Author's note: First Fanfic. Slightly AU. set in the 7th movie when Harry tries to leave the Burrow the night before the wedding.

Unexpected Voice

"I don't care who's wedding it is" Harry said, taking Ron a little back. Harry thinking he had won the argument turned and was about to walk off when a new voice came from behind stopping him dead in his tracks.

"What if it was ours?" a teary voice asked.

Harry turned back around to face Ron and now Ginny. Her eyes were welled with tears and it freaked him out. Ginny NEVER cried, EVER.

"Gin, that's different, of course I would stay" Harry responded trying desperately not to make eye contact with Ron. Who looked like he'd been him by a bludger and wanted now to through it at his best mate.

"Harry I need you, and I need you here, you can't just leave in the middle of the night and not say goodbye to me, I'm your girlfriend" Ginny said through her tears.

"Mate Ginny's right you owe her that and besides Bill and Fleur risked their live to get you here and all they want is for you to be at their wedding." Ron added calming down now that he'd realized that Harry and Ginny weren't actually getting married.

"Gin, you know I can't stay I'm a risk to your family. Voldermort would kill you all if I stayed. And to say goodbye is way too hard I'd look into your eyes and melt, and then I'd never be able to let myself leave you." Harry answered "Bill and Fleur would be safer if I left Ron. They'd understand."

"Harry, stay for the wedding and then leave. And if it's so hard to say goodbye then take me with you" Ginny said

"NO WAY" Ron interjected. "Your underage, Mum wouldn't let you and you'd slow us down, you don't even know what we're doing. It's not safe."

"Horcruxes" Ginny said

"How the?" Ron asked "Harry she's too young"

"Fifteen almost sixteen, I know more about it that you Ron" Ginny snapped.

"Ginny" Harry said looking into her brown eyes. "Ron's right, you will be safer at Hogwarts"

"Do you really believe that Harry?" Ginny asked "You know it's not true. Snape knows I'm your girlfriend, I'm no safer at Hogwarts then with you."

"You're still underage." Harry pointed out, but realizing at the same time that Ginny was right. Having her with him would probably be safer for the both of them.

"We both know the only way I can overcome that" Ginny spoke

"Our wedding" Harry mumbled, looking at the ground, just loud enough so that Ginny could hear but not loud enough for Ron's ears.

"What way?" Ron asked confused. 'Was Ginny actually coming with them now!' he thought to himself

Harry was still staring at the ground and either didn't hear Ron or chose not to answer and Ginny was plain ignoring him.

"Harry I want to be with you, I love you" Ginny said trying to get Harry to look up at her.

"I love you as well and I want to be with you, but there's no time. No matter what we'll be leaving tomorrow or the day after." Harry responded.

There's tonight." Ginny replied

And with that Harry's eyes shot up.

In a silent agreement the couple two walked back towards the Burrow, ignoring Ron's comments and questions until he burst.


Ron's yelled managed to wake the entire of the Burrow from its sleep, lights went on and foot steps could be heard.

Harry and Ginny both looked at each other and then at Ron. Ginny was about to say something but Mrs Weasley came running out of the door.

"What in the world are you all doing out here?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"Well first of Harry was about to leave and I tried to stop him, Then Ginny…" Ron started but Ginny butted in.

"Mum, Harry and I have something we need to do and you're not going to like it" Ginny said.

"No, no, no. One of my children is already going off on this silly thing that Dumbledore set. No more I tell you, your going to school end of story." Mrs Weasley said sternly.

Ginny looked a little taken back but Harry tock control.

"Mrs Weasley, we should talk about this with everyone" Harry said motioning to all the people gather just inside the front door.

"Oh." Mrs Weasley responded, thinking that Ginny wasn't planning on going on the ridicules mission after all.

Everyone moved into the living area taking seats and looking expectantly at Harry and Ginny. They were all tired and tomorrow was a big day for everyone, so they were all a little agitated as well.

It was Harry who talked first to everyone's surprise. He looked like he'd rather be anywhere but here.

"As most of you know, Hermione, Ron and myself are leaving on a mission Dumbledore set for us." Harry began, pausing to watch all the tried people nod, showing that they understood. "And well Ginny is not really safe at Hogwarts anymore." Harry paused again seeing Hermione's understanding face, Mrs Weasley disapproving one and a whole mixture between the two. Plus Ron's almost rage expression. "You see. Snape is on Voldermort's side" Harry said taking a few but not many people back. "And he'd help Voldermort use Ginny against me. I know Ginny is underage but she would be safer..." Harry went to continue but Mrs Weasley butted in.

"No way" She said, followed but Ron's angry nod.

She went to continue but Mr Weasley however interjected. "Let him finish dear"

Mrs Weasley backed down at Mr Weasley words and let Harry continue.

"Ginny would be safer with us" Harry said "I know it sounds weird but it's true" Harry again paused and saw everyone look and Mr Weasley, watching for his reaction. He nodded on agreement and Mrs Weasley and Ron looked horrified, well Ron just looked angry. They were both about to say something but stopped.

"Mr Weasley" Harry asked "I love your daughter; She's my world, my life, my everything. In order for her to overcome her trace for being underage, I was wondering if I could have your Blessing to…um… Marry her?" Harry Concluded.