As part of reporting to Krugger, I dialed the number "555" on my phone and transformed. In so doing, I could see myself in the mirror for the first time. My suit looked heavily armored, with the colors black, gray and red. Thought the gray parts seemed to sparkle a little more than originally. And for some reason, my helmet bore a closer resemblance to a dinosaur than... whatever it was supposed to resemble before. According to Krugger (though he didn't understand why) that space-metal suit that was given to me, as well as my Jyuken-gloves, had somehow merged itself with the suit. I'm not entirely sure how that was supposed to work either. He recognized the gloves I wore, so he deduced that the "ki" that being a Jyuken user would unleash, somehow, mixed itself with the magic that was unleashed. My "ki", as I understand it, has something to do with the energy that's in my body. From that, I could only assume that it also reacted to my experience with the Faiz-suit, which was why my suit resembled it in so many ways. Makito also told me that whatever magic spell Magiel would have granted me would not have been this heavily armored, so I must have had outside help as well. Which would explain why it merged with the space-metal. This was a moment for me to say "Great, I have myself a battle-armor!" But I should only be so lucky. The metal it was made of was police property. If I want the suit, I have to pay them for it. And the price wasn't exactly cheap. Nor could I say that I earned a little something for saving the world, because this police force saves worlds 24/7. If they were given a little something for every one time they saved a world, they'd run out of their budgets. So until I payed for the space-metal, Magiel has blocked me from using the suit. Even with extra-terrestrials and magical creatures, life is still unfair.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I actually did the right thing with saving the world. During the months that followed, things that didn't happen before did happen. That giant monster with the long arms that fought Cthulhu before, had somehow found its way to Manhattan Island, where it caused a lot of chaos and destruction. The army could kill it, but not before all constructions on the island were destroyed. What's worse is that this monster (for whatever reason called Clover) was only a baby, according to experts. Which means that there are more out there. Next, a nuclear bomb exploded above the U.S., shutting down the electricity over many of the northern states. And if that wasn't enough, more bombs exploded, this time not shutting down electricity, but destroying most American major cities. But before that even happened, a group of internet critics combined their forces to take over the entertainment industry, of which I was asked to help stop it (which lead me to meet the Doctor, and live through several adventures with him). In other words, either we would be incinerated by the sun, or allow ourselves to live long enough to destroy ourselves.

But what bugged me the most was, with all the changes that have happened so far, what would that mean for me and Melinda? After all, the reason she and I had met was because I was in the States, explaining my actions there. This was something that Potter had arranged for me. This time, I didn't see Potter, so I didn't prove myself to him, so he didn't arrange anything that would bring me to the States. And even if he did, would Melinda still react the same way to me now like she did back then? And after everything that has already happened, who's to say that she didn't die in any of these disasters? I was starting to grow more concerned about her than about all the problems in the world. So even on a more personal level, I still wonder if I did the right thing when I saved the world.