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Hello. My name is Jamie. I am fifteen years old. I have lots of experience in sword fighting and also do well with a gun.

I live in the land of Terraria, along with my guide, my merchant, my nurse, and my arms dealer.

And I am currently being chased by an Eater of Souls.

I curse as the huge slimy corrupted thing floats in the air. It had already dodged my two sword attacks and is planning to zero in for the kill.

Suddenly it turns and zooms through the sky towards me. I duck my head, and the Eater of Souls misses, but not before I jab it with my gold broadsword.

It screeches, a painful screech of terror and madness that makes me shiver. I can see a wound on its side that seeps blood.

Green blood.

Kinda weird.

It screeches again and floats backwards, trying to get into proper position to strike me. Uh-oh. I've made it mad.

But no time to decipher the cause of his emotional distress. Time to finish him off.

I drop my sword. It falls to the ground. I just stand there, weaponless. I smirk. All part of my plan.

The Eater of Souls is confused. Why is this human being just standing there without any weapons?, it probably thinks. It slowly floats down-

I pull out my Minishark, my most prized gun, and I fire a hundred rounds into the Eater of Souls. Almost tearing it in half. Green blood spews out of every wound. It looks like a huge waterfall of smelly green stuff.

I walk towards the massive bloody carcass that, until a few seconds ago, had been an Eater of Souls. I tear off a few Rotten Chunks and store it in my inventory, which is basically a little box that I carry on my back. Even though it's small, I can store like a billion things in there and it won't be full.

For me, that's awesome.

I find a few coins too. Seven copper, four silver. Nice. I shove them in the inventory too.

I wonder why these monsters carry coins around. Obviously they don't expect anybody to take them. Which is fairly embarrassing on their part in my opinion.

I look around. I'm in the corruption, surrounded by dying trees and purple grass.

I check the time on my copper watch. Almost nighttime. You can't really tell in the corruption - the sky is so dark it might as well be midday and you wouldn't know.

Better get going before even more creatures come after me.

I strap my inventory on my back, pick up my weapons, and begin the short journey home.

I open the door. The Guide instantly notices. He pokes his head out of the kitchen and instantly lights up when he sees me. 'Hey Jimmy,' he says, 'where have you been?'

'Out in the corruption,' I say, wincing as I do so. Jimmy is the Guide's pet name for me. I'm sure he just calls me that to annoy me. I'm sure he knows I hate it.

'Well, it's night-time, so it's best to stay inside,' he says.

'Can't I at least get a few lenses from Demon Eyes?'

The Guide told me once that you can summon a powerful monster if you have six lenses. I love a challenge, so I'm trying to collect those lenses.

The Guide frowns. He checks his watch, then looks back up at me. 'Fine then,' he says. 'Just don't blame me when you get torn in half.'

It's kinda weird the way the Guide acts like my guardian. Always checking to make sure I'm okay. I mean, if it wasn't for me, he would surely be dead. I was the one who built this house for him. Amn't I supposed to be the one guarding him?

I push all those awkward questions out of my mind and step back outside to kill a few Demon Eyes.

I see the first one, a big ugly one with pulsating veins at the back that drip blood. I slice it in half with my sword. No lenses. It annoys me that for every 10 Demon Eyes that you kill, only about three or so give you lenses. I remember that one Eye gave me a black lens once. I made a nice pair of shades from it.

Suddenly I feel a stab of pain on my back and realize that a zombie is right behind me. It must have snuck up on me while I was checking for lenses.

I roll along the ground, trying to get some distance away from the zombie so that I can safely kill it.

I pick myself up, and stab the zombie right in the heart. There's a lot of blood and the next thing I know, four zombies are coming right at me.

So much for a peaceful Demon Eye search. Now I'm in trouble. I can almost feel the Guide laughing at me.

A sword won't help. There are too many zombies. Instead I shoot them with my Minishark.

Four dead zombies later, I spot another Demon Eye. But it's too high up in the air. I can't reach it.

I run up to the house, and start climbing it. I'm almost at the roof when my trouser leg tears and I can see a zombie, trying to get up with me.

While I try to bat the zombie away, I forget about the Demon Eye.

Until it pushes me off the roof.

KA-RUNCH! I strike the ground, and find myself in the center of a huge group of zombies.

Damn. This is bad.

I try to get up. My whole body radiates pain. I try to walk and find that one of my legs is broken. I try to limp away when the ring of zombies jump on top of me.

Suddenly I can hear gunshots and the next thing I know, ten dead zombies are all around me. The Guide storms out of the house, carrying a musket. He picks me up.

'Well at least I didn't get torn in half,' I quip. We both laugh as we walk into the house, leaving the night behind us.

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