A/N: This is an alternate story set outside the events of the Modern Warfare series, so everyone from the S.A.S and TF141 are still alive

The main Task Force 141 base was located in the isolated Australian Outback. Here, it was always sweltering hot and in the late hours of the afternoon, the troops often ended up becoming weary from the heat. The stench of sweat was amplified by the fact that the S.A.S had joined forces with the Task Force, meaning they were sharing a base. Out on the shooting rage, under the sun, Roach and Worm were found laughing and joking about past times and discussing various other topics. To anyone who had never met these two before would probably assume they had known each other since birth. When the heat became too unbearable, the two headed inside and very nearly knocked Nikolai's glass of water of his hand. Roach smiled, chuckled and said,

"Sorry Nikolai."

Nikolai smiled back and replied,

"Is no problem, say, would you mind tagging along to the security office? I'm in there for next four hours and I need somebody to talk to."

Roach and Worm looked at each other and shrugged.

"Well, there's nothing on our schedule, so lead the way buddy." Roach said.

Upon arriving at the security office, Nikolai flicked on the air conditioning and the three welcomed the cool breeze now flowing through the room. And from there on the three sat in front of the numerous TVs, once again laughing and joking. They laughed the most when Nikolai told them the story of when he crashed his father's glider in the tree line surrounding his home and nobody noticed until his dad saw the tail-fin sticking out of the tree tops.

They continued to talk until Roach saw something on the screen out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey Nik, there's a guy outside the gate."

Nikolai swivelled around on his chair and zoomed the camera in.

"So there is, my friend."

The three stared confused at the person on the screen, was there an officer supposed to arrive today? If so, why had MacTavish not informed them?

"Hold on, I'll send this through to Soap and see what he says." Nikolai said, tapping away on his keyboard.

In his office, Soap MacTavish was on the verge of sleep. He had never been faced with this much paperwork before. Just as he closed his eyes, a voice rang through his speaker phone on his desk and nearly made him fall out his chair.


Nikolai. Soap thought. Pressing the answer he said,

"What is it Nikolai?"

"We have person outside the gate of the base. Was someone supposed to arrive today?"

Soap now sat up, curiosity sparked.

"Let me have a look."

"I'm patching the security feed through now."

As promised, the security feed from camera one appeared on the screen. Nikolai hadn't been lying, there most certainly was a man outside the gate. Soap furrowed his eye brows.

"Hold on Nikolai, I'm gonna go take a look, keep an eye on the feed."


Soap grabbed an MP5 from the armoury, he had heard stories that enemies would send people dressed as civvies and fellow soldiers,with bombs strapped to them, to blow up the base. Soap wasn't taking any chances.