This was inspired by both my boredom and someone who reviewed the other chapter who said "What happened to Zoro?" thus this.

No, this does not mean I'm continuing on with this. Sorry, but I've got too much going on right now.

One day, Zoro was walking along with Chopper on this island. However, that island was cursed. Like pretty much every other island that Zoro's been in so far. The island has a tendency to bend the very fabric of space and time to its will (does an island even HAVE a will?) and make west turn into east. Everyone knows that in order to go west, you go left. Che. Idiots don't even know their directions.

Zoro and Chopper had come across a bar. Chopper was about to walk into the bar, when suddenly- BAM!- Zoro was gone. Chopper panicked before calming down and entering the bar in order to talk to Edward Elric. Inception! Or something like that.

So, what exactly happened with Zoro?

Well, the marimo- sorry, skilled swordsman was just about to step into the bar, but as he stepped he bumped into something! It was a sign post.

"The hell-?" Zoro scratched the back of his head. That was weird. He searched around. Chopper was gone, and he was in a completely different part of town. "He can find his own way back." Zoro shrugged it off before saying, "The witch said that the ship is south, so..."

Zoro turned around and tripped over a cat. "THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?"

The cat merely tilted its head and gave a low purr before licking Zoro's cheek. "Ah- whaddya- get outta my-!"

Zoro whacked the poor cat out of his way, and proceeded south.

He actually went east but who the hell cares.

A second later, he was in a forest. Which was strange, since he was sure there was no forests on the island. A couple sky-sharks swam by but he took no notice. Then a giant south bird with Wiper riding it flew past. "Huh?" Zoro spun around, but this time he was facing a bed. Somehow he was in a room. "This is even weirder..."

A figure in the bed widened his eyes and attempted to scream. Zoro blinked a few times after glancing at him. He was recognizable, but Zoro could barely make it out as the former cheif of CP9, Spa- Spa- Spandoki? Nah, that wasn't it. It'll come to him eventually.

"You!" Zoro yelled. He leered at the pathetic coward, who began sweating waterfalls, and grabbed his pink hair. "You're the one that almost caused one of my nakama her life!"

He proceeded to brutally kick, punch, whack and any other form of violence towards the bastard. Not that anyone cared, really. And, just so we're clear, he is NOT beating up Spandoki because he's defending Robin because he's in love with her. No, he was doing it as a sign of nakamaship, okay?

Besides, everyone knows that Ace and Robin have a thing going on.

Spandaman was just about pass out when Zoro was suddenly in a desert.

"Bushido-san! Bushido-san!"

"Huh?" Where the hell was he now?

A bright, bright blue was the last thing Zoro saw before his face was on the ground. Someone had glomped him. Zoro twitched an eye and looked up. He gasped, a very out-of-character moment. "Vivi?"

Vivi laughed. "The one and only! Here in Ala-"

THEN Zoro was at some okama party thing. A man or woman was singing and dancing at the front. Marimo hid behind a table and narrowed his eyes. "The hell is wrong with that island?"

Suddenly, a guy barged in. Him and the okama up front started talking, and the guy started growing BREATS. Zoro did not want to become a woman, so he ran.

Then he somehow ended up on...

Goa Kingdom, Baltigo (Where some guy named Sabo asked if he knew his brother, and apparently they wanted someone called Nicorobin or something like that), Punk Hazard, Baratie, Drum Kingdom, Whitebeard's ship, Uranus, Enies Lobby, Raftel, back to Skypiea, Mihawk's palace, and all these other random places until he was facing the Thousand Sunny.

"..." Zoro's face held no emotion as he went into the ship.

"Hey! Zoro! Check Ed out! Isn't he cool?" The energetic captain began pointing at some blond midget shrimp short tiny impossible-to-see kid, who had been showing off some metal arm and doing other crap.


"Whatever," Zoro grumbled, scratching his head as he entered the boy's cabins. He passed Robin and Ace on the way, who were both too busy kissing to notice Zoro.

Zoro slumped down on a bed. "ZORO! Get the hell out!"

A certain navigator's foot met a certain marimo's face, the impact sending him flying. Zoro mumbled to himself before going onto his REAL bed.

"Stupid island's probably cursed..." Zoro grumbled before heading off to dreamland.

Zoro's didn't get lost. He just took another route.

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