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"Lucy!" Kendall called at the girl who was reading a book by the lobby.

"Oh, hi Kendall." She greeted.

"I need to tell you something." He panted, running all the way from the flower shop and back here wasn't an easy task, he was supposed to meet Jo first but since he saw Lucy, he might as well do it.

He eyes landed on the bouquet of roses in his hands, she looked at him in awe "You're apologizing for what happened earlier." She smiled as she took the roses from him.


"Thanks Kendall, I love it." She said, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"But…" he attempted again.

"I've got to go, thanks again." She said before walking away.

He fell unto the chair behind him and sighed and just his luck Logan and Camille walked to him.

"Hey bro, feeling down again?" the raven haired boy chuckled earning him a punch on the arm from Camille.

"Why did we just see Lucy walk happily with a bouquet of roses in her hands, does this mean you choose her?" Camille asked.

"No, I was supposed to meet Jo and I found Lucy here and I went to talk to her about me, choosing Jo but then she saw the flowers and assumed it was hers. I tried to tell her that it wasn't for her but she already took it from my hands then I was about to explain again but she said that she has to go and now I'm doomed once Jo finds out that i9 gave Lucy her flowers!" he said in one go causing Logan to laugh and Camille shake her head.

"Here." She said handing him some money "Go buy some flowers for Jo."

"I'd love to but I'm kind of worn out from running to the flower shop and back." He sighed.

"Ever heard of driving?" Logan chuckled.

"So you're telling me to go up and grab my keys from the apartment." He glared.

"Here, take my car." He said as he threw him his car keys.

"What about you two, I'm fully aware that you guys are going on a date." Kendall said to the couple in front of him.

"We can go back up and get your keys so we can use your car, don't worry, man." He reassured.

"Thanks guys!" he said as he stood up and walked out.

"Thanks for doing that for him." Camille smiled to her boyfriend as he kissed the top of her head.

"Come on, I've got to get his keys." He said wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Kendall drove to the flower shop he just went a couple of minutes ago. He went inside and to be greeted by the same guy.

"Hello boy, back again?" he chuckled.

"Yeah, my girlfriend thought it was for her…" Kendall suddenly realized what he just said.

"No… I mean…" he tried to defend himself.

"Hahaha very funny, don't worry a lot of guys come here and do the same thing." He winkled knowingly.

"Just give me another bouquet, please." He sighed as he threw the money on the counter.

"Sure thing." The man chuckled, he came back another bouquet and took the cash and gave Kendall his receipt. Kendall reluctantly thanked the guy and left and drove back to the Palmwoods. He saw Jo and smiled.

"Hey Jo." He greeted with the roses behind his back, Jo looked at him and he was shocked, she was crying, she shook her head and passed him, walking away.

"Jo, come back!" he saw Camille running after her with Logan behind her, Camille managed to run fast enough to pass Kendall but he took a hold of Logan's arm to stop him.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Jo saw the roses you gave Lucy…" Logan told him.

"Not good, not good!" Kendall panicked.

"No Duh, Sherlock" Logan replied sarcastically.

The blonde rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Hey there, Kendall." They heard Lucy say. The both turned around to Lucy smiling at them.

"Why do you have another bouquet?" she asked.

"Umm… Its Logan's…. No I mean… It's for Camille…. Wait…. It's for Camille from Logan." Kendall said, mentally slapping himself for the pathetic excuse he just said.

"You've got to tell her." Logan said to his friend before running to where his girlfriend was chasing her best friend.

"Tell me what?" Lucy gave him a puzzled look.

"Lucy, you're a great girl and any guy would be lucky to date you but…." He paused.

"You're breaking up with me?" Lucy asked with tears forming her eyes.

"Y-yes, it's not you, it's me, Jo and I used to date and when she came back, I started falling in love with her again." He tried to explain. Lucy wiped the tears and gave him a smile.

"Just like your song." She giggled; she gave him a kiss on the cheek "Sorry it didn't work out between us."

He nodded; she gave him one small smile "Go after her." She told him. He smiled at her before running to where Jo went.

At the park sat Jo sitting under a tree, crying her eyes out with Camille kneeling next to her and Logan standing awkwardly beside them. When he caught a glimpse of his best friend, he patted his girlfriend's shoulder causing her to look at him and he pointed at the boy who was running up to them. Camille silently stood up as the couple left Jo there, knowing that she's in safe hands.

"Jo…" he whispered, the said girl lifted her head up and saw Kendall with the bouquet of roses in his hands the roses were right in front of her face.

"Kendall, what's this?" she asked bitterly.

Kendall sat next to her "It's for you."

"Give it to Lucy." She scoffed.

Kendall sighed and placed the flowers next to him on the soft grass, he placed his hand on Jo's chin to make her look at him.

"I already broke up with Lucy." He stated, Jo eyes widened and she wiped off her tears.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because…" he breathed "I Love You!"

New tears came flowing down her eyes; she didn't know whether to be mad, sad or happy. He leaned in closed until their lips met. The kiss was perfect; none can be heard even if there are tons of kids playing in the park. She then realized that she was kissing back making Kendall smiled. Not one of them wanted to stop but air became a problem, they both pulled away. Kendall saw Jo still crying, he wiped off her tears with his thumb and caressed her cheeks.

"Do you love me, Jo?" he asked.

Jo placed her hand over his that was still on her cheek "More than you'll ever know." She giggled and with that, they shared another sweet kiss.

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