Okay, this is very random. Well, slightly random. It was originally going to be Edward feels great that Chopper was smaller than him the Chopper turned into brain point, then Ed used alchemy to make his boots higher or something then Chopper turned into brain point, then it got to this…


Edward Elric sighed to himself. The truth... It turned out that a philosopher's stone alone wasn't enough to bring Al's body back. He had to exchange himself too. Mind and body, gone from his home, his world, and trapped in this one.

Ed hated where he was.

He had only been there for a week, but he still hated it. There were pirates that came by the island often and the military over there were just as bad. Ed had overheard someone saying how they had destroyed an entire island because they were researching history. Just like home. The military are the bad guys.

He was sitting by himself at a local bar, leaning on his elbow at the bench, when it walked in.

He didn't know WHAT the hell it was, the first thought that crossed his mind was 'racoon dog' but it didn't look like one. Well, it did but it didn't. It had this strange blue nose and a bright pink hat on. Edward had been staring at him curiously, and had got quite a surprise when it had turned and said, "What? Why are you staring at me like that?"

Edward's jaw opened slightly. "A-a chimera?" he muttered to himself. "Human crossed with a...?"


Edward blinked. He turned to the strange creature. "Reindeer? I've met lion chimeras and gorillas, but never something as harmless as a reindeer." Usually Father went for dangerous beasts crossed with humans. Not something like a reindeer. "What's your name?"

"Tony Tony Chopper. I'm a pirate!" Chopper declared proudly, puffing out his chest. "And a doctor!" He grinned widely and jumped on the seat next to Edward.

Edward raised an eyebrow. Normally pirates were the lowest of the low, filthy and dangerous. It was hard to imagine someone so small and cute to be a pirate. Maybe he was forced to become one? No, if he did he wouldn't say it like he was happy for it. And he did say he was a doctor. How on earth he could hold a scalpel or a needle was a mystery. "Really?"

Chopper nodded. "Yep! My nakama are exploring the island. I was with Zoro, but as soon as I stepped into here he was gone!" Chopper waved his arms about at the word gone. "He was there one minute, and the next, nothing! It was so weird!"

"It must of been," Edward nodded. "So, how did you escape?"

Chopper frowned. "Es...cape? I'm not sure what you mean."

Edward leaned against the bar. "Did you escape from the lab?" Chopper tilted his head, the confusion clear on his furry features.

"I still don't get it."

"Aren't you a chimera?"

Chopper shook his head. "I don't even know what that is."

"Man-made cross-species hybrid," Edward explained. "I've seen some in my life. Some have been between animals, and some..." The alchemist swallowed and shut his eyes, "some have been between an animal and a humans."

Edward was suddenly reminded of a young girl, laughing and playing with him, Edward, Alphonse and her dog, then the same girl- no, it wasn't her anymore, it was something else entirely- as a monster, wanting to die because of a stupid experiment that her stupid father had done to her because of a stupid job-


The glass in his hand smashed into a thousand tiny little pieces. He must of put too much pressure on it. "Whoops," Edward picked up the shards and placed them on the bench. "Luckily it was my right hand."

He turned back to Chopper and said, "So, what ARE you anyway? If you aren't a chimera?"

"I ate a devil fruit," Chopper's hand reached to his stomach, "I was a reindeer and I ate the Human Human fruit, so I became a cross between a human and a reindeer. That's what I am."

Edward gaped at Chopper. Chopper raised his eyebrows innocently. "...What?"

"There's no such thing," the alchemist shook his head. "I have never heard of a devil fruit."

"Where have you been? This is the Grand Line, you can't NOT of heard of devil's fruits," Chopper frowned. "Where are you from?"

Edward sighed. "Somewhere... far away..."

That damn truth, bringing him to another world!


Edward jumped up. "Crap, did I say that out loud? Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"You're from another world?"

Edward nodded slowly. "Uh-huh. Technically, a different dimension, but-"

Chopper's eyes turned to stars of admiration. "Woah, that is so cool~! What's your name? Is it different there? What's it like?"

Edward chuckled. "The name's Edward Elric, the famous Fullmetal Alchemist."

"That sounds so cool!"

Edward smirked and pointed at his chest with his thumb. "I'm pretty famous over there. I got natural alchemy skills, so I'm one of the best alchemists in the country. It's really different over there. We have these things called cars, they're like ships, but smaller and with wheels and they only work on land."

Chopper smiled. "That world sounds cool already! And you're famous like my captain!"

Edward laughed. "We also have a thing called alchemy. Alchemy is science and magic melded in one. The first rule of it is equivalent exchange. In order for something to be gained, something of equal value must be given." Edward subconsciously rubbed his right arm. "You transmute something into something else, but that something else has to have the same elements as the thing you transmute."

"Oh, so if you wanted cake you would have to transmute the ingredients," Chopper said.

Edward nodded. "Yes. However..."

"...?" Chopper tilted his head.

"There are some things... That can't be transmuted. Sometimes, nothing can really be equivalent to another."

Edward's mind flashed back to the day he and Alphonse tried to resurrect their mother. "... A human, for example."

"How did you get here?"

"It's a long story... and I'm not sure I want to share it with someone I just met," Edward glanced down at the reindeer. "Sorry," he added quickly afterwards.

"It's alright," Chopper understood that Edward didn't want to say anything about his past, and Chopper didn't either. "How old are you, anyway?"

"16. You?"


A wide smile appeared on Edward's face, and a maniacal gleam flashed in his golden eyes. "15... 15... 15..."

Chopper sweated. "Uh, Edward-san?"

"FINALLY! FINALLY I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE WHO IS AROUND MY AGE AND IS SMALLER THAN ME!" Edward's sudden outburst had gotten everyone's attention, but he ignored their stares. Edward smirked and pointed at the sky. "Ha! See this Mustang, you bastard? See how Chopper here is smaller than me? I win!"

"What's that runt talking about?" the bartender grumbled, clearly annoyed at the sudden noise in his bar.

Edward twitched and turned around. "I don't have to be called runt anymore, because I'm not the smallest person- huh? What's so funny?"

The bartender had started laughing and pointing at something behind Edward. The entire bar was laughing as well.

Edward turned, and was met by... A gorilla? "What the... A gorilla?"

The gorilla started yelling. "I'M A REINDEER, BASTARD!"

Edward widened his eyes. "... Chopper? That little reindeer?" His mind flashed back to the small reindeer thing and then back to this giant form.

Edward was lost for words. He had finally found someone smaller than him, damn it! "It's not fair!" Why couldn't he be the taller one for ONE time?

Edward fainted, his soul reaching out from his mouth and escaping his body. "DOCTOR! Oh, right, that's me. Edward!" Chopper panicked, picking Edward up. "Edward, speak to me!"

Edward bit his lip. "I'm... Never gonna win, am I?" He sniffed. "I'm never gonna be the tall one..."

"Don't give up! You will be the taller one, one day!" A determined look appeared on Chopper's face. "You WILL be tall one day!"

Edward smiled. "Thanks."

"Anytime. Uh, Edward..." Chopper fidgeted nervously.


"Would you... I know it's not my

job to ask people, but... Would you... Join our crew?" Edward blinked, surprized. He was not expecting that.


"Please? You can tell us all about the other world and the medicine and we can have adventures with each other! And I know I've just met you but I have a feeling that you're a good guy and... and..."

"Chopper, I..." Edward started. "... I would love to." He had nowhere else to go, and Chopper seemed nice enough.

Chopper smiled a huge, bright smile and gave Edward the biggest hug of his life. "Yes! We better go tell Luffy!"

Without warning, Chopper flung Edward over his shoulders and ran out the door. "Wha-?" Everything was a blur as Chopper rushed past buildings, trees, and rocks until they came to a halt at the beach. A large ship was docked at the waters. A jolly roger was on it, a skull with a straw hat.

"There they are! Luffy! Luffy!"

Edward peeked over Chopper's shoulder, his head still dizzy from Chopper's abnormal speed. "Luffy's our captain," Chopper whispered.

A young man came running up to Chopper, waving and grinning widely. "Luffy!"

"Chopper! Where have you been?"

"I found a new nakama!"

Luffy's smile dropped a bit, then an even bigger one replaced it. "Really? Who?"

Edward jumped down from Chopper's back. "Hey. I'm Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist."

Luffy studied Edward from head to toe. After a minute, Luffy started talking. "Haha! He's short!" Luffy laughed.


"Yeah, he can join. You're my nakama!"

Chopper hugged Edward again, almost crushing his bones. "Ed, our new nakama!"

Luffy began picking his nose. Edward raised an eyebrow. It was hard to imagine, that this skinny boy was a captain of a pirate ship.

"Okay! Now that Chopper and Edward is here, we can set sail! Yosh! Let's go! Adventure!"

Edward and Chopper glanced at each other and gave each other a small smile.

Looks like Edward's new adventure has just started.

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