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Return of Evil

Starring the characters from

Kim Possible


Resident Evil

Ron returns home after a trip to Raccoon City to find his cousin, Reuben. When Ron returns, he refuses to speak about what he endured during that weekend. A year later, when a T-virus outbreak hits too close for comfort, Ron calls his friends, and fellow Raccoon City survivors, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, and Leon Kennedy to lend a hand in this latest Umbrella threat.


The lanky blonde ran around the corner to find the high speed train was just starting in motion; he quickly jumped through the open door, and turned to see that he had just barely made it inside.

"That was too close." Ron Stoppable stated, looking at his feet, and noticing that he was missing a shoe.

"Close enough that it took your shoe off." a tall young man with brown hair stated, he was wearing a police uniform from the Raccoon City Police Department.

"Hilarious, Leon." Ron replied, smiling at Leon Kennedy as he stood up, removing the other shoe, and pulling a set of combat boots from a backpack he had with him.

"Where's Reuben?" Claire Redfield asked, looking around for Ron's cousin.

"He didn't make it . . . one of those zombies got him on the platform." Ron replied in a monotone.

"They . . . did they . . ." Claire asked, only to see Ron shake his head.

"I had to . . . I didn't want to see him . . ." Ron replied, unable to finish the sentence before breaking down, and crying.

"Oh, dear God." Leon replied, shaking his head.

Ron had felt he had committed a great sin. He was forced to kill his cousin after the T-virus infected his body, and transformed him into a zombie. Ron was at that time forced to place a .45 to his cousin's head, and pull the trigger. Ron thought that he had to, because his cousin wouldn't want to live in that condition, and that he would do the same for Ron had the roles been reversed.

"Were you two close?" Leon asked.

"As close as two different people could be." Ron replied, now wiping his eyes.

"What are you going to do when you get home, Ron?" Claire asked.

"No one would believe me, so, why should I even try." Ron replied.

"Well, we still have work to do." Claire replied, as she held the young girl they had rescued close to her.

"What are we going to do with Sherry?" Ron asked, nodding to the young girl.

"I can take her in as a legal guardian, both of her parents are gone now, so, maybe I could get the government to sign her over to me." Claire stated.

"You still have to find your brother, Claire . . . what about you, Leon?" Ron asked.

"I'll figure something out." Leon replied, as they walked out of the train when it stopped, they all found separate cars, with keys still in the ignition.

Middleton . . . a week later:

The plane pulled into the tarmac, and the platform was placed to the door. When Ron walked off, he pulled off the dark sunglasses he was wearing, and looked around; he quickly found two familiar faces, his girlfriend, Kim Possible, and her best friend, Monique Watson.

"RON!" Kim exclaimed as she caught sight of her boyfriend moving toward her, when she looked into his eyes, though, she saw an almost deadened look about them.

"What happened, Ron?" she asked.

"Some other time, huh?" Ron replied, refusing to answer the question.

"Girlfriend, didn't you read the papers?" Monique asked.

"What about it?" Kim asked.

"It's been all over the news for a week . . . Raccoon City was completely decimated." Monique replied.

"WHAT? HOW?" Kim screamed.

"I don't want to talk about it, KP." Ron replied, the tears now falling from his eyes, even though he never changed his facial features.

"Okay, Ron." Kim replied, letting the subject drop. Seeing him cry was something she didn't want to see.

"Let's go home." Ron stated, leaving the gate for the baggage claim area. From there, out into the bright sunny morning, he would sleep once he got home.