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Chapter 10

Two weeks later, Shuichi sat on Yuki's bed a sheet draped over his naked hips. His gaze lingered over Yuki's sleeping form, the sun rays turning Yuki's hair into banished gold. It looked so soft he reached out to touch it. Yuki kept sleeping. He returned his attention back to his notebook. He reread the line he'd written and crossed it out before he tried it again. He reworded what he wanted to say. Yuki shifted beside him, his hand moving over the pillow, long slender fingers sliding over the white fabric.

Shuichi stared at that hand for a moment. His thoughts filled with Yuki and making love with him through the night, each time more intense than the last, he sighed. His heart squeezed tightly. Gods, he loved Yuki so much. Two weeks of being with Yuki and he was right back to being a clinging fool. Yuki was his illegal substance. He was addicted to the man. He sighed. He wasn't any closer to thinking of him as Eiri.

His phone buzzed on the bedside table. He glanced at Eiri to make sure he wasn't disturbed by the noise. The man slept on. Shuichi reached for his phone and read the message from K.

"Urgent meeting, Tohma downstairs in five," he read quietly.

A quick glance at the time on his phone had him frowning. It was seven o'clock in the morning. He put the phone on the bedside table and leaned over Yuki to press a soft kiss on the gold hair. He breathed in Yuki's scent and sighed in contentment.

He slipped out of bed and grabbed up the jeans he'd discarded last night from the floor. Once they were on, he walked out of the bedroom to find his white t-shirt draped over an arm chair in the living area. He picked it up and slipped it on. He was out of Yuki's room in seconds. His bare feet were silent as he went down the stairs suppressing a yawn. He finger combed his hair.

K was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

"Why so early?" Shuichi asked yawning.

"Tohma has some news. You better get some coffee." K led the way to the kitchen. "Is Yuki-san asleep?"

"Yeah," Shuichi yawned again and sighed. "Did Ryuichi get back?"

"He's asleep too. He's part of the reason why Tohma is coming."

"Did something happen in the city?" Shuichi frowned as he poured coffee into a mug and added two heaping spoons of sugar. K sat down at the kitchen table and made a noncommittal noise.

"He asked the boss for a favor. I'm sure you'll be excited but it's going to mean some sacrifices."

Shuichi sipped his coffee, his eyes narrowed on K as he thought about Ryuichi. Ever since the half confession in the studio things were strained between them. He loved Ryuichi like a brother. He knew that, but seeing him so vulnerable, talking about being with him-, he sighed. "Do I have to do it? Whatever this is Tohma wants me to do?"

"I think you love Bad Luck too much not to." K supplied with a shrug. "You're getting ready to set yourselves apart from Nittle Grasper. This should help you do that."

"What if it affects me and Y-Eiri," he asked quietly. "We're in a good place right now. I don't want to spoil that."

"You won't," K said. "If he trusts you, there shouldn't be a problem."

"Trust," Shuichi murmured with a shudder. What a fragile thing that could be. He didn't get time to over think K's statement. Tohma strolled into the kitchen as though he owned it. Shuichi put his coffee down and afforded him the customary bow in greeting.

"Good morning, Mr. Shindou." Tohma sat down beside K at the kitchen table. "You look well, better than the last time we saw each other."

"I'm fine," Shuichi replied. "We're almost done writing the album. I'm working on the lyrics to the final song."

"That is a pleasant surprise." Tohma praised with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "That means recording should take less time and we can start preparing for the launch. I have good news for Bad Luck. Please, have a seat."

Shuichi glanced at K before he sat across Tohma, his heart pounding with anxiety. Tohma leaned on the table, his eyes bright with excitement. He didn't like it when Tohma was excited.

"Ryuichi wants to have a competition with Bad Luck. You're going to use three songs from your new album and Ryuichi is going to write three for Nittle Grasper. You have six weeks to launch your new album. So, in two weeks time, we're going to release your three songs and Nittle Grasper's as well. We will use the bill boards to choose the winner. Winner will be the band that gets the most number one songs among the three."

Shuichi stared at Tohma in shock. He loved performing with Ryuichi, but competing against him-, he sucked in air-, Bad Luck on the same scale with Nittle Grasper. Him against Ryuichi, he swallowed hard. "What happens when we win?"

"A spread with rolling stone magazine, and a larger market share in Asia." Tohma smiled. "I'll make it happen."

Fame beyond Japan, Shuichi breathed out his excitement. It would be strange to start jumping up and down in front of the boss. He breathed in calming air. "We're in."

"Once the songs are out, competition begins Shuichi. That means tours and appearances, intensive advertising, are you sure you're ready?" Tohma asked quietly.

Shuichi had no doubt the man was pointing out that he would be pulled away from Yuki again. "Yes, I'm ready." He nodded vehemently. He wasn't going to let his relationship with Yuki affect his music. Not ever again.

"Alright, I can't stay." Tohma stood up and adjusted his coat. "I'm on my way to Kyoto. Be ready, Shuichi. Nittle Grasper will not lose this challenge."

Tohma's gaze settled on him and he shuddered. "I understand," he said.

"Good." Tohma gave K a quick nod and left as fast as he'd walked in.

Shuichi gaped at K, pressing a hand to his mouth, he blinked. "Why didn't you warn me?"

"Why spoil the surprise? Besides, the boss delivers it better than I ever will. You love Bad Luck; this is your chance, Shuichi." K advised with a smile. "I hope you're good for it."

"I am." Shuichi smiled widely.

"In that case, we're heading back to the city the moment you finish that last song. Have you made any progress on the lyrics?"

Yuki chose that moment to walk in. He looked rested, Shuichi noted. "If you're asking about the one line I just read, we'll be in this estate for a while."

Shuichi frowned at him for that comment. Yuki smiled and quoted. "Your love is like an illegal drug. I'm addicted."

"Hey stop pissing on my lyrics." Shuichi countered his cheeks flaming with embarrassment. "I was just thinking."

"I'm better than an illegal drug." Yuki boasted stopping by the coffee maker. He poured some into a mug and continued. "You can't quit me."

"Drug lords should bottle you then." Shuichi glared at him. "You'd make them millions of money."

"Haven't you already cashed in on that?" Yuki glanced at him over his shoulder. "I mean all those lyrics you've written from our relationship."

"Do you hate it?" Shuichi demanded, getting pissed off by Yuki's attitude. "I can stop you know."

"I don't think you can." Yuki turned sipping at his coffee as he did so. "You can't write without me."

"We'll have to see about that." Shuichi stood up and went to pick his coffee mug from the counter. "I'll write about something else and make it number one."

Yuki grabbed his arm and swept down to capture his lips in a hot kiss. K whistled and Shuichi pulled back momentarily dazed. Yuki chuckled. "We'll just have to test that theory. I don't think it's possible."

Shuichi glared at him before he turned and walked out of the kitchen. He could write without Yuki, he decided. He was going to write a song that had nothing to do with Yuki fucking Eiri.

"You keep pushing and he'll break again." K warned Yuki when they were alone in the kitchen. "We both know how important music is to Shuichi. Stop messing around with it."

"He needs inspiration." Yuki shrugged and walked to the refrigerator. "I know how he feels about Ryuichi Sakuma. He's been fighting it but I know it's there. He needs to face it."

"Now you're acting like an idiot. If you think he won't give into a determined Ryuichi, you deserve him cheating on you." K scoffed. "Ryuichi helped him cope when you pushed him away. Ryuichi has been there every step of the way, helping Shuichi deal with your messed up relationship. You're playing a dangerous game, Yuki."

Yuki removed eggs from the fridge and put them on the counter. "I have something to tell Shuichi. Before I tell it to him, I need Shuichi to be sure that I'm the one he wants."

"He stuck by you when you were treating him like crap for months. He wants you and you know it." K shook his head in disbelief. "You've been living together for two years."

"Living together and being right for each other, those are two different things." Yuki grabbed an apron and tied it around his waist to protect his khaki pants. "Ryuichi and Shuichi need to sort out their feelings before Shuichi and I can sort ours out."

"What are you up to now?" K sighed. "Don't make me call Mika, Yuki-san. You're causing trouble again."

"I'm helping you." Yuki supplied. "Don't worry. It will all turn into fodder for Shuichi's music. K you should appreciate that I'm trying to do something for Shuichi."

K sat back in his seat and sighed in defeat.

"I don't need him." Shuichi paced the studio his fingers in his hair. It was almost seven o'clock at night and he hadn't written one thing. Not a single thing, he stared at the notebooks on the table. "Damn that Yuki."

"What did he do now?" Ryuichi asked making him look up to find the rock star leaning on the door jamb. "You look upset."

Shuichi dropped his hands from his messed up hair and sighed. "Is it true that I can't write lyrics without talking about my relationship?"

Ryuichi winced. He looked away and shrugged. "You didn't always write about him. There was a time you didn't have him, Shu-chan."

"I know," Shuichi said quietly. "When we used to stay at NG apartments, before my stalker business, you next door, my music was alright then."

"That's just it, Shu-chan." Ryuichi came into the studio and dropped into the couch. "It was just alright, but now it's gone beyond that."

Shuichi sighed in frustration. He couldn't depend on his emotions for Yuki forever. He paced by the couch racking his brain on ways to get past this. How had he allowed it to happen? When? He sighed. Damn Yuki. What if he left him? What if the man couldn't trust him enough to tell him about his secret? Wouldn't their relationship end then?

Ryuichi grabbed his arm at some point and pulled. Shuichi fell over his chest on the wide couch. His face buried in Ryuichi's neck. He started to get up but Ryuichi wound an arum around his back.

"Please just stay there for a moment."

"Yuki is upstairs," Shuichi protested. He started to get up, but Ryuichi rolled over on the couch. His body pinned Shuichi into the couch. Ryuichi's dark hair falling over them as Ryuichi buried his face against his neck.

"Let me hold you for a moment, Shu-chan, just for a while."

Shuichi sighed in defeat the weight of Ryuichi so welcome he wanted to cry. His hands came up to hold Ryuichi. He couldn't say no to the man. It was just a moment. They used to do it all the time at NG apartments before. He closed his eyes. His right hand coming up to sink fingers into Ryuichi's hair, the anxious energy that had been driving him all day disappeared. Ryuichi's warmth filled him.