Me : well as you all may know I published another story and it sucked well let me tell you that story was from a friend she aspires to be a writer but she does not have her account, so I published it for her. She wrote it all, don't blame me oh and her English is not that fluent and it kind of made her feel bad, but she's learning, this is MY story.

Ikuto: well let me tell you that honestly Jaqueline sucks at writing and I hope your story is better than hers.

me: of course it will be " je suis parfait" and please leave Jaqueline alone she doesn't speak english she only writes it well sort of.

Ikuto: it's not interesting and stop showing off its not like anybody cares and Jaqueline does suck.

Amu: Well this is convenient only because this is amuto right Ikuto, or else he wouldn't be here.

Me: well hope you like it, well before that I'll put the characters descriptions. Would somebody do the honors

Amu: of course mari-chan does not own shugo chara

Me: ooh before we forget this is in the nineteen something :)


Ikuto Tsukiyomi


hair color :midnight blue

eye color: zafire blue

occupation: captain pirate

blood line:royalty

Kukai Souma


hair color: orange red

eye color: emerald green

occupation:crew pirate

blood line: peasant

Nagihiko Fujisaki


hair color: purple

eye color: brown

occupation: crew pirate

blood line:noble

Tadase Hotori

age :16

hair color : blond

eye color: ruby red

occupation: prince

blood line: noble

Kairi Sanjou

age: 15

hair color: green

eye color:green

occupation: royal counselor

blood line: noble


Amu Hinamori


hair color: pink

eye color: honey

occupation: princess

blood line: royalty

Utau Tsukiyomi


Hair color: blonde

eye color:violet

occupation: crew pirate

blood line: royalty

Rima Mashiro


hair color: pale blond

eye color:brown

occupation: company maid

blood line: noble

Yaya Yuiki


hair color: orange

eye color: brown

occupation: company maid

blood line: noble

Lulu De Morcef Yamamoto


hair color: blond

eye color: blue


blood line: noble

Sayaa Yamabuki


hair color:red

eye color: green


blood line: noble

***My midnight love***

The darkness roams all over the Kingdom of Humpty during the night, the only light is shown by the full moon and the stars shown above. Down on the balcony of the palace, a figure can be seen mixed with the night cautiously entering the balcony doors.

Ikuto pov

As I was entering the palace once again to steal the only valuable thing in the kingdom that's worth stealing "The Dumty Key," well if you see it my way its not stealing, technically it was mine to begin with, but since the news of a new war that was to be Unleashed for the power, that's when all the royal family of Dumpty kingdom was forced to leave to the never ending seas, but only I and my sister Utau were sent to seas. Who would have thought that all of that was just a bad joke to make the royal family leave so the Hotori family could take over since they were the next nobles in the line. Well back to me after we left my father was killed or so I heard my mother escaped but I never saw her again.

That was when I became the most fierce pirate of all seas captain Tsukiyomi Ikuto. With the years our escape ship turned into my ship the fearful seven seas treasure. I roamed all the seas up until now I could steal anything but the only thing I could never get was my own personal treasure, right now you see me here for the third time in the castle sneaking through the shadows the first time they caught me and I easily escaped last time they were close, luckly neither of those times they saw my face so they dont know me only the princess has seen it , right now I was not so sure they had increased security.

Running from the guards through the halls I ran into the closest door I could find, the light's were off I couldn't see anything. I looked around until I spotted a window thanks to my luck it was opened, I walked slowly towards it step by step I felt as if someone was watching my every move, my senses told that something was coming towards me so I moved to my surprise it was a vase, so I turned around to find a very pissed off pinkette looking at me it was kind of awkward that I was more scared of her than the guards maybe it was because she had a sword in hand and had me against the wall but I'm not so sure. Slowly moving my hand towards my sword I began to unsheath it.

Moving from the wall already with my sword in hand pointing it at her, to my surprise she dropped hers to the floor and lifted her hands.

Well I must say I was not expecting that she looked so serious but okay, then again I was preparing to take my leave when I herd her speak

"Why are you here and what do you want?," she said in a low and fearful voice

"Only one thing, my Dumpty key I bet you know where it is don't you?," I said with my unemotional voice.

"Why would a pirate like you want such thing like that?, anyways it's not yours it belongs to the Hotori family!," she replied with a harsh tone putting her hands down.

"Do you know where the Hotori's got such treasure, I bet you know its a treasure right, a key made out of gold with four bright diamonds incrusted in the shape of a clover with the form of a heart each. Am I wrong," I said.

"I-I-I don't know what your talking about I never heard such thing jajaja," I knew she was lying she was getting nervous and she stuttered.

I wonder how much more nervous could she get jejeje. Slowly putting away my sword I walked towards her, caging her against the wall with my hands, she blushed. Getting closer until our noses were touching then I heard the sound of footsteps probably the guards quickly giving her a peck on the lips getting away before she could slap me, grabbing both of her wrists pulling her close giving her a passionate kiss this time. Before she could slap me I ran for the window and said " I shall say my goodbyes but we will meet again my beloved princess, wait for me I will come back for you,"

"you wish pervert and don't dare show your face in my kingdom again!" she replied screaming after that with a swift move I made my leave only 5 seconds before the guards entered the princess's room

Amu pov

"you wish pervert and don't dare show your face in my kingdom again!," I yelled at him, after he jumped through the window, I rushed only to see him gone he left with my first kiss, when he left 5 seconds later the guards entered and again they failed to catch the thieving pirate with the cat like reflexes, if only I could be free I would leave and explore everything I would go outside of the castle and see what its like to roam the world. But sadly that's not my case I have to stay here sadly but yes (sigh) well now I have to go to sleep for tomorrow I have a special meeting with my ooh so disgusting fiance tadase hotori and his companions.

***next morning***

Hinamori-san please wake up its getting late!

I heard on of my maids yell in that instant I woke up and started to change I wore a white sun dress with 3 inch heels and a sun hat. I hurried down to the dining room there is where all my nightmares began there next to my mother was him, none other than Hotori Tadase the prince to the kingdom of platino, it was now called that since they changed the name once his family became royalty. I don't really know the reason why the family before that disappeared now that I think of it I never knew the name of that family well, I think its time of another boring meeting with him.

As I sat down next to him I saw a new person with him it wasn't his counselor kairi but it was …... it was IKUTO I cant believe it. What was a pirate doing dressed in a tuxedo next to a prince, I was starting to get nervous and I didn't know what I was going to do so cautiously I asked

"Am tadase-kun who's that next to you" I said

"Well it my new jack his name is Tsukimori Ikuto he's here temporarily"he replied

Then my brain started to work was I the only person who has seen the face of the fearful pirate tsukiyomi. Well back with Tadase he as always tried to flirt with me as always and that ended with me slapping him when he tried to kiss me so I left and thank god I got out of there his perfume smelled like he just got out of a flower shop mixed with a candy shop and honey its not like I have anything against those type of stuff but its just to sweet for me I just don't like the perfume he uses. Walking down the hall of the palace I bumped into someone and fell on my butt, then I saw a hand stretched ready for me to take it so I took it but then I regretted taking it it belong to no one else but that pirate Tsukiyomi Ikuto all I could say to him was:

"what are you doing here and how come nobody has notice that your the most wanted pirate?"

"well the answer to your question is that nobody has seen my face but you normally all I wear is a hat and have a patch but do you see any of that? I don't think so that's why nobody knows its me get it princess." he said smirking

"but didn't the guards get you once why didn't they notice it was you?" I asked

"because the day they caught me I had my hair over my eyes and had a pirate suite. Maybe you love me so much that you instantly knew it was me?" he ask while his smirk grew wider

"o-o-of course not what makes you think that I love you." I said wile I felt that my face grew hot then I knew I was blushing. Suddenly in a swift movement he put an arm around my waste an the other one holding my head against his chest suddenly he spoke.

"don't tell anyone I'm a pirate lets keep this a secret okay our secret." he said seductively

I only felt my blush grow and went into lala land while we stayed like that for a few moments then he let go but for some reason I felt disappointed but what he did next surprised me he gently grabbed my chin and said

"before I leave I want you to remember me and only think of me and not that annoying kiddy king" he said in a hypnotizing tone

then kissed me sweetly but passionately at the same time ,following that was a swift wind a then he was gone again he only kissed me and left as always a mysterious cat-like pirate with amazing looks but he was definitely just playing with me I could feel it.

Ikuto pov

leaving behind my dear princess I went to look for that brat of tadase always trying to claim whats mine but all I could do is keep myself hidden in the shadows with fake names so he wouldn't find out

that I came to claim what was rightfully mine.

"hey you servant come its time to take my leave I have no more business here since my dear fiance left and I ended my meeting with the queen already lets leave!" he yelled

I followed as I had no time to play around anymore if I wanted back my fathers kingdom.

All I had to do was keep an eye on him so I could find out where my dumpty key was hidden that's all that mattered to me now and of course that dear pinkette of mine soon you will be with me an you will not have any feelings for that annoying brat, I swear you will fall for me so the prophecy can be completed.

Me: well that's the first chapter of my fic tell me what you think of it I will take any suggestions for the story. :9

Ikuto: I think I'm starting to think of you as one of my friends you made me kiss amu three times woohooo. :D

Amu: why did ikuto take my first kiss and he kissed me three time and you made tadase arrogant and you also made me hate him. (throws big tantrum)

Me: look at the bright side …... well for you there is no bright side right now too bad.

Ikuto for me the story starts pretty good but dont you think my relationship With amu is going to fast?

Me: (glaring) at ikuto you want me to make amu kiss tadase?

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