Artemis blinked…she had been fast asleep before being slowly brought back down to earth. Unlike yesterday instead she felt a pleasant, warm and tingling sensation all over her body.

"Wake up Arty-"a husky voice purred into her ear, it startled the already jumpy vampire. She instinctively swung her hand out and whacked the incessant presence off of her. She heard a familiar groan and a curse. "Seriously?-"she blinked and rolled over peering over at the edge of the bed. And saw her very naked boyfriend glaring up at her. "I'm trying to remember a time when I woke up to a loving girlfriend." Damon drawled.

Artemis snorted and rubbed her eyes, "Well you're the one who was molesting me-"she counted. The older vampire reached up and grabbed her wrist pulling her down with him. The brunette felt a sense of deja-vu when he did this.

"This is becoming a very bad habit of yours-"Artemis sighed leaning back, both of her knees were on either side of his hips

"Hmm…well you know what they say….the bad things are the best. Ergo that's why you love me so much." Damon said cockily. His hands were on her hips. Artemis grinned and leant down, brushing the tip of her nose against his.

"You are so ego-centric-"she gasped when he flipped her over so that she was now beneath him.

Damon's eye flashed over her body, they darkened in lust. "And-"he breathed into her ear, she felt a pleasant shudder run down her spine when he lightly bit down on her earlobe. "That's another-"his lips brushed against hers. Artemis's heart was pounding hard in her chest. All these heightened emotions in her were wreaking havoc…never had she felt so…wanton. "Reason why-"Damon was cut off when Artemis's hand slid up his bare back, "Art-"she leant up and smashed her lips against.

He was stunned for a moment before he eagerly kissed her back. Artemis bit down on his bottom lip; he could feel her smirk as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Damon dug his fingers into her soft flesh and groaned when she blurred them onto the bed and pinned him down.

"Vamp you is so sexy-"Damon groaned when her lips made their way down his neck and chest.

"So glad you like it." Artemis made sure to rub her body against his as her lips travelled back up his body. The raven head vampire didn't miss the hungry look on her face; he gritted his teeth when he saw the veins around her eyes darkening. His eyes widened "Art don't-"last time they done this she wasn't able to keep it down….that wouldn't have changed would it?

"Just one bite-"Artemis's hand slammed down on his chest holding him down, he could easily overpower her.

"Art you know-"

"I was able to stomach some of the blood bag-"she cut him off. She could feel his throbbing pulse beneath her lips. Before he could blink she sank her fangs into his neck, and sucked hard.

Damon growled and his nails sank into her back, she was completely oblivious his nails scratching her leaving behind a trail of blood. He gasped and arched upwards as she slurped down his blood, it was intoxicating, she found it to be much better than Matt's or anyone else.

Artemis gasped and pulled back, her lips and chin was coated in blood, she looked down at Damon. He growled, she had no idea how tempting she looked.

"My turn-"he snarled and flipped them over, Artemis let out a breathy moan when he bit down hard on her shoulder. She gripped onto his shoulders and thrust upwards as he drank her blood. He pulled back and pressed his lips against hers. She could taste her own blood on his lips. She felt her fangs' coming through her mind was lost in bloodlust. She growled and flipped them over again; it was a miracle that the bed didn't break.

"Art-enough-"Damon held her as gently as he could by her throat. She snarled but Damon pinned her down. "Hey calm down-"he ordered. Her dark eyes lightened and she gasped,

"Oh my god-sorry-"

"It's ok, it's ok-"he soothed her he crawled backwards as she sat up. Artemis raised her shaky fingers to her blood stained lips. "Art-"she paled and felt her stomach lurch, she fell to the floor and Damon rubbed her back as she threw the blood back up.

"Not so much today-"Damon muttered looking down at the mess, this hardly was anything compared to fiasco at the church bathroom. He rubbed her back and helped her sit up; she pulled up her sheet covering her modesty.

"I didn't mean-"

"Art its ok. We are vampires we crave blood-"he pushed away the strands of hair off of her face. Damon frowned and tilted her chin up, she was his girl and he was going to help her no matter what.

"I said I was going to help you Art-"Damon murmured, wiping some blood off of her lips. "You need to learn to feed properly. So how do you feel about trying out the college experience?" he asked. He'd been talking to witchy and she informed him that she was going to see this Shane character. He could see her opening her mouth no doubt about to protest against this idea. "No you need to learn, now more than ever."

Artemis sighed and flopped back down onto the bed. He was right….she almost killed Matt last night, and now? Now she nearly drained Damon. "Fine-"

"Great" Damon winked at her "I can picture you as a sexy sorority girl-"with that said she hit him upside the head.

Damon chuckled and pressed a light kiss onto her lips. "Alright. I'll drop by to pick you up in a couple of hours."

She was just about to slip on a dress when there was a knock on the door. "Art? It's me-"Elena called,

"Come in," she yelled back. The doppelganger entered the room and saw the outfit that Artemis was about to wear. "What's up?"

"Stefan wants you-oh and don't wear that-not yet anyway."

"What? Why?" she asked confusion laced in her tone.

Elena blinked and zipped up her jacket. "Because you have some training to be doing…it's a good idea. There's a hunter running around, you need to learn how to defend yourself against them."

Artemis huffed "Fine-"everyone seems to be having fun telling her what to do any way. "Well hurry up and get dressed."

The new vampire did just that and soon enough she, Stefan and Elena was in the middle of the woods. Artemis told them about Damon's idea and wasn't too surprised that the pair had some doubts about it.

"Art really?" Elena frowned, she was sitting down on a fallen log, Artemis and Stefan stood opposite one another.

"Yes really, you don't get it. I almost killed Matt last night-"she admitted, "it was lucky Damon was there, he had to heal him up and compel him. And…"

Stefan frowned "What?"

"I tried to drain Damon in the morning. I was just so hungry-"she felt shame well up within her. Elena pressed her lips together, she didn't blame her sister at al. what she is going through is tough. "For some freaky reason I can't keep down animal blood or blood-bags down. I drink from the vein…"her heightened hearing picked up the sound of the birds chirping overhead. Everything in the forest seems to echo all around them for her.

"Rebekah mentioned something about my seer side trying to fight my vampire one…blood from the vein is my best option." Elena gasped when Stefan fired the arrow. Artemis hissed when it tore through her shoulder. "What the hell bitch?" she ripped it out and glared at Stefan.

"You're too slow-"he took a step aside when she threw it back at him. It was launched into the trunk of a tree. "I got you." Stefan threw aside the arrow and sauntered over to Elena and sat down beside her.

"No kidding." Artemis grumbled and pulled down the sleeve of her top, revealing the already healing would. "Ass-"she glared at him wiping away the blood.

Elena shook her head "You're just lucky you're not using the wooden arrows for hunter-self-defence class." She uttered, Artemis rolled her eyes and leant against the tree.

"What about Caroline?" Stefan questioned, "She's the genius of self-control." The younger Salvatore knew that Damon wouldn't intentionally hurt Artemis, but his brother wasn't one to keep a cool and collected head during intense situations. Things could easily spiral out of control, and Stefan didn't want the brunette to go through that.

"Exactly she is too good…so she wouldn't be able to understand what I'm going through." Artemis uttered, and easily jumped up onto the lowest branch of the tree. She grinned down at them. "I always wanted to do that-whoa-"both Elena and Stefan laughed when she fell off the tree branch.

"Being a vampire doesn't really help you with balance does it?" Elena smiled; her sister shot her a dirty look.

"It's been a while since I saw a clumsy baby vampire-"Stefan grinned.

"Ha ha." Artemis plucked a twig from her hair. "And anyway if you look at the whole picture, Damon is the perfect choice to teach me…you…have your whole bloodied ripper thing going on when you're around too much blood. Neither of you-"her grey eyes darted over to her younger sister "should go through that." it was true, Elena and Stefan should just be happy…since for them there was no pressing matters.

Elena nodded; she didn't want Artemis to suffer through the blood-lust. She knew what it did to Stefan and she couldn't picture the older brunette going through it. "So what? You two are going to crash into some random college?"

Artemis snorted and stood up, smoothing down her clothes. "Yes Elena I'm going to do just that. Dive into a lecture and me and Damon are going to line up all the students and suck them dry…"Elena grabbed the crossbow and fired at her.

Artemis blurred to the side and avoided it. "Oh bitchy move Elena-"she teasingly scolded her.

"Don't be so sarcastic." The doppelganger grumbled. "Well?"

Artemis huffed and folded her arms across her chest. "No…I and Damon are crashing Bonnie's trip to Whitmore college." She informed her Elena nodded recalling Bonnie mentioning something about that. "The professor who took over Sheila's classes invited her. And Damon thought it'd be a good…teaching scenario." She added.

Stefan's brows furrowed together and nodded "Alright, but just be careful. The blood, the feed you can easily get caught up in it." Artemis grinned and blurred towards Stefan and Elena. She giggled when her sister jumped out her skin.

"I know and I will." There was a beeping noise, alerting the doppelganger that she had a text.

"I'm coming as well-"Elena declared.

Artemis cocked an eyebrow "I don't need you to keep an eye on me and-"she picked up an arrow and twirled it in between her nimble fingers.

"No, Bonnie invited me-"she held up her cell phone showing the text. Artemis's eyes skimmed over it. "Plus it gives me a chance to check out college life." She added.

Artemis shrugged her shoulders. "So I guess we're going to be going on a road trip. Awesome-"she drawled and glanced at her watch. "Oh and Stef here-"with that she stabbed him in the shoulder with the arrow.

"Oww-"Stefan groaned.

"What? You deserved it." Artemis grinned and before Elena could blink the vampire blurred off.

"Oh-I'm so going to get her-"

"Wait what-great." Elena pouted as her boyfriend blurred off. "Yeah…ok I'll sit here whilst you two play tag." She yelled and couldn't help but chuckle watching the pair, and snorted when Artemis tripped over a branch.

"Elena hurry up!" Artemis shouted she waved at Bonnie who was walking up the pathway. Damon was leaning against the railing besides the new vampire. "Bonnie-"she grinned at the witch.

"Hey-ho-"Bonnie gasped when Artemis grabbed her in a tight hug causing the witch to wince. "Art I need to breath-"

"Oh-"Artemis blushed and stepped back. "I'm just so happy to see you" she uttered.

Bonnie smiled and nodded "Right-so-"

"Did you skip out on lunch?" the brunette cut her off,


"I can hear your stomach rumbling. Wait there." Before the witch could argue Artemis was gone,

"Is she ok?" Bonnie questioned slightly concern for the exuberant baby vampire. Damon rolled his eyes and tucked his hands into his pockets.

"She's a new vampire. Emotions and blah, blah and blah-"Damon drawled. "It's a tricky thing for newbies, I rather have her happy than sobbing."

Bonnie sighed, she heard Artemis's heels clacking against the floor and the vampire emerged from the house carrying a plate of food. "Here have lunch" she shoved it into Bonnie's hands.


"No problems, we got more than enough time since –ELENA JUST GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER!" she shouted the last part, causing Damon to groan and clutch his ear.

"ALRIGHT-"Elena shrieked back.

Artemis groaned and turned on heel and headed back upstairs, Damon dropped down besides Bonnie who was munching on the sandwich that the elder Gilbert teen had made for her.

"Are they always like this?" the vampire questioned, they could hear the pair of females shouting back and forth he snatched a sandwich off of the witch. He was just about to pop it into his mouth but was hit with a witchy migraine; Damon groaned and dropped the sandwich back onto the plate.

"Thanks-"Bonnie smiled serenely.

Damon glared at her. "Serious? You gave me an aneurysm for a sandwich?"

"These are Arty's sandwiches." Bonnie scoffed as if that explained everything. They exchanged death glares before the vampire backed down.

"Alright understandable-"Damon muttered. The witch had just finished her sandwich before Elena came storming out.

"Whoa what's wrong buffy?" the older vampire called after the doppelganger. The brunette whirled around and glared at both of them.

"You know you said everything is heightened for a vampire including emotions?" Elena questioned, Bonnie and Damon exchanged looks before nodding. "Well it's obviously heightened how annoying she could be." Without another word she stalked towards Damon's car that would be there ride.

"Oh Elena don't be a baby-"Artemis laughed coming out of the house with her bag. She slammed the front door shut but made sure to hold back on the strength she used.

Damon was staggered when Elena gave her sister the finger; Artemis blew a kiss back causing the younger teen to glare daggers at her.

Bonnie shook her head and headed towards the car.

"What did you do?" Damon asked his girlfriend, she shouldered her bag and strolled past him. Artemis huffed "I accidentally broke another door." She admitted sheepishly. "It's her bathroom door…so she's having a bitch fit-"

"I am not having a bitch fit." Elena shrieked causing the pair of vampires to snigger.

Artemis tucked in a loose curl and glanced over to Damon. "Younger siblings are annoying." She announced.

"Honey that's old news." Damon smirked "Come on."

Artemis gazed out of the window, they had arrived at the campus, and the brunette couldn't help but feel this place was so alive. She saw students after students as they drove.

"Here we are. Whitmore College." Damon announced as the car came to a stop. Elena and Bonnie clamoured out quickly wanting to stretch their legs. Damon opened his door and was about to step out but stopped when he saw that Artemis hadn't move.

"Art?" he frowned, she nervously bit her lower lip.

"You think this is a good idea?" Artemis asked, "there's so many people and they-"she didn't want to kill anyone, Damon knew that was what she was scared of.

He placed his hand over hers, and ran his thumb across the backs of her knuckles. "The more people the better…you'll be ok Art. We are doing this." Damon's other hand came up to cup her cheek. "You'll be fine." Artemis smiled at his words, he pressed his lips against hers, giving the brunette a short but sweet kiss.

"Come on, witchy and buffy are getting impatient." Damon murmured.

Artemis chuckled "They have real names you know." She stepped out of the car and took in the scene. She saw the campus buildings and saw students milling about.

"I prefer my own names." Damon grinned offering her his arm, which she took. They easily caught up with Bonnie and Elena who were further down the path.

"Are you sure about this Bonnie?" Artemis slipped her arm out of Damon's and fell into step beside the two other girls, Damon trailed behind them.

"I wish I could spell you out of wanting blood but I can't" Bonnie said "It's best you learn it now-"

"Hmm and you don't want to learn it at freshmen orientation." The raven head pitched in.

Artemis scoffed "Yeah I don't think I'll be going to college-"she scoffed.

Damon sighed and fell into step on her other side. "If I could go to college hell yes you can. Good thing about having an unlimited lifespan dear is that you can get to attend college whenever you want." He uttered.

Artemis nodded he did have a point, "Wait you went to college?" Elena asked dumbfounded, she knew that Stefan went college but Damon?

"Seriously?" Bonnie chortled.

"Why so surprised?" Damon eyed them.

"Because you're Damon-"Artemis answered his question, in retaliation the older vampire pinched her.


"I thought so." Bonnie said dryly.

Damon rolled his eyes "Well I went plenty of times, sorority girls were my thing." He wagged his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

"You're disgusting-"Artemis declared and turned on her heel heading towards the main campus, where they would be able to find Professor Shane.

"Yet you still have sex with me-"Damon shouted aloud. Causing Artemis to blush, she saw the looks she was getting from some of the students. She gagged seeing some of the guys patting Damon on the back as if to congratulate him. She grabbed the pair of teen's wrist and Elena and Bonnie were forced to keep up with her.

"Well I'm never having sex with you again." Artemis shouted back, Elena glanced over her shoulder and saw the stunned look on Damon's face.

"Oh shit she's serious." Damon muttered and ran after them.

"He started so be quiet." Bonnie whispered they had located Professor Shane who was in the middle of a lecture.

The other three hastily nodded, the witch entered first followed by Elena and then the two vampires. Artemis blinked it was dark in here; she glanced up and saw the massive screen which had images of women.

"Oh shit-"Artemis slipped on a step; Damon managed to grab the back of her dress to stop her from doing a face plant. "Thanks-"

"Are you ok?" she jumped realising that the Professor was talking to her. She smiled and nodded.

"Yeah…it's dark…-anyway I'm going to go sit down." Artemis muttered and scurried after her sister and witch. Both teens were sniggering causing the elder Gilbert teen to roll her eyes. Damon sat down behind her and leant forward so he could whisper into her ear.

"Since I saved your ass…we're still good for sex-"he groaned when she elbowed him hard in the ribs. "I'll take that as a yes." He muttered, damn she broke his ribs he could already feel his bones healing.

Artemis shifted in her seat and crossed one leg over the other, the lecture resumed. She finally managed to see Professor Shane's face, and couldn't help but find him cute….especially for a professor.

"Is it me or is he a hottie?" Artemis whispered to Elena and Bonnie. She was oblivious to the look Damon shot her, vampires were rather possessive beings.

"Hell yeah-"Bonnie sang under her breath causing the doppelganger to grin. Artemis smiled and leant back in her seat, she jolted when she felt Damon's hand on her bare knee, she glanced over to him but saw that he was looking ahead.

"…Now in reality at least. Witches have appeared across every culture in history." Professor Shane uttered. Artemis jumped causing Elena and Bonnie to look at her in confusion. She waved them off and glared at Damon, who had a smirk on his face.

"What are you doing?" she hissed at him.

"Nothing dear-"his fingers stroked the tops of her thighs; she felt a shudder down her spine. And felt the familiar fire building up in the pit of her stomach. She gripped his wrist and shoved his hand away. But Damon didn't relent he rubbed the side of her hip. Artemis forced herself to focus on the lecture that was going on.

"-They're the architects of the supernatural.-"the trio couldn't help but glance over to Bonnie who shrugged her shoulders "they're responsible for what goes bump in the night. From ghosts to vampires to doppelgangers-"

"That's you-"Artemis prodded her little sister in the shoulder. Elena snorted and shook her head.

Damon frowned he didn't like the way Shane knew so much about their world. "What is this guy a witch-pedia?" he grumbled to Artemis Bonnie hissed for him to shut up.

Artemis blinked this theatre room was so stuffy; she could hear the heart beats of the humans scattered around them. Along with the sound of blood rushing through their veins. She felt her fangs coming up but pushed them down.

Professor Shane paced in front of them. "Now a sceptic would call that a coincidence, but if you're a true believer then you'd no there is really no such thing." He smiled at the audience.

"Art?" Damon whispered eyeing her in concern; he could make out the dark veins protruding around her eyes. She shook her head…god she wanted some blood.

"Damon what if I'm a ripper?" she leant against him and whispered quietly.

Damon scoffed at that, if Artemis was anything she definitely was no ripper. "You're not."

"You don't know that…what if I am though?" she hissed, she barely controlled herself in the morning and yesterday was a disaster with Matt, hell she could've killed her sister's former boyfriend.

"Well pick someone and we can find out." Damon whispered back. Artemis looked at him and he nodded. She glanced around the lecture room, her eyes landed on a guy diagonally across from them who was swirling a pencil. Damon's arm came around her shoulders he placed his lips beside her ear. The raven head vampire followed her gaze and tutted.

"Stoner guys are no good." He informed her "They're too paranoid and you definitely don't want the extra buzz. Now she-"he nodded towards a dark haired girl who was sporting glasses. "Now she is fun-size but geeky girls are inherently suspicious when anyone is nice to them."

"Well that sucks." Artemis muttered.

"Got that right-"he idly brushed away some curls off of her ear and lightly tugged one. "What you want-"he leant in closer and brushed the tips of his nose against her throat "is the little blond, pretty girl, self-absorbed easily flattered, you just have to separate her from the rest of the pack." He murmured,

Artemis nodded and looked over to him. "Is that why you went after Caroline when you first arrived?"

"Ah someone remembers-"he smirked and nudged her nose with his. She rolled her eyes and was about to respond but couldn't.

"I'm interrupting you guys?" Professor Shane called out causing Artemis to jump. "Or is it maybe the other way round?"

Artemis swallowed "Erm…well we were talking about witches-"

"Really?" Professor Shane cocked an eyebrow, "Do share-"

"Oh…if you're sure-"the baby vampire fumbled, crap why did she say that? Damn she should have just apologised….Professor Shane nodded. "Oh…ern…well….wondering if witches could ride broomsticks?"

"Broomsticks?" Professor Shane questioned.

Artemis could feel on either side of her Damon and Elena shaking no doubt with suppressed laughter. "Yeah…you know like the Harry Potter movies-"crap she was spiralling now "I said why they would need broomsticks when they could magic themselves…oh and erm sorry we…interrupted." She finished off lamely and felt as if her face was on fire.

"Right-"Professor Shane nodded and looked over to Damon, "did you-"

"Oh no I was just saying how much I love witches….I have no clue what she's on about." Damon smiled; Artemis thumped her head against the table. Professor Shane went back to his lecture.

"You're such a dick." The brunette said grouchily.

"I know." Damon smirked and pressed a swift kiss on her cheek.

Elena placed her head on the desk resting it against her arms. "You so should not go to college for a couple of years." She whispered to her older sister.

Artemis scoffed "No kidding." She huffed, god that was embarrassing. Did she really bring up Harry Potter in a college class? She thought.

Bonnie and Elena had wondered off somewhere leaving the two vamps on their own. Damon was attempting to teach Artemis how to successfully snatch a meal.

They walked across the grassy grounds, only a couple of feet away from the blond girl that he had singled out during the lecture.

"You sure?" Artemis asked quietly.

Damon sighed knowing that this was going to be the hardest part for her "She's young and healthy; she'll heal right up like a charm. Just keep your eye on the ball." He coached her.

Artemis nodded "Alright you're making it sound like a game." She muttered, they had spent the last ten minutes behind one of the buildings rehearsing what she would say to the blond once they met.

"If it was it'd be a high stakes one. Now just go on-"Damon gently pushed her forward. "Just like we practise we can do it."

Artemis steeled herself and clutched onto the strap of her bag and scampered forward. "Hey-"she caught the girl's attention. The brunette smiled at her "You're in my anthro class right?" she asked.

The blond nodded "Yeah I guess so-hey aren't you the girl who was talking about Harry Potter?"


"Just to let you know I think the same…they must have wands or something." The blond said seriously. Damon rolled his eyes hearing her.

"Right…."Artemis nervously laughed "Well…I obviously wasn't paying much attention as you. I spaced out and didn't get the reading list. I was wondering if you did." Damon smiled finally they were getting something; he kept watched as the blond looked down at her cell phone.

Artemis swallowed and played with the hem of her dress, without further ado she grabbed the girl's wrist and caught her eyes. "This isn't going to hurt. Don't scream-"she compelled the blond. Something in the corner of her took Artemis's attention; she looked down and saw that it was a picture on the girl's phone. "Who's that?" she asked curiously.

"It's my little sister. Cute right?" the blond smiled.

Artemis faltered, god…she didn't know what'd she do if some random vampire fed from Elena…she couldn't do this to the poor girl. She was a big sister…just like her. "Get back to class and forget about this." She compelled her.

Damon groaned "What are you doing?" he asked coming up behind her.

"I saw the picture, Damon she's a big sister-"Artemis spun around.

His hands gently grasped her upper arms. "Art, everybody is somebody's brother, sister, aunt or cousin. Hell even bible teacher. You don't know these people why do you care?"

Artemis scowled "Because that's who I am. I care…I thought you like that about me-"she uttered. Damon pressed his lips together. "Art I love that you're so compassionate, you completely balance me out. But for you to feed you need to push that part out a bit." He tried to reason with her. Damon knew if she kept 'caring' for her victims then she'll never feed. Or better yet she'd feel an immense amount of guilt.

"I can't help it." Artemis snapped "I…I'm still going to feel whether you like it or not."

Damon sighed and shook his head; he needed another way to get Artemis to feed appropriately.

Just then Bonnie and Elena approached the couple; they didn't miss the heated looks.

"Everything all right?" the doppelganger asked.

Artemis smiled and nodded "Yeah…-"

"Art is just telling me the concept of feelings." Damon drawled coming to stand beside Artemis.

The brunette vampire folded her arms across her chest. "So what'd you two find? Did you speak to Mister Cutie Professor?" her heightened hearing allowed her to hear a growl coming from boyfriend.

"Yep-"Bonnie exclaimed excitedly "I spoke to him for a second and he found some stuff of my Grams, and he said he'll dig it out for me."

Artemis grinned at her, knowing that the witch wanted something of her Grams. "And we found this" Elena held out the A4 poster to Artemis, she grabbed it. Damon read it over her shoulder.

"Murder House?" the brunette questioned.

Damon grinned; this was a perfect opportunity to teach her how to feed properly. "Nice an answer to all our problems, a frat party, douche central which is why you'll be eating very well tonight."

Bonnie shot him a disgusted look, "What should we go as? Victims or killers?" he questioned.

"Whichever one. We've got shopping to do." Elena exclaimed grabbing her older sister's and Bonnie's wrist. The doppelganger wanted to have the whole human experience to see if college was for her.

"Great-"Damon muttered under his breath following after them. "Shopping with three stubborn women."

"This one?" Artemis held up the electric blue corset, they had arrived at a clothing store where they could get there costumes.

"No that looks ugly-"Elena shot it down. She and Bonnie managed to sort their outfits but the new vampire was having problems. Artemis huffed and threw it down on the steadily growing pile of discarded clothes. "It's getting late is there any point-"she called out from the dressing room. It was dark now and the store would be closing soon.

"Here's some more-"Bonnie handed another pile of various. Artemis had managed to sort out the skirt.

The vampire groaned seeing the amount of corseted tops that the witch had given her. "You two might as well go get some dinner; I doubt there would be anything edible to eat at the party." Artemis called out sifting through the piles of tops.

"We can't leave-"

"Yeah you can. We'll meet you at the party in an hour." Damon replied.

"Fine…don't wear pink-"Elena yelled and left with Bonnie. Artemis shuddered at the thought of pink she personally hated that colour.

"Eww-where the hell did Bonnie get these?" Artemis was only clad in her bra, and the frilly skirt that Elena had given her. She grimaced at the sight of an orange corset.

"Try this one-"Damon threw over another corset, the brunette caught it and held it up. It was grey, chic and had a lace overlay. Definitely this one was an improvement. She slipped it on and deemed it good enough for the frat party. She spun around so she could see her back and saw that it had laces.

"How the hell-"

"Here let me-"Damon stepped into the dressing room,

"What-Damon the shop-"

"I've compelled them to leave." The raven head vampire murmured his fingers ran down her bare back, causing her to let out a low sign. For the better part of the day he's been driving her crazy.

"You're meant to be helping me get into this." Artemis said glancing over her shoulder.

Damon smirked and started to pull the laces together. "I rather be getting you out of it." He purred into her ear, her skin tingled when he laid a kiss on her bare shoulder.

"Now is so not the time." The new vampire muttered and looked back in the mirror as Damon tied the last of the laces together, finishing it off in a neat little bow.

The brunette looked at herself; she couldn't deny it Damon did have good taste. "What'd you think?" she asked spinning around to show him her outfit.

"You look-"he took a step towards her, making her take one back. "Very, very-"Damon had now backed her into the wall "Sexy." His warm breath fanned across her skin, he closed the distance and pressed his lips against hers and kissed her.

Artemis smiled into it and pressed herself harder against him, causing Damon to groan. She gripped short hair on the nape of his neck as he slid his tongue into her mouth. She gasped feeling one hand sliding up her naked thigh and he peppered her smooth skin with kisses, licks and nips. Only he could make her feel so alive. She arched her back when his blunt teen dug into the flesh just above her breast.

A growl tore from her throat and she slammed him into the opposite wall, causing the older vampire to growl in pleasure. Artemis sucked the skin of his neck and her nails scratched the flier of his jeans.

Damon pinned her down to the floor and his hands snagged her wrist preventing her from touching him. He smirked seeing the pout of her already bruised and swollen lips.

"You never let me have all the fun." She grumbled but gasped in pleasure when he sucked her earlobe.

"Hmm…next time." Damon muttered kissing his way down her collar bone, the brunette groaned and writhed beneath him. "Now Art there are so many benefits of wearing such a short skirt-"he murmured his voice was low and husky. "And I reckon I'll show you some of them."

"There you are-"Elena sighed, finally seeing Artemis and Damon walking towards them. Both she and Bonnie were already dressed up; the pair of teens were waiting outside the frat party. "What-oh I don't need to know what you two have been up to." She didn't miss Artemis's slightly ruffled hair or the satisfied smirk on Damon's face.

"Come on then, we've got a party to get to." Damon declared ushering Artemis forward, Bonnie and Elena trailed behind them.

"I never knew vampires were so sex crazed." The doppelganger whispered to the witch who snickered.

"We are not-"Artemis rolled her eyes "and this is nothing compared to you and Stefan" she could hear the music pumping in the house. There were students getting drunk, people in costume. It was a typical frat party.

They stepped into the house, the brunette vampire gazed up in awe there were even hastily placed decorations around. The lights were dimmed and it was slightly misty.

"Hey-"a guy greeted them at the doorway, Artemis cocked an eyebrow seeing the massive bloody Mary drink he was holding onto. "I'm Frankie and I'm assuming serial killer-"he said to Damon.

"I'm Jack-"they were handed drinks, Artemis could smell the amount of alcohol in the plastic cup. She swirled the straw around in the red liquid, "and these are the lovely ladies I…just rippered." Artemis exchanged an amused look with Elena, she didn't miss the grin on her younger sister's face and knew that she wanted to have the full college experience for the day.

"Welcome to the Murder Hose." Frankie announced "Bloody Marys are free until midnight. Enjoy yourself." Without further ado he left the quartet to their own devices.

"Well hats off to these idiots." Damon drawled

Artemis shook her head and took a sip of her drink; she couldn't fathom the idea of Damon opting to wear a top hat. She had to admit he pulled the look off very well.

"Oh look there's Professor creepy-"Damon pointed his cane towards the curly haired man on the staircase.

"His name Is Professor Shane and he's not creepy." Bonnie sniped.

Artemis laughed "Bon you crushing on the dude aren't ya?" she said. The witch scoffed that was all the others needed to know.


"Whatever you say. But whatever you do it's illegal." Artemis called out,

"I'm going to go talk to him." Bonnie announced handing Elena her drink leaving them behind.

Elena bobbed her head to the music "I'm going-"just then she felt her phone vibrating and saw that it was Stefan. "I'm going to take this outside."

"Fine but make sure you come back." Artemis hollered not wanting to lose her little sister in a college party, she was very reluctant to leave Jeremy behind but Stefan had assured her that he'll take care of him till they returned. "And-"

"Relax." Damon cut her off and waved Elena away. "You're meant to be having fun."

Artemis sighed but nodded, they entered the next room where most of the partying seem to be going on. They entered the room "Inebriated sleaze-balls covered in blood. Pick one." Damon instructed.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" Artemis commented as they weaved their way through the dancing crowd. The lights were blinking.

"Yes" Damon scoffed, he rather be teaching her this then missing her entirely. Truth was he was more than happy that she was a vampire now, for once he had someone to love and who loved him in return.

Artemis looked around at the crowd trying to spot her first snack; it felt weird thinking of it like that. She grimaced at the sight of some of the people, a woman strolled passed them…she couldn't find anyone appropriate…her eyes landed on a guy right at the back. She frowned seeing him dropping a pill into one of the girl's cup. It was a roofie. "I found a snack." Artemis uttered.

"The roofie guy?" Damon asked she nodded "Nice choice. Go get him." he dropped a kiss on her cheek and lightly slapped her bottom as she walked pass. Artemis shot him a glare he merely winked back at her. She waltzed over to the guy and purposefully slammed into the roofie guy.

"Oops-I'm sorry" Artemis smiled politely, "Here have this one." She handed her own cup over, before winking at him and walking off, but not before brushing pass his body. She entered the next room, where thankfully it was empty. The brunette wasn't too surprised when the guy followed after her.

"Hey-"he grinned

"Hi-"she bit back her glare. Artemis already hated the guy, he tried to roofie one god knows how many times he'd done it before.

"Great party right?" the blond haired man asked, before she could say anything back he leant in for a kiss.

Artemis shoved him back causing him to slam into the wall, she smile coyly at him, gosh it did feel good to be in control for once. "Honey I'm not that easy." She breathed and took a step closer to him, she caught his eye with hers. "

You're going to stay silent." Her compulsion took effect, when she saw his blank face and took another towards him. Artemis took a whiff of his scent and smelt the blood. Her face transformed right before the man's eyes. Her eyes reddened and she felt the familiar sensation in her mouth as her fangs ripped through her gums.

The brunette pushed him up against the wall and sank her fangs into his throat. She groaned feeling the hot, heady liquid travelling down her throat. Artemis took mouthful after mouthful of the blood.

Damon entered the room, and nodded ok so far so good. "Now remember the idea is not to kill him." he uttered, he scowled when she didn't make a motion that she had heard him at all. Instead Artemis continued to drink from the paling man. "Art-"he took a step towards the baby vampire. "Artemis-"he growled reaching out readying himself to physically pull her back. "Step away from the edge-Artemis."

Artemis forced herself away and gasped, she took a gulp of air her mouth and chin was covered in blood. "Leave, clean yourself up and forget that this ever happened." She compelled the man. He did as she instructed, Artemis spun around and grinned at Damon. She finally did it. She was able to control herself and feed without being ripped off of that person.

"Nice job-"Damon congratulated her. "How'd you feel?" she wiped her mouth and licked her fingers.

"I feel amazing." The former seer grinned and launched herself at her boyfriend. Damon's arms came around her. He kissed her exposed neck and couldn't help but get a thrill when Artemis whispered into his ear.

"I want more." Artemis admitted that felt more than good. She got a buzz out of it; she'd just proved to herself she could handle feeding someone without losing control. And she loved it.

Artemis was completely lost to the music and the blood, she was having fun something that she didn't have in a very long time, and she had taken more than her fill but didn't want to stop. She bounced to the music with the rest of the crowed and grabbed a girl's hand allowing her to dance with her.

Artemis's lips were stained with random people's blood; rivers of the scarlet liquid disappeared down the front of her corset. She spun around and moved her hands.

"Don't scream. This isn't going to hurt." She compelled the woman, without further ado she bit into the woman's neck and took several mouthfuls of her blood before pulling herself away. Artemis spun the woman away and grinned, she felt warm and sated. She turned on her heel and bumped into Damon, like her he was also having his fun.

He grabbed her hands and danced with her, Damon was glad to see the usually tense antiques dealer finally loosening up. Artemis eyes were closed and she moved with the music, her eyes snapped opened when she felt Damon running his fingers through her thick hair that had come undone.

"You look so hot-"he growled pulling her even closer, she smiled lazily the new vampire had a buzz from the amount blood and alcohol she had consumed. He fisted his hand into her thick locks and pulled her head back and swiped his fingers across her smooth skin. Her eyes darkened when she witnessed him sucking his finger clean.

Artemis grinned and moved her body to the music. "I feel so close to you right now-"she mouthed the lyrics to Damon, before grabbing him by the front of his shirt and pulled him hard.

"Oh-"Damon groaned when she ran her tongue across his jaw. Artemis smiled and pulled back licking her lips.

From the corner of her eye she spied Elena and slowly stopped realising that one of the college guys seemingly were too close to her. Since her younger sister seemed to look extremely uncomfortable, igniting a spark of anger in the newly transitioned vampire.

"Art?" Damon was miffed when she abruptly turned on her heel.

Artemis swiftly made her way to the stranger and grabbed the man by his jacket and tugged him away from her sister.

"Hey-you're not going to scream." The elder Gilbert teen compelled him; Elena was horrified when she watched as her sister bit into the man's neck without a care.

"ART!" Elena shouted over the music and staggered back when Artemis slammed the man bodily against the wall. Her fangs sucked deeper, her anger was fuelling her hunger. How dare he treat her little sister like that? The younger teen cringed when she saw the man's expression, she was hurting him. "Artemis-"Elena grabbed her arm and jumped when Artemis snarled at her and grabbed the wrist the doppelganger was using to hold her. She was in complete vampire mode…"Art-"Elena whimpered.

Artemis's eyes widened and she hurriedly let her got. She took a step back and gasped at the barely conscious man against the wall. But what got her was the frightened expression on Elena's face.

"Art-"Elena didn't blame her, hell she wasn't too surprised that her older sister lost some control. "I-"

"No I need to get out of here." Artemis shook her head and pushed her way through the crowd, this wasn't her she needed to get out of here, and this place was messing with her head. Elena frowned and glared at Damon. The doppelganger believed this was his fault.

Artemis stumbled outside and gripped onto the banister as she rushed down the steps. She stopped walking when she was further away from the thumping house.

She took a deep breath getting fresh air into her lungs. "Art-"she turned around, Elena approached her, she grimaced at the sight of the older Gilbert, her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat as well as blood, there was a lot.

"I'm sorry…I don't know what happened-"she just felt so much anger in that small moment. "I-don't know why I'm acting like this-"she confided in the younger girl. Her emotions were sending her on a roller coast.

"Because you took advice from Damon." Bonnie answered her; Artemis wiped the blood from her lips. "And Damon makes whatever he wants seem like a good idea."

"It's ok Art." Elena stepped forward and wiped her chin.

"So I'm guessing we should hit the road." Damon announced, Artemis swallowed and nodded. The party was over.

Elena scowled at the other vampire and stalked towards him. "You were supposed to help her." She seethed "And you let her get completely out of control."

"She's not out of control." Damon snapped back, his blue orbs met Artemis's grey ones. "She was having fun-"

"She was almost going to kill that guy-"the younger Gilbert girl snapped.

"Hey-"Damon snarled "that was because of you. You couldn't handle yourself Elena." he glared at her. Elena pressed her lips together. "Everything is heightened for Artemis now. She was protective before and now that is amplified. You're lucky she didn't rip the guy's head off."

Artemis bit her bottom lip and hugged herself; the cold night's breeze ran over her skin. "No-you're-she is acting like a different person." Elena snapped.

"She is a different person." Damon drawled his gaze was focused on Artemis "She's a vampire. We're a predatory species, we enjoy the hunt, the feed and the kill-"the brunette vampire looked down at the ground, he wasn't lying she did find herself enjoying luring unsuspecting people and taking their blood. "And when the guilt gets too bad we switch off our humanity." He clicked his fingers "and we revel in it."

Artemis breathed in and licked her lips, Bonnie shook her head "Is that what you want?" the witch hissed "for her to be like you?"

Damon exhaled, knowing that these two wouldn't understand what he meant, they weren't vampires after all. "She is already like me-"this time he looked over to Elena "and you know what makes me drink my fill and leave someone breathing, not rip their head off like my brother is that I can revel in it. I can make it fun-"he pushed pass Elena and said quietly to her. "If you don't want your big sister to turn out like my little brother, you'll let her have fun." Without another word he headed towards the car leaving the three supernatural females behind.

They were finally home, Elena had went ahead inside to greet Stefan who called them earlier saying he was spending the day with Jeremy.

"Art this is the part when you get out of the car." Damon murmured staring straight ahead.

Artemis remained where she was, and grasped his head. "Damon…I'm sorry…you're right about the whole revelling thing…"she uttered and licked her dry lips, they all had changed out of their costumes and were back in their regular clothes. "It's…just hard you know?...I don't want-"

"To be me?" he looked at her,

Artemis shook her head and cupped his cheek. "I love being with you…I don't want to be you. I'll be my own person Damon…"

"And I'd love you regardless." He said softly, causing Artemis to smile, he leant forward and kissed her. Unlike the last couple they had shared beforehand this one was much softer and gentler. They broke apart after a moment.

"Good night Damon. And thank you." Artemis said sincerely.

Damon's lips stretched into a smile he caught her hand before she could leave. He kissed the back of it. "No need to thank me Art, it was a pleasure."

Later on that night, Artemis flopped down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling the last couple of hours has been a whirlwind. There was a knock on the door; the vampire knew it was Elena since she could hear Jeremy snoring from his room.

"Come in." She called out, Elena smiled half-heartedly and licked her lips nervously, she was dressed in her nightclothes. "I'm sorry for…what happened at the party-"

Artemis frowned "I should be telling you that. Your wrist ok?"

"Art we're sisters I can handle a bruise especially from you." Elena lay down beside her. "Don't feel bad about it. It wasn't your fault." Artemis sighed and nodded "so today wasn't a complete waste…you've learnt how to feed."

Artemis swallowed and rolled over so that she was lying on her side; she looked at her sister's face. "It was awful…"she confided "Just…Stefan was right I got caught up in it."

Elena frowned and grabbed her hand. "It'll get easier Art."

"Is that a good thing?" Artemis murmured tucking in a loose curl behind her ear.

Elena's brows furrowed in confusion "What'd you mean?"

Artemis shifted again and stared up at the ceiling "I mean…I'm feeling things that are just…crazy. I don't feel like myself…it's getting too much at times and I can't-"

"You can cope." Elena stated seriously "Art you're one of the strongest people I know. And I know you can pull on through." She said sincerely bringing a smile on to Artemis's face. "We're here for you-"

"Both of us." Jeremy said from the doorway and came into the room.

Artemis felt an overwhelming rush of gratitude towards her two younger siblings. Before she knew it Elena and Jeremy slid in on either side of her, much like they use to do when they were younger.

"Why are you up for anyway?" Artemis yawned, Elena had already fallen asleep.

"Because…I could hear you talking since I've got no door…now shut up." Jeremy slurred and grabbed the blanket hogging some of it.

Artemis rolled her eyes and her eyelids began to droop, a couple of minutes later all three Gilbert teens were fast asleep.

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