by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. Apart from the story's narrator, not one character used here is mine.

SGS Europe, April 18, 2009:

A co-worker of mine returned to base with a suitcase, which by his own admission he got off some bum from the streets. That co-worker, named Paul, was in the testing room now, along with Dorien, who would assist him if something went wrong. I wasn't in the room myself, rather I was looking inside the room through the two-way mirror. I saw how Paul opened the suitcase, revealing there was a belt inside it. It wasn't your every day belt, though. It was gray, appeared to be made out of Kevlar, and had some electronic things attached to it which I couldn't quite identify. Paul put the belt on, upon which he picked up another item from the suitcase. It appeared to be a cell-phone, but it seemed to be made of the same material as the belt, and appeared to bear some of the same markings. The cell-phone in question was one of those types which you have to open in order to use its keypad. Which was exactly what Paul did. He opened the phone and pressed a few buttons. Once the buttons were pressed, the cell-phone said "standing by". It took me by surprise, but Paul seemed to be expecting it, as did Dorien. Next he inserted the phone into a slot that was on the belt. At the time, I didn't know what was supposed to happen, but the fact that the same voice that said "standing by" was suddenly saying "error", and the fact that the belt seemed to cause sparks to fly, made it clear that whatever was supposed to happen couldn't happen. Immediately, Dorien jumped to Paul's aid.

"Are you okay, Paul?" she asked.

"Am I okay?" Paul growled, "I wouldn't have this frail body if that Ferl... never mind."

"If who... what?" Dorien asked.

"I said never mind!" Paul shouted.

"Let me try." Dorien offered.

"If it doesn't work on me, why would it work on you?" Paul questioned.

Interrupting their argument was a face that appeared on a flat-screen on the wall. It was our boss, Napoleon.

"How is everything?" he asked, "Everything in tip-top shape?"

"No!" Paul immediately said, "The Faiz-gear still won't work!"

"Then it looks like our assessments were correct." Napoleon said, "The gear is designed for a specific type of person to use it."

"That means I've done all this power training for nothing?" Paul whined.

"Well, I wouldn't say that." Dorien said, "Now you're strong enough to defend yourself against my mother, if she ever has an excuse to arrest you."

Given how I've heard Paul mumble about how he used to be a grown-up man before he got changed into the younger man that I saw before me, I wondered whether Dorien's mother, of whom I'll have to assume she's with the police, needs an excuse to arrest him.

Wherever my train of thought was leading me, it got interrupted when I, as well as Paul and Dorien, received a text-message on our own cell-phones. it read: "MAIN ROOM NOW!"

I didn't hesitate for one second to go to the main room, and neither did Dorien or Paul.

In the main room, our other co-worker, Miranda, was waiting, whilst doing something on the computer. In this room, I saw the TV-screen. It was tuned in on GNN, where it was broadcasting reports about a tsunami taking place in the Pacific ocean. A large chunk of New Zealand was flooded.

"That's horrible!" Dorien said.

"What happened?" Paul asked.

"I can't make sense out of this." Miranda said from behind the computer screen, "I've been trying to look for the source of the tsunami for hours now."

"Hours?" Dorien couldn't believe it, "This happened hours ago?"

"And did you find the source by now?" Paul asked.

"I think so, but... this is what I don't understand." Miranda answered, "At the center of it all seems to be an island."

This made sense to none of us, so Paul said: "An island is the cause of it?"

Miranda turned the computer screen toward us: "I don't understand it either."

On the screen, we saw a map of the area, with a red dot in the middle. Though calling it a dot wasn't accurate, as it had an unusual shape. It was almost as if it was an island blinking red.

"Weird." I said.

"Yeah, no kidding." Paul said.

"No." I said, "I meant it looks exactly like a map I saw in a Richard Bachman novel."

"Richard Bachman?" Dorien said, "He writes fiction. Thought you knew that."

"People." Napoleon's face suddenly popped up on the computer screen, "Do you realize what this island is?"

We all shook our heads, so Napoleon could answer: "That must be the legendary R'lyeh."

All of us looked in awe, except for Dorien: "What's R'l... Ryl'... what?"

"R'lyeh is the tomb of Cthulhu!" Paul answered.

"Who's Cthulhu?" Dorien wondered.

"Otherwise known as Cthlhu, Kutulu, Catulhu..." I explained, "Cthulhu is one of the more ancient deities. Being a giant, he considers himself to be above everything else, so all should bow down to him. It is said that his body alone was so big, they needed an entire island to bury him in. But if we're to believe the stories, Cthulhu may be buried, but he's not dead."

"Many cults have arisen that worship this Cthulhu." Paul added.

"People would willingly bow down to him?" Dorien couldn't understand, "If I saw a giant, I'd run away."

"Humans will always be too lazy to solve their problems." Paul said, sounding more cynical than you'd expect someone of his age to be, "So they'd turn to something that could save them. Even if the thing doesn't sound like it would want to save them anyway."

"Not to mention that, if I'm to believe what Bachman wrote, Cthulhu has telepathic abilities, so it's questionable whether those cults have followers who joined out of their own volition."

"Didn't I just tell you that Bachman writes fiction?" Dorien reminded me.

"Yes, and R'lyeh is supposed to be just a legend." I snapped back.

"So if R'lyeh is real, it's possible that Cthulhu is too." Miranda said, "And if he is..."

She couldn't finish her sentence, but we all thought the same thing.

"I've already alerted SGS in Japan." Napoleon said, "They're on their way there."

Within the split second that he said those words, the flat-screen on the wall lit up. On it, there was what appeared to be a silver cone, with a golden crown, two stick-arms, eyes and a mouth.

"Good evening, SGS Europe." it said.

"Mr. Voice." Miranda said.

"Nice to see you again, Miranda." the thing on the screen, Mr. Voice, replied.

"You... what is that?" Dorien asked.

"That's Mr. Voice." Miranda said, "Leader of SGS Japan."

"I've already deployed my people to check out that island." Mr. Voice said.

"That was fast." Paul remarked.

"Well, I think while we were explaining the situation to Dorien, Napoleon had all the time he needed to contact Japan." I explained.

"Quite right." Mr. Voice confirmed, "By the way, you may be interested to know that we're equipped with camera's, so I can monitor what's going on. I take it you're interested in seeing for yourself as well."

"Of course we are." Dorien replied.

Not too long after that, Mr. Voice disappeared from the screen, revealing a split-screen, where we could see exactly what it was that those camera's were registering.