hey guys!

i apologize for the long long wait in updates, i hope you don't get too excited about this message.

i'm going to be taking sbm down and rewriting it. i've learned a lot along the past year about clinical psychology and treatments and housing situations, as well as a lot about character and world building, and dialogue writing. some of the incongruencies in the fic with everything i'm learning irk me so much that i don't want to put any more effort into writing new chapters on a severely flawed foundation.

i'm hoping to have the chapters re-written by august, when i'll hopefully start posting more frequently.

thank you so much for staying with me and this story for so long, i appreciate all of you, and all of the reviews and favorites and alerts!

i also will assure you that i am going to see this fic through to the very end, even if it takes a bit longer than i had initially planned.

much love!