Following the others, I ended up at a train. This probably doesn't seem very significant, however the train in question wasn't stationed at a station, wasn't on any rails, looked like one of those old-fashioned locomotives, and was too large to be able to move.

"What are you waiting for?" Hikaru asked, "Get in!"

I hesitated, because I couldn't believe this thing could bring us anywhere, but for the moment I thought I should humor him. I got on board, as did the Zyurangers. Hikaru, I suspected, was the conductor, so he had to (because I don't know the right word) pilot the train. Once we were all seated, the train started moving after all. As I looked outside the window, I saw that the train was flying (perhaps "piloting the train" was the right choice of words after all). As we were... flying, the Zyurangers got ready as well. They took some kind of device from their belts, held it up, shouted... Dino-something (I couldn't make out the word they were using), and suddenly they too had changed into their protective suits.

"So..." I realized we had some time before we arrive where we're supposed to be, so I thought we could talk this through first.

"How did you get from the Pacific to your own country?" the one called Dan asked me, instead of waiting for me to finish my sentence.

"Excuse me?" I couldn't quite understand their question.

"We were about to head to where you were." Dan explained, "But then Magiel told us you had somehow disappeared and reappeared somewhere else."

Since regular cell-phones could be traced, it seemed reasonable to me that Magiel (who gave me my phone in the first place) had her own way of tracing her phones as well.

"You guys met that guy with those glasses?" I ask, "With that scar on his forehead? He teleported me."

"You mean you're friends with the boy who lived?" the one called Boi asked.

"Er... what?" what did he mean by that?

"That's not important." the one called Goushi said, "We better tell him what we're up to."

Geki nodded: "Daizyujin wants to fight Cthulhu."

"That much I gathered." I replied.

"Yes." Geki said, "But it works best if we're inside him."

This didn't make sense: "Inside him?"

"He's at his strongest when we put our will, our very being into him." Mei elaborated.

This made a little more sense: "A god is only as strong as the people who believe in him."

I don't know if it was what I said, or the way I said it, but it caused an awkward silence.

"What does this have to do with me?" I tried to get us back on track (no pun intended).

"You probably noticed you're a bit different now then you were before." Geki started, "You're stronger, faster,..."

Among other things, I thought to myself: "Yes."

"Which means you're not like other humans." Geki continued, "Neither are we."

"You're not?" I wondered.

"You evolved from apes." Goushi explained, "We evolved from dinosaurs."

"You're kidding me." I said.

"It's true." Dan said, "Which makes us much stronger than regular humans, and less susceptible to Cthulhu's telepathy."

"You even more so, since your body isn't natural." Goushi added, "So the five of us, along with you, should be enough to make Daizyujin strong enough against Cthulhu."

"We're about to arrive at our destination, please prepare to disembark." I heard Hikaru speak over the PA.

"That was fast." I remarked.

"It's a magical train." Mei explained.

"Why aren't we slowing down?" I wondered.

"No need." Geki replied, "Come on."

He motioned for everyone to get up and head to the exit. I was a little reluctant, but since they told me they needed me for this, I didn't have much of a choice.

The door was opened. Through the opening, I could see that, not only was the train still moving, it also was still airborne. Was I supposed to just jump off? One by one, the Zyurangers jumped off. In doing so, they left my field of vision, so I could see more of the outside eventually. As such, I could see that we were flying over Seattle. In the city, I saw cars standing still, people on the roof all hailing the one giant winged monster, Cthulhu. But beside that monster was another giant. This one resembled Daizyujin, except that he seemed to be wearing some kind of dragon-helmet on his helmet, along with what looked like shoulder-pads, and with white and golden claws. This made me remember there were other monsters as well. What happened to them? I looked over to the Ocean, where I saw their bodies. I thought they were dead at first, until I saw Gojira trying to move its arm. So at least he's not dead, but his fight with Cthulhu has tired it out.

"Are you ready for this?" Mei asked me.

I looked at her: "What?"

"Don't worry." she tried to reassure me, "You'll be alright."

She then jumped out of the train, and somehow landed onto Daizyujin's head. Was I supposed to jump too?

"Can't you fly a little closer?" I shouted, hoping that Hikaru could hear me.

I didn't hear anything from Hikaru, so I assumed he didn't hear me. Still, the train was circling around Daizyujin, so all I had to do was wait until it was close enough. And since Cthulhu was beginning to become aware of our presence, it better happened soon. But no matter how close we got, the distance was still too great. I guess even Hikaru thought I had the same strength of the Zyurangers, so as far as he was concerned, I had to be able to make that jump. In the end, I couldn't make that jump. At least not before Cthulhu turned around and started to attack Daizyujin.