Muahahahahaha~ Hi again :3 I know, I should be updating my other fanfic, but a friend of mine wanted to see what I could come up with for A Companion of Sorts by KeatonGrin :D Well, her story is awesome and sweeeeeeet~ I suggest you go read it, if you haven't :3 I can't wait for her next upload :) I think I gave away too much of the story in this poem ( - 3 - ) Buuuuu~

Anyways, enjoy~! :D

A Companion of Sorts

It was weird,

It was fate.

This may seem absurd,

But it really is fate.

He was the boss,

He had it all.

All of it he had,

All but the Cloud.

He became,

The herbivore who died.

He was so sure,

That he had died.

Then he was,

A treasure in the midst of trash.

He intrigued another,

With just an orange flash.

He became a pet,

To the man he met.

He wanted away from his past,

As far as he could get.

That's what he hoped,

To leave his past.

That's what he hoped,

Wishing this would last.

He never knew,

He never thought.

His past is coming back,

Stabbing him in his back.

He wanted to stay,

Never to leave.

He wanted to stay,

Away from his past.

His story starts,

As a pet of sorts.

His story starts,

As a companion of sorts.