The canteen was crowded as usual, as Mac - now dressed in scrubs - and Caroline - still in her wedding dress - made their way to the table where Guy and Martin were sitting - both still in kilts.

"Do you want to get back to the reception?" Guy asked.

"I doubt anyone would still be there," Caroline said.

"I wouldn't be too sure, there was an open bar," Mac said.

Caroline laughed a little. "I think I prefer this, she said as she leaned back against Mac's shoulder and put her feet up on the table in front of her. Martin mimicked her. "Oh please don't do that Martin," Caroline said as she averted her eyes, "it's too much of a view." Martin put his feet back on the ground, and his tiny kilt - that covered just his upper thighs - fell back into place.

The doors of the canteen opened and Boyce appeared in the opening, just behind him were Alan Statham and Joanna Claw, both wrapped in blankets, both with wet hair. Boyce spotted Mac and Caroline's table and headed for it.

"Are you still wearing the skirt then?" Boyce asked as he sat down next to Martin.

"It's a kilt," Martin corrected him.

"Not at that length it isn't," Boyce said.

"What happened to you two?" Caroline asked, looking at Statham and Joanna.

"Oh I picked them up about two miles off the coast."

"What were you doing there?" Martin asked, slightly concerned. He looked at his mother.

"Attempting to swim the channel?" Mac asked Statham, a small smirk appeared on his face, as he failed to oppress it.

Statham began to stutter an explanation, Joanna glared at him. She would've told him to shut up, but there was a limit on how many times she was willing to say that. And frankly, she was exhausted from the accidental killing spree she'd been on with Alan. "Well, get me a chair then," she barked at the still stammering Alan. Statham looked around him and quickly got a chair for Joanna and himself.

Martin was staring at the small TV that was hanging from the wall. "It's on again," he said to Guy.

"What's on?"

"That report, that news report."

"What news report?" Joanna asked tensely. Caroline narrowed her eyes while trying to understand why Joanna suddenly looked so unnerved.

Martin turned to his mother. "Well, apparently Britain now has its own Bonnie and Clive story."

"Bonnie and Clyde," Mac corrected Martin.

"Yes, well there was this couple who apparently killed at least three people before they got killed in an explosion."

The screen now showed the blackened wreck of what seemingly had once been a mobile home. Martin continued, "they had put all sorts of well, strange stuff in the tank and it just turned the thing into a bomb." Statham was looking nervously at Joanna who just looked away at one of the canteen's windows.

"Well, I'm sure I, he, this person thought he had put the right stuff in. In fact I definitely had! Well, not me of course, but he, him, the guy, the man who did. It was on a science program… a real science program, not that I know, but it was. Besides, you can't expect a radiologist to also be an… an… an… engineer, not that I, or he, or indeed him who did that, was a radiologist. Well maybe he was, he could've been but I wouldn't know, because I certainly am the, or rather am not the… the… the… murderer. Or indeed murderer… er… er… es. Murderes, it could be a woman, might not be a radiologist at all," Statement looked nervously around the group, his whole body still twitching like it had as he delivered his speech.

"Just shut up, will you," Joanna said.

Someone switched off the TV. "Oi! We were watching that!" Guy hollered at the student who had switch the thing off. He threw an empty plastic cup at the student. The student made an obscene gesture and Guy mirrored it before sitting back down.

"You could always entertain us, Dr. Statham," Boyce said, looking at the weird blanket Statham was dressed in, "a striptease maybe?"

"I am not, nor, indeed I have I ever been and would never be… or not likely be a male stripper. Or a female stripper, before you suggest that I am… or was or might in fact be…" Statham kept rattling on, but Boyce seemed to be the only one paying attention to him.

"Why are you wearing a wedding dress?" Joanna suddenly asked Caroline.

"It's our wedding day," Mac said.

"Is it really," Joanna looked at Mac and Caroline and then at her two sons. "And I suppose that's why you two are dressed in skirts?"

"Mum, they're not…" Martin said, but as he saw his mother glaring at him, he knew he had made a fatal error in calling her 'mum' anywhere someone could hear it.

"HR should be informed of all changes in personal situations," Joanna said, clearly not really interested.

"I'll go down there tomorrow then," Mac said unmoved by Joanna's tone.

"Oh, I wouldn't," Guy said. "I've heard that apparently they've gone savage."

"Who's gone savage?" Caroline asked.

"HR. The whole department," Guy said.

"Oh, it isn't that bad," Martin said.

"You've been down there?" Guy asked, almost sounding impressed.

"Yeah," Martin said and his cheeks suddenly flushed.

"What happened?" Guy asked eagerly.

"Er… they did things to me," Martin admitted.

"Tell me," Guy said eagerly, pulling his chair closer to Martin's.

Joanna got out a packet of cigarettes, though God only knew where she'd been keeping them. She lighted one of them.

"Smoking isn't allowed inside," Caroline said.

Joanna turned to look at her. "Why, afraid you'll get sick?" Joanna asked.

"Not today," Mac mumbled under his breath and he smiled.

Caroline shrugged and decided the argument with Joanna wasn't worth it. She moved in her seat so she could look at Mac, while still resting against his chest. "What a wedding this has been," she said.

"Yes, it has been quite exciting."

"Maybe we should have another one, a proper one," Caroline suggested.

"Hmm, no, I quite liked it."

Caroline smiled. "Me too. Even though I never got to have any cake."

Mac laughed. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to his, then he kissed her. "We'll get some tomorrow."

"That's all right, there's no rush," Caroline said. "We've got all the time of the world to redo the parts of the wedding that didn't go right."

"The wedding isn't over yet," Mac said, "we still have the wedding night."

Caroline smiled at him and looked out of the window, the light was already changing. "Let's go home," she said.

"If you want," Mac said coolly.

"As long as you don't think they'll miss us," Caroline said and she glanced around the two tables the group now occupied. Boyce was grinning at Statham who was still rattling on about not being either a male or female stripper. Guy was apparently enthralled with Martin's tale of his adventures in Human Resources. And Joanna was enjoying her third cigarette in as many minutes.

"I don't think they will," Mac said, smiling at the group. He got up and held out his hand to Caroline.

"Probably not. They seem fine," Caroline said as she took Mac's hand.

It took a lot of effort to weave through the tables and chairs while wearing a wedding dress, but she managed and they both reached the doors. As they stepped outside, Caroline noticed Mac's bike parked in-between two expensive looking cars, though she had no idea how it had gotten there.

Mac lifted the saddle and took out two helmets. Caroline wrinkled her nose at the helmets. "I don't want to have helmet hair on my wedding day," she said.

"I'm sure you'll still look beautiful," Mac said as he put down the two helmets.

"Good answer," Caroline said and she smiled.

Mac cupped Caroline's face with his hands and leaned in. Caroline leaned in as well, but just before their lips met, Mac pulled back. "Remember our first kiss?" he asked.

"I did, eventually," Caroline said. She had been particularly drunk that night.

"As did I," Mac joked. Though his memory loss hadn't been caused by extensive quantities of alcohol, but rather a coma.

They both laughed.

"I still think it was rather weird of you to kiss someone who'd just been sick," Caroline said.

Mac shrugged his shoulders. "I thought it might be my only change."

"Because I was drunk, or because of Guy?"

"A little bit of both," Mac answered.

Caroline smiled but then became serious. "It was never going to be Guy," she said. "It was just… he was always there, so… But it was never going to be Guy. Not after I knew who you were, really."

"I know," Mac said. "And I was always going to kiss you that night." He smiled.

Caroline smiled back but suddenly felt a bit nervous. "You've hardly made any jokes today," she suddenly said.

"You're surprised I'd be serious on my wedding day?" Mac asked.

"Yes," Caroline said, her tone making it clear that wasn't something Mac should be surprised about. "Apparently dying makes people serious," Caroline said.

"I'm not dying," Mac corrected her.

"No you're not," Caroline said and she stroked his cheek.

Mac laid his hand over hers. "I love you," he said.

Caroline looked a little shocked at the words. "And I love you, Paul."

Mac narrowed his eyes, "Just because you know my first name now, doesn't mean you should use it…," he looked around the car park. "Someone might hear. Not good for the reputation."

Caroline laughed. "That's why you've been so mysterious about it, isn't it? You're ashamed of your name. But I have to warn you, Holly might have told some people at the hospital as well."

"She might have, but they wouldn't believe her. You didn't, until I told you myself."

Caroline nodded, "That's true. And don't worry, I like Mac better anyway. But why are you ashamed of it?"

"Wouldn't you be if you were named after one of the Beatles? Even if you spell our names differently."

"You would rather have been named for one of the Kinks?" Caroline raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Mac smiled back at her, "Probably."

A sudden racket from the canteen caught their attention and Caroline just caught a glimpse of a seemingly naked Statham running after a laughing Boyce, who was running through the canteen, while holding a blanket in his hand. It waved behind him as a great plaited flag of victory as the entire canteen was shocked and entertained by the strange spectacle.

"See, they'll be fine on their own for a while," Mac said. He brushed back a lock of Caroline's hair and slowly leaned in. Their eyes met again. And with the laughter of their friends and colleagues filling the air, they kissed.